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Tory peer who said schools ‘promote homosexuality’ says Islamophobia is seen as socially acceptable

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Reader comments

  1. This is a woman who distributed campaign literature that also campaigned against the equalising of the age of consent that said:

    “do you want homosexuals propositioning your children for sex. ”

    She needs to get her own house in order first


    She has been a controversial figure in the past. In 2005, when she unsuccessfully stood as the Tory candidate for Dewsbury, she issued leaflets which used homophobic language.

    Her leaflets claimed children were being “propositioned” for gay relationships.

    They said: “Labour has scrapped Section 28, which was introduced by the Conservatives to stop schools promoting alternative sexual lifestyles such as homosexuality to children as young as seven years old.

    “Labour reduced the age of consent for homosexuality from 18 to 16, allowing schoolchildren to be propositioned for homosexual relationships.”

  3. Sorry Baroness, given how much legal protection Islam has, we LGBT people are unfortunately still the ones who are open to most discrimination. Though between us and Islam there is also Roma. We have no intention of supporting you while the ‘elders’ at the Muslim Council still will not accept the laws of the UK and continue to incite hatred at every opportunity. I couldn’t give a toss about terrorism, anti-gay hatred is prevalent among the ‘moderate muslim’ (though I have yet to meet one). The odd nutter who detonates himself on a bus or train does not actually affect as many people directly.

    Once your faith treats people equally – including women, you know, that gender that you are – then you will get the same in return. Until then, stop forcing your bigotry on us!

  4. It’s all Christians ever talk about, Muslims this and Muslims that. It’s no wonder they think the Crusades are still happening.

  5. She is correct when she says that islamophobia is socially acceptable.

    But it is socially acceptable for a reason. Islam is bigotted.

    Not a single mainstream muslim organisation supports gay human or civil rights. Therefore gay people have a natural and justified distrust of the cult.

    Women who wear burqas (and their familes) show an utter lack of respect for Britain by insisting on these exclusionary gatments.

    Warsi herself is a bigotted moron.

    Here’s my rule of thumb. I will show a muslim the same level of tolerance and acceptance as that muslim shows gay people and women.

    That’s perfectly balanced, reasonable and acceptable.

    Slightly off topic. Why is it that not a single muslim country anywhere the world (except Turkey) permits homosexuality.

    Every muslim country in the world punishes homosexuality by death or imprisonment.

    Unless musllim people in Britain renounce the fascist regimes in these countries then they have no right to whine about their treatment in Britain.

    I’d rather be a muslim in Britain than a christian in Egypt or saudi Arabia.

  6. Jock S. Trap 20 Jan 2011, 2:09pm

    “Labour reduced the age of consent for homosexuality from 18 to 16 allowing school children to be propositioned for homosexual relationships. I will campaign strongly for an end to sex education at seven years and the promotion of homosexuality that undermines family life.”

    – Baroness Warsi, 2005.

    Coming from people that openly call for Gay people to be pushed off mountains etc its a bit rich doncha think?!

  7. Sarah Brown 20 Jan 2011, 2:27pm

    “At last year’s Conservative Party conference, she said that Islamophobia was “the last acceptable form of bigotry”.”

    She might want to ask a few trans people about that.

  8. a muslim with a blind-spot
    she doesn’t see that LBGT hatred is the last acceptable hatred as she is part of the problem and so she whines about her personal victim complex

  9. I despise this woman. Having said that, I believe she is right about what she says on this topic. All prejudices, homophobia included, are commonly acceptable conversation at many a dinner table.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall at one of her dinner parties though, I’m sure gay men and women are ripped to shreds on a regular basis.

  10. Why are unevolved people with their destructive ‘superstitions’ still bitching about how intolerant the population at large is towards them?
    err… maybe because your ‘people’ are trying to execute others because of their sexual preference!

  11. She has a point…..doesn’t change the fact that she’s a nasty piece of work tho! She made some more enemies within her party with this anyway…and allying herself with the Pope!…..bye bye Baroness!

  12. Why didn’t BBC News ask Warsi about her homophobic election literature in 2005? So much for BBC News balance.

  13. Nothing new, is it? Islamophobia and of course homophobia are seen as normal and acceptable at dinner parties in her socially conservative circles, where the average antics always try to appease to their own political base.

  14. This moronic bigot forgot to mention 1 important fact.

    Namely that islaim is a freely chosen, voluntary belief system and that muslim people can f*** right off if they think their lunatic belief systems need legal protection.

