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US Gay teen Lance Lundsten’s death was not suicide says his father

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Reader comments

  1. Our family doctor wrote my grandfather died of cancer…. when he really died because the nurse did not know how to use the hoist and dropped him.

    Doctors sometimes lie when people die to save themselves or a families embarrassment.

  2. Helen,

    Sometimes they tell the truth too

  3. No matter the reason, another young life gone – that’s sad.

  4. Maybe not in this case but it highlights a problem.

    Suicides from homophobic bullying depend on the Parents and if the Parents are in denial (because often its the first they have known of there homosexualallity) they look for and fabricate other reasons for the death. Once another reason has been found the authorities dismiss the Suicide from homophobia.

  5. This story is very odd.
    It must be very unusual for such a young person to have such a heart condition, and I suspect that the key information here is that the toxicology results have not yet been published in full. Watch this space, I would say.

  6. Perhaps the family is trying to deny that there son was gay?

  7. Steve@GayWebHosting 19 Jan 2011, 4:41pm

    Perhaps, but in the end, another very sad loss of a young life..

    Very sad.

  8. westcoastkid 19 Jan 2011, 9:23pm

    When their lives are crumbling around them and there is no where else to go gay teens need the acceptance and understanding of their parent(s). My god, isn’t that what being a parent is all about! With that last resort gone, all is last in the mind of a gay teen.

  9. westcoastkid 19 Jan 2011, 9:35pm

    Sorry (above), “all is lost in the mind of a gay teen.”

  10. Maybe it truly was a natural death.

    But an important thing remains: that bullying was apparently present in his life to an extent great enough that his associates immediately believed his death was suicide when they heard of it.

    I think that that conclusion, even though it proved wrong, matters a lot.

  11. Here’s a statistic: gay teens who are not accepted by their families are 80% more likely to kill themselves (remembering this from off the top of my head so it may not be completely accurate, but you get the general idea).

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