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Chaz Bono says he’s ‘complete’ after gender reassignment

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Reader comments

  1. How can I watch the documentary? Thanks for a great story.

  2. he looks happy. enough said.

  3. I don’t think it’s available for public release yet and you bet when it is you will have to go through a proxy to access it as it will be restricted to America only.

    Hopefully the mainstream media and tv shows won’t try to twist his story.

  4. Finally, a trans man us lads can be proud of after the Thomas Beatie debacle.

  5. How lovely! This is what transitioning is all about. I’m so glad he’s so happy!

    I look forward to watching the documentary.

  6. TheSuburbanBi 25 Jan 2011, 8:48pm

    I look forward to seeing the documentary. So glad Chaz is now happier and feels whole — brilliant.

  7. Like mother, like son. Brave, daring, and happy. I don’t get it thou, this need for transformation, but look on his face tels it all. All the best and thank you for lending a face to a just cause Chaz.

  8. Smiling happy face, great story, Good Luck Chaz

  9. Speak for yourself Red. I’m proud of Thomas Beatie.

  10. Is that the guy that was in Superbad? R u kidding me??? he used to be a girl?
    That is just!

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