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G-A-Y founder has HIV test to raise awareness

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  1. Red Gosans 26 Jan 2011, 6:47pm

    Because schools here in the UK don’t cover sex education from a LGBT point of view, a lot of LGBT youth are sadly at a loss about STDs and sexual health.

    Good on Mr Joseph to help raise awareness on getting tested for HIV. It’s something that sexually active people, no matter their sexuality, need to do.

  2. Red

    Sorry, but that’s crap. Sex education IS carried out in schools, even from an LGBT perspective. It may not delve into sexuality as much as it should, but it certainly covers STIs and certainly HIV. It’s also covered in standard biology lessons. There is no way that any young person – gay or straight- above 16 has never heard of HIV or has not even the slightest idea how to contract it. Gay magazines are plastered with awareness campiagns, there is World AIDS Day (remember the ubiquitous ribbon every December?), stuff in NHS and private clinics that you peruse through when you’re waiting to see a GP, posters on the Underground, flyers galore at Gay Pride…….not to mention that gay men are specifically targeted because infection rights are disproportionately high in the gay community.

    The only problem that still contributes to this is the choice of fully-informed gay men to go out and have unprotected sex with someone. Promiscuity and anonymous encounters increase infection rates in the most obvious and preventable way, but no matter how much information is offered, it is just ignored. There will obviously be some that contract it through needles, the cheating actions of a supposedly monogamous partners and condoms ripping. But, overall, it is down to the choice of the individual to say either ‘no’ to a potential sexual partner who has it, to tell the truth abot their status or to put a rubber on it. The fear of being rejected is NOT a valid excuse for not revealing ones HIV status and nor is ‘I felt pressured’ for not wearing a rubber. Too much thinking with penises and not enough using the grey matter.

    People have to be responsible for their own actions and it seems that gay people – not to mention an increasing number of starights – are unwilling to do that. Exploring WHY gay people don’t take precautions when they already know the dangers is much more worth doing.

    What irritates me the most is that many gay people know someone either with or who has died from HIV/AIDS, but this selfishness and irresponsibility STILL goes on. It just doesn’t seem to deter them. Can anyone explain just why that is?

    And it plays right into the hands of the Daily Mail and the right wing in general. Given how much info is already out there, does Jeremy Joseph honestly think that him having an HIV test is really going to make any difference to anyone? Especially when most of the population haven’t even got a clue who he is.

  3. How is having an AIDS test raising awareness about safe sex for gay men? Where is the safe sex message in that? Where is the safe sex message, period? Now that a nice little industry is thriving off the back of the spread of HIV, it appears that the onus now is to get as many men tested and onto antivirals asap and to hell with the education and awareness campaigns that are needed to prevent them acquiring it in the first place. Let’s get our priorities in the right order fellas!

  4. mmmmmmmm – I work in sexual health and believe me many, many people over the age of 16 are very unaware of sexual health, moreso because of myths (not knowing how certain STI’s can be transferred). This includes the gay community. There is some sex ed in schools – I deliver classes – but it’s very hit and miss and isn’t vetted in any way. I’m only 21 so didn’t leave school too long ago and had one sex education class where they showed us how to put on a condom, did a very confusing demonstration about STI’s and said “this applies to gay people too” – that was the extent of sexual health lessons even in 2005.

  5. I am 22 and I remember sex ed classes at primary and secondary schools they were a joke.

    They showed videos explaining puberty in basic ways and relationships between guys and girls in basic ways with a bad dramatisation of a guy asking a girl out I’m like >.>

    They had actors come in do a show and explain about sti/d this what they said was less than helpful they just said names and how it’s caught. Not symptoms or physical signs or where to go for treatments and tests.
    It took me till 20 to find we had a gum clinic in my city.

    M is right the amount of lgbt related info is just this also applies to gay people :(

    I hope it gets better tho under this give I don’t think the teaching structure will change.

  6. @mmmmmmmmmmm or how many m’s you have

    Your talking crap.

    Saying school kids all know about sti/d and HIV and how it’s contracted. They know it’s from sex and HIV Is a gay disease.
    They are not given enough information at a young age thats just a fact as if they saw and knew what sti/d can do to them and others it would prob at that age scare them from having dumb sexual encounters they’d regret.
    As for saying Gay magazines plastered with it .. How many 12-16 year olds do you know read gay magazines seeing as main place to get them is gay night clubs but also at a young age even in today’s society the incredible stigma there is with anything gay related.
    Can you see a 14 year old reading an lgbt mag at school at lunchtime reading up on HIV ? No as 1 the bullying would be unbearable and the teachers would confiscate the material and punish the kid for looking at unsuitable stuff.

    Fact is the teaching curriculum isn’t NORAD enough with enough depth to be useful.

  7. Broad not NORAD whatever the he’ll that is … Stupid auto spell.

  8. Jock S. Trap 27 Jan 2011, 12:28pm

    @ mmmm…. & William

    For the 4th year in a row new diagnoses have declined so they are doing the job they are supposed to. However 6,630 people, gay and straight were newly diagnosed with HIV. 4,400 of those men and 2,230 woman.