  15. Dan Filson 20 Jan 2011, 3:51pm

    As a society we have taken the view, by whatever process, that peolple are entitled to practice their faith without discrimination, and that they shall not be abused in public as that would be offensive (not just to them but by-standers). So whilst we may deplore the bigotry that comes with some religions, we should not abuse the holders of those faiths, nor doubt their sincerity in holding them, i.e hate the crime, not the criminal. We should not be restrained in pressing holders of (other) faiths into explaining and justifying the more curious – to us – elements allegedly component parts of those faiths, nor from asking them to show how their faiths adjust to a changing world.

    When it comes to the last phobias, ageism still seems pretty prevalent

  16. Jock S. Trap 20 Jan 2011, 3:51pm

    It’s time all, Christians, Muslims etc were told they have to follow the law of the land.

    The laws are there for everyone regardless of sex, gender, race, orientation, religion. No-one is above it, No-one deserves to be treated differently, or opt-out of it.

    Discrimination effects all that Chose to use it. It’s ironic isn’t that those who find it easy to use then cry loudest that it’s being done to them.

    In other words if they know what it’s like why inflict others with it?

  17. I’m going to the speech / lecture later (I’m a Leic student), hope there is a Q&A period so I can ask her about this one…

  18. Muslims could do themselves a huge favour by moving into British society, they tend to ghettoise themselves instead of integrate. most Brits don’t really know who they are as the Muslims live in closed community based around number of streets in the town/city.

    Its no wonder people believe tabloid tales.

  19. Jupiterray 20 Jan 2011, 4:45pm

    Most of these comments gladden my heart. If you want to take positive action against Islam and its’ violent and hate-filled devotees join the English Defence League. It is NOT a racist or extreme right-wing group. It has a large number of LGBT, Jewish and non-White members who recognise the threat we all face from this vile belief system and its fanatical followers.

  20. EDL = fascist scum

    I’d sooner convert to Islam than join a bunch of racist football hooligans form Luton and elsewhere.

  21. “At last year’s Conservative Party conference, she said that Islamophobia was “the last acceptable form of bigotry”.”

    Unless you are at an Islamic dinner party where it is Homophobia.

  22. pause for thought. 20 Jan 2011, 5:08pm

    hahaha of course a rational thinking person thinks women wearing burkas is a sign of oppression.

    HAHA plum! =)

  23. Jupiterray.

    Hate solves nothing. To disagree with this sorry excuse for a politician is one thing, and yes I also think all religions are nonsense, but attacking them in the way the EDL does is totally unacceptable. All people raised with religion have been brainwashed, so who do you blame?

    Time, evolution and intelligence will see the end of religion. When more people realise how irrelevant this little planet is and that a few docile mammals on it thought the universe revolved around it.

    All religions are a joke. Stuck in a paradigm like the aliens in the machine on Toy Story, they all think they’ve ‘been chosen’.

    They haven’t ‘been chosen’ and they are no better than anyone else. Any bigoted religion that preaches hate while proclaiming to be peaceful and loving, has no place in a modern society.

    That’s pretty much all religions then isn’t it.

  24. Mr Bin Laden 20 Jan 2011, 6:10pm

    What?? This is outrageous! Prejudice against muslims is only NOW openly acceptable? I need to do more work in this bloody country.

  25. Only extremist Islam, Ms Warsi. We must be critical of this at the dinner table and on the playing fields of Leicester.

  26. Muslims only deserve tha same amount of respect as they give gay people.

    No-one can argue with that.

    Therefore if a muslim is a homophobic bigot, then he-she automatically loses the right to whine about islamophobia.

    This Warsi women lost the right to whine about homophobia thanks to her homophobia.

  27. I’m sobbingly bored of people identifying primarily with their exclusive and empty almost universally anti-gay, fertility-cult based religions, whether Christianity, Islam, Scientology, .

    Although Islam is not a religion like any of the others in that it is a seamless fusion of political ideology and religious system that controls Muslim’s lives and decisions from cradle to grave, even promises to look after them after death.

    It appears then to be completely at odds with the largely secular democratic society that we have in the UK and that Islam ultimately due to it’s political ideology must by it’s nature seek to overturn.

    So Islam & Muslim’s en-masse are viewed as the enemy within, even though we may get along very well on a one to one basis with our very pleasant Muslim neighbours and any Muslim individuals we interact with in everyday situations.

