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New Apple boss Tim Cook described as most “powerful gay man in Silicon Valley”

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Reader comments

  1. “concerned about whether it would “impact the perception of the Apple brand”.”

    Bigots buy iPads too.

  2. Every gay I know owns an Mac or an iPhone! I dont think they need to worry!

  3. “Some executives were said to be happy to encourage him to come out, but were concerned about whether it would “impact the perception of the Apple brand”.”
    Corporate America obviously doesn’t change very fast.

  4. American needs to grow up and get over it. Always touting itself as number one and can’t even “man up” when it comes to gay people. Hardly a world leader on social issues either, in fact, a trailer.

  5. “Some executives were said to be happy to encourage him to come out, but were concerned about whether it would “impact the perception of the Apple brand”. ”

    Gobsmacking. Sad that this is still an issue in the US.

  6. Iris, yes indeed! And they claim theirs is the “greatest country on earth” whatever that means. They always measure things by wealth and military power, nothing else. They have a country where 46 million people have no access to health care because they don’t have any health insurance, no national health system because they think its too socialist and too European, and they belittle Europe and elsewhere because of it, saying how inferior our collective health care systems are and that too many people die waiting for an operation. How dumb and stupid does it get? Now they’re going to make it harder for women to get abortions . Such a backward country.

  7. The corporate closet isn’t limited to America, you know – just look at the way BP’s CEO hid his sexuality until he was forced out of the closet and out of his job. In Cook’s case, though, I think it has just as much to do with his own temperament. Read the profiles of him online – he’s an intensely private person, and he’s married to his job. He doesn’t like being in the public eye for any reason, and when he’s been Apple’s de facto chief exec in the past he’s always delegated the PR stuff to other people.

    If he actually is gay, I’d say he’s more than just Silicon Valley’s most powerful gay man considering that Apple is the second largest publicly traded corporation in the world after Exxon Mobile.

  8. If Tim Cook hasn’t come out. what is this article about?

  9. I’m with “confused.” If Cook has not stated anything, why is he being “outed?”
    That said, I’m American, and a vocal critic of right-wing policies, so a bit less of the “they” stuff, Robert and Iris, please? We do not have a lock-step hive-mind mentality or view of the world, despite the popular press representations. And we’re still reeling from the Reagan/Thatcher era (the memories of G. W. Bush make me shudder). Our most strident right-wingers are broadcast by Rupert (“dark lord of Murdoch”), that *splendid* Australian who became an American to be allowed majority ownership of one of our media companies (after he’d already brought us “The Star” and similar tabloids.
    Some of the worst goonery and Yahooism in America is a reflection of his invasion.
    We left-winger social justice queers are feeling bruised enough without sweeping generalizations and long denunciations of our inadequacies. We’re aware of them – among them, our unbridled press.

  10. Why is being boss of Apple grounds for being outed?

    As an Apple user since 1985 I’m well familiar with hostility from fans of other operating systems, but outing the boss of the company seems to be taking such hostility way out to extremes?

    Could we have a statement on this site’s policy on who it considers fair game to out now? Is it just anyone people might read a story about?

  11. it's not news 26 Aug 2011, 10:10am

    i don’t get why being gay has anything to do with being a CEO of a huge company. What’s his sexual orientation got to do with taking over Apple?

    “Ex Apple boss Steve jobs described as most “powerful straight man in Silicon Valley” It’s not news. neither is being gay. The more emphasis you put on something the more it becomes an issue.

    Most straight people that i know couldn’t give a crap if someone was gay. We live in the 21st Century not the dark ages.

    If you look for bigotry you’ll find it. Gay is sooooo 80’s.

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