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Obama: Gays will serve openly in the military this year

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Reader comments

  1. They need a large delivery of closets to the US Army, Air force and Navy. I guess they can only come out when Obama says so LOL

    Pride parades in America will be interesting this year, I can see a military theme happening.

  2. Why didn’t he bother addressing the massive civil rights disadvantage the gay population exist under.

    Gay people will be allowed to kill and be killed openly this year.

    But they can still be fired for being gay – there is no federal non-discrimination law in the US.

    Nor can gay couples enter the contract of civl marriage.

    Obama needs to realise that DADT was step 1.

    There are still many steps to be taken before the US becomes a just nation.

  3. Obama is a just a little lying black prick who is forced to do deals with the devil by hugging and negotiating the evil tea-bagging republican ideology through both houses of Congress!!!!!!!

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