    Anything that raises questions about anything to do with Islam that is not 100% praise is labelled Islamophobic in order to halt any discussion, it’s a conversation stopper and what we need is to keep the conversation going, something Muslim’s don’t like to do as it is forbidden(or haram), the religious political system that is Islam is supposed to be complete and not open to any change or up for discussion.

    The only Muslim’s that seem to openly discuss Islam on discussion forums seem to be apostates who have left Islam and seen both sides of the system, much as ex Scientologists will also, though they too must look over their shoulders constantly

    Rather than discuss the red herring topic “islamophobia”, discuss why homosexuals are being killed in Islamic countries, why women have suich lowly status, why rape victims are imprisoned and punished, why non-Muslim’s are referred to by Muslim’s as Kuffars
    ( I’ve heard it means cows you can either take to market to make money from or simply just kill without consequence) etc…etc
    Ask uncomfortable questions about Islam and whether or not we have an insoluble culture clash, see if you get an answer or if you are simply countered with another question as an evasion.

  28. Where does the concept of Islamophobis come from if it wasn’t invented by supremacists to claim victim status for Muslims and deflect attention away from the global jihad and Islamic supremicism?

    If self-proclaimed moderate Muslims really want to cure Islamophobia, perhaps they ought to focus their indignation on Muslims committing violent acts, not on non-Muslims reporting on those acts.

  29. Mumbo Jumbo 20 Jan 2011, 8:53pm

    The law says LGBT people cannot get married.

    Does the law say Muslims cannot be married? No.

    The law gives Muslims (and other religious groups) opt outs from equality legislation that allow them to discriminate against LGBT people.

    Does the law give LGBT people the right to discriminate against delusional bigots? No.

    If Warsi had written her infamous election leaflet about Jewish or black people would she still be this side of the prison walls never mind consequently rewarded with the Co-chairmanship of the Conservative Party, an appointment to the House of Lords and a ministerial post? No.

    Do LGBT people fly aeroplanes into buildings or blow themselves and other to bits on public transport? No.

    Do Muslims do this? Yes.

    I could go on but will content myself with concluding that Baroness Warsi, you are a clueless self-obsesed and dangerous hypocrite.

  30. The nonword ‘Islamophobia’s doesn’t even make sense.

    How can it be phobic to disagree/oppose an ideology? I don’t like Zionism. Am I ‘Zionismophobic’? I don’t like Communism – does that make me ‘Communismophobic’?

    I am prudly anti-Islam. I don’t f-ing like it. The mysogny, homophobia, support for the death penalty, condoning the institution of slavery and et cetera.

  31. The last acceptable form of bigotry? I don’t think so. I’d say that was HOMOphobia and TRANSphobia. And she must go to some strange dinner parties because when I’m at one and the topic turns to religion, the gripes are almost always about Christianity, particularly the fundie kind.

    I’m sure some Muslims ARE the victims of discrimination and that’s absolutely wrong, but I think she’s exaggerating the problem greatly. Criticism of Islamic beliefs isn’t Islamophobia, if that’s what she means.

  32. Dr very smart 20 Jan 2011, 9:23pm

    So this woman is doing an after-dinner speech? Will she explode at the end of it?

  33. Jen Marcus 20 Jan 2011, 9:26pm

    I really want to know where the “hell” all these ignorant people, especially these alleged leaders, come from, a cave or another planet? They fail to engage their gray matter before speaking. Are they really educated or just brainwashed to believe a bunch of “BS” which they subsequently publicly regurgitate and make fools of themselves in the process, or do they do or say these things for sensationalistic publicity?

  34. Dr very smart 20 Jan 2011, 9:44pm

    Oh I’m sorry the speech is at University of Leicester.

    Will she be going by aeroplane or bus?

    ( “It’s not a big leap of imagination to predict where the talk of ‘moderate’ Muslims leads; in the factory, where they’ve just hired a Muslim worker, the boss says to his employees: ‘Not to worry, he’s only fairly Muslim’,” she will say.)

    We still have factories in the U.K.? I am so out of touch I was under the impression the government employed everybody.

  35. The UK is an amazingly tolerant country where people are free to practice their religion in whatever church, temple, etc they choose. they are free to wear whatever clothes they choose, to grow or not grow a beard. There are protections against discrimination in the workplace on grounds of religion or skin colour. It goes without saying a muslim could not be turned away on any grounds from any given Cornish b&b without all hell breaking loose. What more does she want?

