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Tory MP says schools are imposing ‘questionable sexual standards’ on pupils

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Reader comments

  1. I really see no reason why you can not say that Megan and Lisa went to the shops and bought 2 apples rather than Melanie and Richard in a maths lesson.

    By doing it this way children will grow up used to the concept of same sex partnerships and know that it is ok rather then live their life’s in fear thanks to the draconian rubbish that people like Richard or Melanie spout.

    I don’t see how this will change the values of hetro relationships or marriage; I think people like Richard who cannot seem to stay married is doing that for them.

    Please why oh why do hetro people and idiots like these two always think gay === sex.

  2. Tories, leopards, spots.

  3. PinkPolitico 25 Jan 2011, 7:12pm

    Let this homophobic bigot know what you think of his obnoxious views:

    He has changed his original post and removed the blatantly homophobic language as if this will make the words disappear. Clearly, his ignorance extends beyond LGBT issues to also include the mysterious workings of the world wide web!

    I submitted the following comment to the Tory MP:

    Why then did you see fit to describe homosexuality as representing “questionable sexual standards”? A very odd statement indeed from someone who claims not to be homophobic. As a gay man, I have never heard any of my friends or family describing my sexuality in such derogatory terms. And no amount of reworking your langauge will change the fact that most people will see your comments for exactly what they are – nothing more than an excuse to indulge in anti-gay prejudice. The fact that you have sought to hijack an entirely innocent and indeed laudable initiative to encourage tolerance and diversity in schools only makes your views even more contemptible.

    This appears to be your third attempt at trying to make a valid point on this issue but the blatant homophobia you expressed in your original post has already been noted on a number of websites so quite a futile exercise really.

  4. Section 28 was brought in the year I started infants school. It was repealed the year I got my undergraduate degree. As such I got absolutely no education about homosexuality at school at all. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Not a peep. This made coming to terms with my own homosexuality much, much harder, and caused me no end of grief, doubt, uncertainty and misery. I finally admitted to myself that I was gay at the age of 24, but I still haven’t quite managed to shake the depression which hit during that time.

    Contrawise, I have taught A-level students since section 28 was repealed, and I have seen absolutely no traces in them of the same fears, uncertainties and feelings of not belonging that I felt going through the same process only a handful of years before. Simply because society is more tolerant and accepting, and because people like them are included in the general public conversation now. The idea that they should now be excluded is pernicious in the highest degree.

    Yes, we all remember the “politically correct” examples in maths books from school, and most of us thought they were utterly naff at the time. But they worked. They actually got us thinking that inclusivity and tolerance are important values, and that we should be aware of the diversity around us.

    As for the “shouldn’t we be doing more important things in education” canard – who says we have to only do one thing at once? Can’t we both address tolerance and diversity AND quality and standards at the same time? When did we become functional monomaniacs unable to address multiple problems at once?

  5. “There is no suggestion that the lesson plans will involve talking about sex.”… End of.

  6. @Pavlos


  7. Worrying..

    Why do they still feel the need to come out with lines like this? They are supposed to have changed , haven’t they, I thought they, the tories, thought it was ok and normal to be gay….

    Some of them still think it’s perfectly ok to come out with anti-gay comments….they need to go back to training school..

  8. de Villiers 25 Jan 2011, 9:10pm

    > questionable sexual standards

    What is the standard and what about it is questionable?

    Again we see the reduction of gay life to sexual activity.

  9. Here we go, how disappointing. It’s such an issue with them and they aren’t going to change. Particulary disappointed as I voted for them this time. Whats so bad about educating children that some well known and highly accomplished people have been homosexual or bi sexual?
    Is truth so offensive?

  10. PS. These are the people who make much of the notions of small government and freedom of the individual. What a joke.

    “You can have any colour you like as long as it’s black” Henry Ford.

  11. A nobody called Dick Drax making irrelevant & misinformed comments, don’t waste your time engaging with him, ignore him and his ignorant comments.
    What a dick!

  12. “Following a call from a member of the public about a recent blog, I have decided to re-write my comments to ensure there is no misunderstanding,” he wrote.

    “My point was not intended to be homophobic but sprang more from a concern that young children should not be taught a subject they simply would not understand.”

    Yeah sure…like ithe teacher will go, Yesterday if you remember we learned heterosexuality but today children I am going to be teaching you homosexuality. (lol)

    What a dick!

  13. Steve@GayWebHosting 26 Jan 2011, 12:17am

    Welcome to the tory party 2011.

    Call me Dave and his glove-puppet Nick (your votes) Clegg di a pretty fine job of keeping the glossy ´all-inclusive, gay friendly´ party line in place up until the election…. But as predicted by (some) of us… its all slipping now..

    This bunch of no-brains would sweep away all the advances made over the last few years in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it..

    What is it they say about leopards and spots?

  14. Yes, and I read in pinkpaper yesterday that the leader of the opposition party in Spain said he would repeal gay marriage there if he got in – so in that respect anything could be possible here as well….

    Still no relgious CPs , still no marriage equality ….what exactly is this coalition govt doing apart from fannying around with homophobic rants??

  15. another homophobes who obsesses over sex – no surprise there!

  16. Billy wingarden 26 Jan 2011, 8:07am

    Some conservative minds are like the Eveready Bunny. they keep going ang going and going.

    If you don’t see that add in UK papers, its an add for batteries shown as being used to power a toy electrified bunny.

    the one difference is the rabbits dont discriminate.

  17. Jock S. Trap 26 Jan 2011, 9:16am

    I think the point is chioldren don’t question it… Adults do!

  18. Hmmm, now let me see. He mentions sexual standards. Now, this is a classic example of a hypocrite and bigot who married three times, bed hopping with three different women. Is that the sexual standard of straights? What kind of example do his three marriages provide for children? Why do these heteros, particularly tories, always relegate our lives and our very existence to that of a sex-craven group of people. Classic conservative homophobia. He probably supports Melissa Phillips’ recent rant in the Daily Mail.

    de Villiers, exactly my point! Well said.

  19. Do they not realise that they actually save money by doing it this way?????? Instead of specifically throwing money on LGBT days, by integrating LGB issues into the core curriculum, you simply normalise, and don’t have to sensationalise!!

    Obviously too advanced for a Tory!!!!

  20. I’m in a secondary school.
    If we use a text book from, I don’t know, 20-odd or more years ago, which for some reason we may still use, it will only use ‘christian’ names or ‘traditional’ British names. Bill, Barbara, Sarah, Claire, Grace, John, Paul.
    In the modern text books we use they use a variety of names, from all nationalities. This shows that Modern Britian is not just made up of ‘traditional’ Britiash people.
    So why not bring in LGBT friendly questions to?
    Even better at a younger age because if they see it all the time, LGBT poeple will not be seen as ‘abnoral’.
    It’s a fantastic idea and should be put through.

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