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Gay-inclusive maths and science lessons under fire

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  1. It sounds like an excellent use oftime and money to me. It has been shown repeatedly that LGBT children are at risk of falling behind educationally. This is exactly the sort of thing that will contribute to preventing that and will lead to better educational outcomes for those children.

  2. Although I think it’s a good idea, they need to be careful. If the children are being influenced in a negative manner elsewhere, certain types of teaching would be ineffective. For example, if the pupils are asked to budget the shopping for a gay couple, they’d probably find it hilarious to write ‘condoms x1000’ or ‘lots of lube’ or some childish rubbish, so it’s really important that they watch what they’re doing and make sure they don’t leave these LGBT-inclusive lessons to attack by childish pupils.
    Also, more right-wing Daily Mail crap. They never stop, do they?

    1. If the kids do say that then at least it shows the safer sex message is getting through.

  3. Well, yes, Melanie, you do sound absurd. As usual.

  4. Melanie Phillips is a homophobic scumbag extremist.

    She always has been.

  5. This is actually an excellent idea, but i can see how it’s going to be manipulated. If you talk about heterosexuality it’s all peachy but if you talk about homosexuality the response is: why do you need to talk about sex?

  6. “Absurd as it sounds, this is but the latest attempt to brainwash children with propaganda under the ­camouflage of ­education. It is an abuse of childhood.”

    so a bit like those centuries of compulsory religious education then, Melanie?

  7. Yesterday I got down the Newsagents late and all the good newspapers were sold out, except for The Mail on Sunday. There was a big pile of copies, nobody was buying them and then I saw the headline “EQUALITY MADNESS”

    The mail may well be screaming and shouting, but they are doing it to an increasingly smaller readership by the day and the more they shout the smaller it will be.

  8. I’m not sure whether the idea of Melanie Philips spreading her wizened old chicken thighs to accommodate a thrustng male member in supposedly “normal” sex makes me want to laugh or barf.

    She’s as mad as a snake and yes Melanie, it does sound absurd to suggest that the mentioning of gay people’s existence in lessons could be propaganda used to brainwash children.
    Whereas erasing all mention of gays from the classroom as has been the case until now is certainly a censorious form of brainwashing propaganda….gays? what gays?

    Please don’t tell me there is any normal man alive who would want to shag such a horrid old gnome as Melanie Phillips, it would have to be very special interest sexual behaviour, not normal sexual behaviour at all, someone who gets off on rogering totally unattractive, vicious, spiteful, slack old hags with sap for brains.

  9. “And it’s all part of the ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very ­concept of normal sexual behaviour.”

    I can’t find enough (polite) adjectives to describe how stupid this woman sounds. The scheme is nothing to do with sex, you silly moo. It’s merely a reminder to teachers not to pick the obvious choices when making up examples in school. We get that all the time and it’s a GOOD thing. It’s called being inclusive – obviously an idea that’s completely alien to Melanie.

    Or maybe she’s just fuming because she knows that little respectful schemes like this will gradually reduce the numbers of bigots. Then people like Melanie will be ostracised – as they should be.

  10. Although I don’t believe that it’s that necessary to include LGBT aspects of life in school lessons like Geography, as long as it’s put in the curriculum in a sensible manner, I could see some benefits in doing so. Mainly that it could encourage more diverse kinds of conversation regarding LGBT issues, rather than name-calling, which is still widespread in schools.

    Melanie Philips is again a hypocrite! I believe that SHE is the one who is jumping on the bandwagon, making generalisations and stereotypes about LGBT people. Just because she is a columnist and her job is to help Daily Mail sell their papers, it doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate or responsible for her to be saying narrow-minded bigoted comments like hers! Who is she to dictate what ‘normal’ sexual behaviour is? While gay lobbying groups occasionally are more forward than they need to be,(though usually out of necessity) to say that they are ‘ruthless’ & ‘campaign to destroy concepts of normal behaviour’ is farcical, the biggest exaggeration for ages!

  11. I think this is a brilliant idea, normalising LGBT people in the classroom in this way is a great way to reduce prejudice in our schools. And it’s so cost effective! I don’t understand why the Taxpayers Alliance is opposing something which doesn’t cost anything, surely they should be supporting something which offers good value for money..?

  12. I grew up solving maths problems using characters from all walks of life, but barely remember giving a toss whether it was Alejandro, Mohammed, Noam or Gong-Li who wanted 35 packets of salt and vinegar crisps, 14 granny smiths and a yule log. They were normally just names on a page, not even with a photo…..and certainly not describing anything to do with their faiths, sexual actvities or anything else. It just reflected our evolving societies and added an extra cultural education at the same time. Consequently, they acted as reference points so I was not shocked when there was a Mohammed or Marco in my class.

    What are the DM getting so upset about? Sounds like they should go back to school and try this new curriculum, especially Melanie Philips. I think it sounds more inclusive and the rural-urban migration patterns of gay people is actually quite interesting.