  36. Why is she a baroness?

    Did anybody vote for this woman??

  37. Basically, she is an idiot.

    A bigotted idiot,

  38. “It’s not a big leap of imagination to predict where the talk of ‘moderate’ Muslims leads”

    ‘Not to worry, he’s only fairly Muslim’,

    ‘The family next door are Muslim but they’re not too bad’.

    ‘That (burka wearing) woman’s either oppressed or is making a political statement’.”

    Baroness Warsi’s examples of alleged Islamophobia are just not really very convincing.

  39. Why is she a baroness?

    Did anybody vote for this woman?? – john


    The good people of Dewsbury rejected her as a MP, So Cameron make her a Baroness. I guess we will find that Stroud woman entering the Lord too!

  40. Islamophobia “the last acceptable form of bigotry”

    It not but if it is it no matter. Religion not part of you like gay or black. Religion be mocked and bigoted against for good. Hate Muslims hate Christians. Warsi stupid Muslim. Pope stupid Catholic. Same.

  41. @ David
    Homosexuality is legal in Jordan and Albania and Bosnia are also mainly muslim and it is also legal there.

  42. What a bunch of racist you all are. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  43. So there are no Gay Muslims? I think not…they may express homophobic views as part of their Creed but……….

  44. Jock S. Trap 21 Jan 2011, 7:54am

    Erm, just one thing, by the ‘dinner table test’ does she mean what people are saying in their own homes?

    Whilst I do think on the street people must respect others and be responsible for the language and conversation they use I have to question if it is right in the comfort of ones own home.

    She is clearly speculating and unpleasnat as it might be I can’t see restricting what people talk about over dinner being a vote winner.

    Lets not forget that whilst people may have these types of conversations over dinner it’s usually people from her religion together with some Christians, I’ll point out some not all, that shout on the streets that homosexuals should be murdered.

    Hardly a balanced arguement.

  45. As some people have already pointed out, she is a thoroughly unpleasant, homophobic woman. And that dreadful accent!

  46. “What a bunch of racist you all are. ”

    Since when has islam been a race?

    INteresting that Jordan, Albania and Bosnia allow homosexuality.

    What about Saudi Arabia, iran, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco etc etc?

    Oh yes – they are all muslim countries which celebrate homosexualiy by imprisonment or death.

    Savage, stupid, ridiculous, vicious VOLUNTARY cult.

  47. Excuse me, William,in what way was I racist? All l did was point out the freedoms all religions have in this country, including Islam, despite the extremists that consider London commuters to be legitimate targets. 7/7 isn’t the name of a film that comes at the front of a well organised DVD collection. It really happened. And it might have something to do with people being a tiny bit suspicious of muslims. But they’re still free to go about their business in this country. They’re not registered as dangerous aliens like German born people in WW2 who had to report to the police station regularly and give account of their movements. All things considered, with or without extremists, we treat muslims well in this country.

  48. Shes a Baroness with view like that how did it happen?

  49. She is ignorant and more thasn a little embarrasing too.

  50. You lot make me laugh. You all jump and down acting the victims if someone says anything against the gay commutily but are feel prefectly happy of throw names at other groups.
    As much as I don’t like Baroness Warsi what I been read here today proves her point.

  51. You obviously didn’t read my post, William.

    In what WAY are muslims discriminated against in the UK? Name one legal bar on their happiness, prosperity or freedom?

    The woman is talking nonsense.

    And does anyone else think that some body in Cameron’s government thought ‘oh dear, not enough women and muslims in the Lords. We’ll be criticised for not being diverse enough. Oh, look, she’ll do. We can kill two birds with one stone.’ It might not be true. Maybe she DID earn her title. I don’t know. But the suspicion certainly raises its head.

  52. Yes, William, because people on PN never criticise any other religion, do they?

  53. Rose @ I don’t need to comment any more because most of the comments on this page speak for themselves.

    Dinner Party Test ?

  54. Jock S. Trap 21 Jan 2011, 12:07pm

    @ William

    It’s one thing to ‘throw names’ but isn’t it a certain muslim country where muslim people are ‘throwing stones’ at two young men to kill them for being Gay, today I believe?

    Maybe you should have gone there to tell them they’re just ‘playing victim’.

    Shame on all bully’s like you.

