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Coming out was hard, says Betty Kitten Ross

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Reader comments

  1. What lovely parents!

  2. She has her father’s face- all the better for sitting on.

  3. Jock S Trap 20 Jan 2011, 1:22pm

    What on earth was Jonathan Ross doing on Gaydar Radio? Dunno who’s standards have slipped the lowest there, but then Gaydar Inc is probably the single biggest threat to gay men’s sexual health.

  4. TheSuburbanBi 20 Jan 2011, 1:26pm

    “I came out as bi first and was saying I was bi for a while, then came out as gay…”

    I pray for the day lesbians and gays don’t feel pressured to do this. Glad that in the end she found the strength to lay claim to her truly felt identity, but it’s really hard for geuinely bi people to hear that someone else has ‘come out first as bi’ and reinforced the stereotype that bisexuality is just a phase in coming out as something else. It’s tough enough coming out without having to battle even more myths and other people’s misconceptions.

  5. Let’s face it Jonathan’s career is over, he’s finished. I think this is a VERY desperate attempt to get back into the good books with the gay community, what an asshole! He is ‘using’ his own daughter to prompt his own finished and lost career.

  6. So what is he going to have on his show now 3 lesbians and a lute?

    But seriously I’m glad that they are accepting and not choosing to say to much to the press not that it’s anyone else’s business but theirs

  7. I’m sure having a father who felt comfortable joking publicly about how parents should consider putting a son up for adoption if he shows signs of homosexuality (or gender non-conformity), didn’t help her process.

  8. @the SuburbanBi, I understand your frustration and your concern. It’s a bit like the frustration I feel when famous people come out and go on and on talking about how much they hated being gay and how much they tried to not be gay or how famous gay men come out and spend 90% of their time talking about how much they really loved, love and were “in love” with their wives and how happy their lives were with them and sometimes even going on to talk about how miserable they were after coming out (usually because they never put as much effort into their gay life as they did in their “straight” life or because they don’t show their boyfriends 1/10th the respect as they showed their wife.

    It’s like they’re desperately hanging on to some vestige of “heterosexuality” and the privileges that come with it.

  9. @ Jock S Trap

    Gaydar Radio does try to promote the ‘safe sex’ message. In fact in 2009 they asked Jonathan Ross to record a message about it in time for World Aids Day, but in spite of promises given I’m not sure anything ever came of it.

  10. Hayden you beat me to that. So if he had a son who showed signs of being gay he’d consider putting him up for adoption……..but obviously he’s OK with lesbians?

  11. Whilst there is tonnes of evidence that Jonathan Ross is a homophobic bigot, I’m afraid that the Radio 2 comment has been unfairly used against him. Read carefully what he said on that occasion and you will see that he did not say a gay son should be put up for adoption. He was suggesting that a gay son would need to adopt in later life. Nevertheless Ross is, as I said, a homophobic bigot, and even the BBC eventually appreciated that fact.

  12. Phoenix0879 20 Jan 2011, 8:20pm

    @Cleggy – how is his answering a question honestly “using” his daughter? Lets face it, there are people here who will attack him no matter what he does.

    He could have answered that question very indirectly, with a “I like to think I would be understanding” or some such non-answer. And then, when her sexuality came up he would have been accused of not being proud of his daughter. The guy is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

    Sure, he’s made some bad-taste jokes before, but in the scheme of things his jokes are nothing. In fact, I like most of them. But then again, I like my humor kind of dark. Next to people like Roy Chubby Brown, he’s a saint. And contemptible idiots like Alan Carr do more harm to gay people than a dozen Ross’s.

  13. @dave, sorry you are wrong:

    “If your son asks for a Hannah Montana MP3 player, you might want to already think about putting him down for adoption before he brings his…erm…partner home.”

  14. @YuriFury

    The Daily Mail quote is incorrect. You can listen to what Jonathan Ross actually said in this link:-

    Of course I stand by my previous comments about Jonathan Ross.

  15. Phoenix0879 21 Jan 2011, 2:18am

    @yurifury – Dave is right, listen to what he actually says and compare to to the very subtle change the Daily Mail made. In case you miss it, he says:

    If your son asks for a Hannah Montana MP3 player, you might want to already think about putting him down for adoption *in later life when settles down with his… ehm… partner*

    The difference is quite subtle, but actually changes the entire quote. He isn’t saying gay kids should be adopted, but that likely will need to adopt in order to raise a family. A joke like that I don’t mind, because it’s just light-hearted fun – and true. The best jokes play on real life situations (I’m not saying this is a great joke, just highlighting that it sits squarely where the best jokes are based).

    If anything, the daily sleaze… sorry, daily misinformation… sorry, daily homophobia… owes Mr. Ross an apology because a lot of people, yourself included, have a very negative view of him based on what is, essentially, a bald-faced lie that they told.

    I also question why *anyone* would believe anything that rag prints relating to homosexuality without first checking, double checking and then triple checking the information.

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