    Please note that 54% of those were heterosexual!

    That’s 54% of all new HIV infections last year were heterosexuals.

    At the end of the day, we can only put the facts out there and try and make people aware of them. What they do after that is up to this consenting adults.

    We can’t expect someone else to be there to make sure they follow safer sex, so blaming the companies for ‘thriving of the backs of HIV’ is just wrong. For many, including myself they can be a lifeline.

    There are a few cases where HIV has been past deliberately but for the majority taking risks is a choice. That we have no control over as we do not live in a dictatorship.

    All we can do is provide the info and hope most will take on that info and act accordingly.

    It is down to each individual to take responsibility for their own actions.

  9. Sorry guys, I think you are all over exaggerating about how much sex education there ISN’T in schools. I don’t doubt that people aren’t exactly clear on transmissions , but they know the very fundamental argument that an unprotected penis in any given hole may just end up with someone contracting HIV. Essentially, that is all you need to know to think ‘hmmm, I wonder if I can catch a disease this way? If they don’t, then it’s their inability to question and find out that is at fault, not the education system.’12-16 year olds read all kinds of magazines, everything is on the web too – they don’t need to pick up an LGBT mag spcecifically. Moreover, most of them aren’t actually sexually active at that age, the average age for losing virginity is still 17, contrary to what the Daily Mail would have us all believe.

    I don’t remotely agree with the statement that ALL school kids thinking HIV/AIDS is a gay disease at all, this is not 1987. What a hugely hysterical reaction! What they might have noticed is that gay people seem to be the most afflicted by it in the West – which they are, despite all the literature available on it. Two clicks on the web and you have an answer, ta-da!

    One thing I will say is that PARENTS should be taught such things so they can better explain these matters to their kids. I am all in favour of compulsory parenting classes for prospective parents – that is ultimatley where the bulk of the problem lies. And that’s on a variety of issues, not just this.

    For those who, despite getting all this education on STIs, still contract HIV/AIDS (and no, not conrtracting it due to a cheating partner etc) – well, it’s down to Darwinism really. If someone is too stupid to think it won’t happen to them or puts their sexual urges above any sense, then they only have themselves to blame. STI contracting boils down overwhelmingly to the responsibility of the individuals involved in any sexual activity. It wouldn’t matter how much information was available, there would always be some who were too stupid to understand.

    At the end of the day, if these 12-16 year olds are not even able to read an LGBT mag or web site, they are hardly going to listen to Jeremy Joseph who is a) not even in the public eye and b) completely unknown to them – not to mention most gay people.

  10. What a joke 27 Jan 2011, 12:55pm


    Why do you write such long hysterical nonsense?

  11. Because I clearly have more to say on the subject than a one-line, pointless, insipid question. Like you.

    Your contribution is not wanted here, leave it to people who actually have something to add. Know your place.

  12. His comments about there not being enough sexual health information seem quite naïve. He’s obviously keen to squash all those old rumours about him being positive (hence press releasing his negative result) but I don’t think it does any harm.

    There is masses of information out there. LGBT business people are generally happy to promote safer sex/testing messages as it lets them do some good without harming their profits. Alcohol, drug, sexual assault etc info is a different story but let’s put that to one side.

    There are some young people on the ground doing great sexual health work but the vast majority of people actually putting together campaigns have been in the HIV sector for years and come out with the same old messages or innovative but incompressible ones.

    The fact this conversation has veered towards young people is quite telling in itself. The real battle is to challenge preconceptions about it always being someone else who is most risk. Blunt testing massages have their place but peoples lives are complex and a press release read by people already engaged with LGBT issues isn’t going to make impact.

  13. What a joke 27 Jan 2011, 3:28pm

    @ mmmmmmmmmmmm –

    and who are you to tell me what to do, the pink news policeman. LOL.

    FYI mmmmmmm.

    I didn’t know that you could get a HIV test which gave a result in two minutes. So yes his test and article has taught me something. And it’s made me want to go and get tested more frequently. So it worked, it raised my awareness, it made a difference to me, and I didn’t know who he was. Therefore your hysterical wittering is proven wrong.

  14. Good on him.

    Actually, he’s also in the public eye and I’m going to wager many gay teens know him (seeing as he’s kind of the gay Peter Stringfellow and always has a pretty boy or two on his arm).

  15. “but they know the very fundamental argument that an unprotected penis in any given hole may just end up with someone contracting HIV” – mmmmmmm

    “Any given hole” in most people’s minds generally means penetrative sex though (and ejaculating through penetrative sex) – that’s all a lot of young people I come into contact with think can spread STI’s.

  16. As a person living with HIV/AIDs I have been going into schools (on behalf of a voluntary organisation) to talk to kids (16/17 year olds) about the condition. The vast majority of them have only the very very vagues notion of what it is, apart from “something that gay men die from”.

  17. Yeah, well there’s not much risk of him catching anything from barebacking 14yo boys, is there?

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