  55. William

    If we weren’t constantly provoked by religious groups, who have always had their ‘choices’ of belief privileged over our immutable biology, then we wouldn’t be acting so defensively. Can you not understand why people are so angry when the potential ramifications for us are quite worrying? It is also very naive of her to label criticism of Islam as Islamophobia, when there is no irrational fear involved. It is purely rational on the grounds that the Koran advocates discrimination against homosexuals, including their death – even more clearly than the Bible is claimed to.

    PC protection of Islam brought about by hysterical, unelected Baronesses will only mean our voices will be hushed.

    Go and be a Muslim if that’s what you want!

  56. William

    Having seen your comment labelling people on here racists, you are showing that you are not educated on the distinctions of different sociological phenomena.

    Race is NOT religion. Skin colour and physical form stemming from an area of the world is NOT a religion, a behaviour or an attitude. Do you understand this?

    No-one here is judging on skin colour, are they? Could you please point out an example if so? Thought not. People are judging attitudes, beliefs and behaviour than are NOT universally associated with a skin colour, but ARE associated with religion. And, yes, a specific one.

    But nothing here is about race. I would not put an atheist/agnostic brown-skinned friend from Bangladesh in the same bracket as a brown-skinned Muslim from Bangladesh. Or in the same bracket as a white, British Muslim. Are you starting to see?

    Stop conflating skin colour with behaviour and religion, then are completely separate things, despite the fact that they are often associated together. It is this kind of pig ignorance that we expect from the bloody Daily Mail, not Pink News!

  57. For somebody not commenting, you have a lot to say for yourself, William. Just what is your problem? Nobody here has suggested a gay march on the nearest temple to beat up all the peacefully assembled muslims there. They have simply questioned a middle class woman’s idea that her minority group are somehow unfairly victimised. That isn’t racism. With one or two misinformed exceptions, everyone here realises that fascist groups like the EDL and BNP while ‘saying’ they welcome LGBT members hate us as much as they hate muslims, hindus, west indians, africans, irish, gypsies, chinese, Poles and anyone else who isn’t white hetero. We would stand with any muslim who is for the equal rights and freedoms of all of the above. But this woman is talking nonsense.

  58. William, I really don’t get what you mean. There are a few unkind words here but the vast majority of these comments make reasonable points.

    I can quite understand Baroness Warsi using her position to stick up for Muslims, but I don’t agree with all of what she says.

  59. I wasn’t going to comment but some people on here think that being stoned to death and someone being called on a POOFTER on the BBC are of the same importance.

    Don’t confuse the nice man that runs the corner shop with cultures that you stone people. That might be the reason why he moved in the UK

    I don’t like Barnoness Warsi but she is right, people think it ok to be Islamophobic and most of the comments on here proves her point.

  60. “Don’t confuse the nice man that runs the corner shop with cultures that you stone people. ”

    I don’t.

    But I have absolutely no resect for a voluntary, freely chosen, moronic belief system like islam or christianity or judaism or hinduism.

    Religion is a voluntary belief system.

    Therefore it is perfectly acceptable to laugh, criticise and condemn it.

    I absolutely believe that people should not face discrimination based on their race, skin colour, sex, sexuality, age, physical or mental ability.

    Religion can f*** right off though.

    Warsi is an idiot.

  61. Which does Warsi consider to be more difficult I wonder.

    To be a muslim in Britaiin?

    Or to be a gay person in Iran?

  62. Iris, I fear william is one of those lefty apologists who love to label any comment about Muslims that is less than praising as racist or islamophobic, he doesn’t want us to be able to express our virews freely on this topic but to gag everyone, part of the problem rather than the solution.

    I am suspecting that Baroness Warsi may be detecting a little dinner table anti-Muslim feeling directed at herself, in the high circles she moves about in, although she hasn’t as much as said it.
    Still I find it hard to believe she would have much experience of the factory floor, her examoples are sheer speculation and imaginary.
    She doesn’t know what is the minds of people who see a muslim woman wearing a burka in the street.
    I think she is expressing a fear of her own which and which a lot of Muslim’s share that might be called westernophobia.

  63. And just to clarify, what I am saying is that it goes both ways,
    there is certainly some mutual suspicion going on between Muslims and non-Muslims.

  64. Look I’m not an apologist for the Muslin faith and not everyone on here has been racist / bigoted or what ever you want to call it but some of you have . Baroness Warsi was making the point that its acceptable for dinner party Islamophobia.. Is she wrong ? Half the comments on here wouldn’t be out of place in the Daily Mail.