  13. when i was in school i remember maths problems which read something like this ‘raj has 23 apples and wants to dive them up amount 60 friends…’ how is this different?

  14. Of course the daily mail is frightened by anything that promotes tolerance and reduces bigotry – their entire readership is made up of bigots, and the fewer bigots there are the fewer copies of the daily mail will be sold.

  15. @Tony D, As Geography deals with issues of population distribution and the reasons why people live where they doi then I think it’s perfectly right that classes could discuss LGBT populations, why there can often be large concentrations of LGBT’s living in some inner city areas for example.
    Just as important as learning about peasants working the land for absentee landowners in the Pampas.

  16. Lessons in any discipline that recognise that not everyone is in a neat nuclear family of mummy, daddy, brother, sister are a good idea in principle, but they need thinking through so that they don’t open up this sort of criticism.

    Personally, I’m wondering about the examples quoted elsewhere like the geography question asking why homosexuals moved from the country to the city. I didn’t know they had. What kind of question is that?

    And how do they use census findings to count the number of homosexuals since that isn’t a question on the census form.

  17. These guidelines are excellent but they will only work if teachers have the conviction to include such occasional LGBT references in a passing but respectful manner.

    There are some classes where making such a reference will cause mayhem and uproar amongst students, hence the need for strong leadership from the teacher.

    I know teachers who if forced to include such references will do so in a snide, belittling, and embarrassing manner.

    But at least LGBT teachers will do the right thing and know they won’t be prosecuted as teachers feared after the Tories brought in the frightful Section 28 back in the late 80s.

  18. I’d rather they’d not waste the teachers time with such trivial matters. It’s the teachers job to teach the subject they specialise in, not equal rights (unless they teach social subjects dealing with such issues, of course).

  19. The only way to teach equality is to stop pigeon-holing people and start recognising that everyone is unique. Promote equality through stamping out intolerance, don’t enhance intolerance by segmenting people into “groups”.

  20. Just typical of this cow’s mooing and lowing about us. Sick twit.

  21. For example, the charity says that maths lessons can use examples of a family headed by a gay couple when discussing shopping budgets. — How absurd.

  22. Ted/Nathan

    It’s just increasing the variety of names and types of couples on pages in textbooks, the teacher doesn’t actually need to teach the reasons for these changes. But the impact it will have will be significant. Subtle, but significant, always the best way, it eliminates the ‘shock’ factor that DM readers just love.

  23. A good idea, but did it really need £35K to come up with a suggestion of “Why do certain cities attract gay populations”??! I realise there may be more content in the output, but the figure of £35K will only work against the organisation’s credibility.

  24. What this ridiculous charity is trying to do is no different to Muslims who are trying to force Sharia Law into the mainstream. The general public has become very tolerant of the gay community in recent years and long may it continue, but it is unhinged organizations like this who are going to test their patience to breaking point. When it all backfires on us and creates a new breed of homophobes in addition to those that already exist, then we will realize how we allowed PC to run amok in our name and send us hurtling back to the Dark Ages.

  25. Is this article a joke? Lets leave math and science to fact, rather than window dressing it with nonsense to suit a few losers that think they feel left out when Fermat’s Last Theorem isn’t written in Pink. Don’t we have other better and more important things to fix in society, and spend the money on, than fiddle with a school curriculum?

    Not that I agree with Melanie Phillips either, she’s just sounds like a silly cow.

  26. I am a gay mathematician. With the possible exception of pointing out that Turing (the mathematician who broke the German enigma code and was hounded to suicide by a homophobic society) and Hardy (the mathematician that brought British mathematics into the 20th century) were gay, I really think Maths class is for MATHS!

  27. Please, it’s going too far, should we mention sexuality at every twist and turn of society. No wonder the rest of the world laughs at “the gay lobby” it’s making fools uf us all, things like this make me embarrased to be a homosexual. Time to crawl back into the closet in shame :(

  28. Not every twist and turn, Joe :D All this is is a reminder to OCCASIONALLY include gay examples in classwork as appropriate. They are suggestions only.

  29. The phrase “the LGBT agenda” is a dead give-away. In America (where we’ve not progressed as much yet) the buzz-phrase used is “the homosexual agenda.”
    And Melanie Phillips sounds as though evidence that “mad cow” is still thriving in the UK (at least at the DM).

  30. I’m gay and think this is a idiotic idea. There is no need for it. Social issues should be left to classes such as PSHE and History. Math has nothing to do with homosexuality and sadly I agree Melanie. This is pushing the gay agenda a little too far.

  31. @Matthew – what gay agenda?

  32. David Millar 26 Jan 2011, 12:23pm

    It is quite right for Sue Sanders to prompt some bewildered teachers into questioning `are we inadvertently assuming everyone is ( or ought to be ) straight..

    Isn`t this the whole pointof education, to challenge assumptions? or is the world flat?

  33. Melanie would be devestated if a lesbian grandaughter committed suicide out of bullying, simply because the idea of being related to one of this “abominations” would be too horrifying to bear.

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