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Man jailed for sexually assaulting lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. The man couldn’t see what he had done wrong. Sexual orientation does not even need to come into play on this one. Nobody should wake up having someone touching them. Even if my partner did that, he would get a slap across the face, let alone some complete stranger. Everything he gets coming to him he deserves.

  2. TheSuburbanBi 20 Jan 2011, 7:32pm

    “He then lay between them and tried to initiate sex with them, despite them being strangers…”

    Someone’s been watching too much porn, it seems.

    And, yes, Bryan is right. Orientation does not need to come into it. Consent is consent; lack of consent is lack of consent.

    Throw the book at the idiot.

  3. “A Cardiff man has been jailed for two years for climbing into bed next to a sleeping woman and sexually assaulting her.”

    Two years! the idiot who chucked the fire extinguisher got longer.

    Should of been five years minimum.

    Given the time he has spent in prison already, he will be out in eight months. That very little time for his victim to feel safe and secure.

  4. It’s the fact that he apparently doesn’t see what he did wrong that’s so frightening.

  5. I don’t think the judge thinks he has done much wrong, given the sentence he handed out! If the victim was a upper middle class landscape architect, no doubt it would of been three times longer!

  6. “Darren Hogan, 25, said he was unaware that the woman was a lesbian”

    Because if she wasn’t a lesbian, his actions would be acceptable?!?! He must be really hot to have become so arrogant. Well, he’s going to be a popular boy in prison – he can look forward to being woken up on a regular basis!

  7. James

    What another massive contradiction in your views.

    Weren’t you the one who said that ‘silence means consent’ yesterday? So why does that not apply here, then? She was obviously silent long enough for him to start feeling up her nether regions, so she must have been consenting, right? Or does silence while sleeping not count as silence while awake?

    The inconsistency in your application of general principles is quite frankly staggering!

  8. Helen

    Stop being neurotic, this girl was felt up by a randy drunkard, not killed by a (probably) sober bloke. It doesn’t make it right, but the crime is so very obviously not as severe and should be treated accordingly. Not to mention that YOU are the only one making assumptions about this lesbian victim’s social background and that speculation makes you look pretty stupid. Do you even know the background of the victim? It’s also, in a strange way, implying that Joanna Yeates somehow got ‘preferntial’ treatment. If you hadn’t noticed, no-one has actually been tried for her killing yet (it may not even be murder, it could be manslaughter). Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions. I’m glad you’re not a judge!

    If you want to be picky about these things, can you imagine if a man (gay or straight) went to the police because he had been felt up by a girl in bed? He would have been laughed out of the station! So, on that basis, should I then lash out with an acerbic quip like the one you posted here? No, I rise above that crap!

    I get the impression that things in life are always so much worse when they happen to people who are either Helen or almost identical to Helen.

    Crime is crime, it doesn’t matter who it happens to.

  9. Read the story – the girl wasn’t ‘felt up’..she was penetrated.

    I don’t think you’d be too happy to have someone trying to digitally finger fuk you so why does the victim deserve any less sympathy?

  10. Danny

    It’s naive and spiteful to assume that I have no sympathy, I clearly do as I said the crime was WRONG. My focus was on Helen’s ridiculous comparison of this case with that of the murder of Joana Yeates. One id dead, one is not = massive difference. I also too umbrage with Helen’s petty cat calling that it was a social class issue, based on the fact that she has NO IDEA what the rape victim’s class was. And as if it even matters. As someone with faith in the judiciary, I would find it highly unlikely that the social class would matter to a judge and jury in this day and age.

    I am merely countering speculation, poor comparisons and paranoia from a recidivist (Helen). I am not, as you imply, showing no sympathy forthe victim. It is purely about being realistic.

  11. To mmmmmmmm,

    I think you have another James in mind.

  12. James

    So are you the formerly James! then? Or the very religious James? I have taken you to be the latter as there is not exclamation mark.

  13. Katie Murphy 24 Jan 2011, 12:38am

    Isnt this considered a hate crime in england. Worthy of extra punishment.

    He raped the woman. Simple as that. Over here in the USA it can be a long long time before one gets free of his real and well deserved punishment – sharing a cell with a guy named spike

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