  65. ” Baroness Warsi was making the point that its acceptable for dinner party Islamophobia.. Is she wrong ?”

    Is islamophobia itself wrong?

    Perhaps not.

    If someone enjoys full legal protection from discrimination based on their race, age, sex, sexuality, skin colour, physical or mental ability (ie immutable, involuntary characteristics) then why on earth would they complain that people hate their freely chosen belief system.

    Islam is nothing more than a belief system.

    A woman who wears a burqa is not obliged to do so. She choses to do so (or is forced to do so). Why should I respect the clothing choice of a woman who clearly has no respect for men, and who has no respect for the fact that British society largely thinks it is inappropriate to hide yourself from your society and community.

    Why do muslims (or christians or jews or hindus) want legal protection for their voluntary beliefs.

    When I say that islam or christianity is a load of ridiculous nonsense, I do not discrminate against anyone. If they’re upset they should build a bridge and get over it.

  66. “Don’t confuse the nice man that runs the corner shop with cultures that you stone people. That might be the reason why he moved in the UK”

    Absolutely, William. Or maybe he was born here, eh? I don’t doubt that there are those who particularly target Muslim people out of ignorance and hate, but I think they’re in a minority. I also totally disagree with the Baroness’s idea that people think this is OK and happily sit at the dinner table slagging off Muslims. Yes, there will be some, but these people probably do the same to many other minorities. The idea that decent people regularly sit around chatting about Muslims in an offensive way is wrong, in my opinion. I can’t think of a single person I know who would find that acceptable.

    Thinking more about it, I actually find her statement slightly insulting. People are so stupid that they can’t tell the difference between a terrorist who happens to be a Muslim and their own law-abiding Muslim neighbour?

    The bit that annoys me most is the “last acceptable form of bigotry” – because that’s completely untrue.

  67. warsi is a homobhobic bigot , so it’s particularly surprising, she has the audacity to raise the issue of islamophobia and bigotry when she herself clearly needs therapy in this department.Such hypocrisy . She clearly was appointed and not elected ,on tokenism. She shot herself in the foot with this one, and dragged down her religion and community with her. If anything shes created further segregation and mistrust.

  68. @ Iris, Really ?. Hear it all the time from family, at work, texts from friends, taxi drivers and the Daily Mail.

    I don’t confront it because i don’t have the balls but i know it happens and it happens a lot.

  69. It’s great to vent on here, but let Warsi herself know what you think.

    Email her through

  70. I was fasinated to hear a work colleague – Muslim by upbringing – gay by birth – Who reminded me during a discussion about this subject – Muslim leaders are more than happy to promote this bigotry of gays because Muslim families settling in the UK are terrified that young 2nd generation muslim youth will be led astray by drugs, sex and freedom of speech – most especially they are terrified more closeted gay youth in the muslim community will realise they are free to be themselves and thus turn their back on this controlling, restrictive Superstition that keeps people in their place – interesting?

  71. William, really. I see that you’ve come across it but I haven’t – and certainly not at the dinner table. Yes, I’ve received tasteless jokes forwarded in texts if that’s what you mean and yes, some of them made comments about Muslims, but they were only a tiny fraction of the whole lot. I don’t doubt that people make casual, thoughtless comments – maybe it’s different things in different areas of the UK? Where I live any taxi drivers who happen to be bigots always sneer at LGBT people.

    Pavlos: “I am suspecting that Baroness Warsi may be detecting a little dinner table anti-Muslim feeling directed at herself”

    Possibly, and that wouldn’t be nice at all. I sympathise. But to assume that most people find this acceptable is going too far.

  72. Iris, I love the world you live in !

  73. What’s wrong with finding a sexist/homophobic/barbaric cult socially unacceptable in a civilised society?

  74. exactly tim.

  75. If I wasn’t a private person, I’d tell you where I lived, William. I don’t think you’d like it so much then. It’s a hotbed of homophobia and casual hate.

  76. “Don’t confuse the nice man that runs the corner shop…”

    The muslim who runs the corner shop near me is an obnoxious creep who overcharges and leers at women. I exercise my right to shop elsewhere.

  77. Iris you live in a hotbed of homophobia and casual hate and no one has a bad word to say about Muslims. Ok. I take it all back.

  78. Hi Iris….

    As I said.. :
    Where does the concept of Islamophobia come from if it wasn’t invented by supremacists to claim victim status for Muslims, and deflect attention away from the global jihad and Islamic supremicism?

    If self-proclaimed moderate Muslims really want to cure Islamophobia, perhaps they ought to focus their indignation on Muslims committing violent acts, not on non-Muslims reporting on those acts.

    For example, there are two young gay men whose lives are hanging by a thread right now in Iran.

    It’s beyond me why so-called moderate Muslims deliberatly ignore that kind of thing, and continue talking as if they are the victims of “Islamophobia”… as if we really have an irrational fear of Islam…

  79. Tough s hi t you ho. Muslims really hate gay people and think its ok to lie to non muslims. Its in the koran. So keep away from them for your mental health. I dont hate them but I want nothing to fo with them

  80. iris sounds like she lives in some bubble wrap universe. she really is clueless, sheltered from reality, no idea whats happening.

  81. And you sound like a judgemental pr*t, Tim. I’m reporting what *I* experience, I acknowledged that William had experienced differently and said that I guessed it depended where you live.

    I try very hard not to make personal comments about posters but your comment was bizarre and wholly illogical. You’re the clueless one, it seems – unable to understand that someone’s day to day experience may be different from yours.

    I don’t agree with, William, but at least he debated courteously and I have no problem accepting that he has spoken as he sees and that he’s seen examples of prejudice against Muslims. Oh, but in ‘Tim’s universe’ maybe I should have just written an abusive comment about him, right? After all, there is no wortld view except one’s own, is there?

  82. @ tim – I’ve never read your posts before. But Iris always comes across as level headed.

    William however, always sounds like a right w4nker.

  83. The Heretic Philosopher 23 Jan 2011, 1:17am

    One point I would like to make about the term ‘Islamophobia’ is how it is used to shut down legitimate dialogue and reasonable criticism of certain concepts and ideas in Islam. I have concerns and questions about what all religions teach and how they affect the world and impact on human lives and I feel that when it comes to Islam that there is some imposed closure of dialogue through the use of the term islamophobia. I always try to seek positives in all thought systems and I know that there are some positive ideas and concepts in Islam but I do have concerns about other aspects of it. Phobia implies something irrational but I don’t think the concerns and questions I have about some aspects of Islam are irrational and it is certainly not my intention to incite hate but rather to open frank and honest dialogue with the intention of promoting spiritual growth. Does that make me islamophobic?

  84. Muslims and gay people are never, ever going to get along. “Islamaphobia” has been born from the fact that Muslims across the world, but in the UK as well, veil their disgusting bigotry in religious beliefs. All this “entitled to my beliefs” rubbish drives me insane. It’s okay to be entitled to your beliefs if you want to stop “promoting homosexuality,” but when I want to stand by my beliefs that all organised religion doesn’t have a place in modern society, I’m an “Islamaphobe” or I’m “sidelining Christians.”

    This woman is a vile person who has changed her PUBLIC opinion for her own gain. She couldn’t have got into the Cabinet without doing so. People like her disgust me. People like me disgust her. It’s all just one big stalemate that’s going to go on for centuries and beyond.

  85. Katie Murphy 24 Jan 2011, 12:47am

    In Saudi arabia she would be forced to cover her face, and forbidden to drive or leave the house with out a male relative.

    she can be divorced by the husband by his simply saying “I divorce you 3 times”

    A husband she never met until the wedding day, chosen by her father to cement business or reliigous /tribal ties.

    And if she got raped, she would be whipped. it Had to be “her fault”. Punishment decided by a male judge who decides wwht god wants

    NO wonder there are no rapes in Saudi land.

  86. She is attempting to use a subliminal, coersive strategy to impose thought reform. Identical in essence, to the brainwashing she has clearly been vulnerable to ,asertained by her bigotry, based on her quasi cult devotion. Insidious and weasel like she prays that this simple observation will rally the phoney liberal, wishy washy , anti fascist league etc into a desperate reaction of acceptance of anything islamic, no matter how bigoted and primitive, so to avoid the possibility of being perceived as a religiously , intolerant racist. Any critique or debate on the topic is closed as far as she is concerned ,and she surreptitiously is trying to enact this in a country where the fear of being labelled a racist has created a submission of western beliefs .

  87. Jessica Ottowell 25 Jan 2011, 5:10pm

    She is nothing more than a disgrace, she should be forced to step down with her coworkers who feel the same about homosexuals. I feel that all shes doing is saying this to be shocking

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