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Gay marriage to be debated in French Constitutional Council

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Reader comments

  1. I wish Pink News and other news media would stop referring to ‘gay marriage’.

    That implies that it is a new type of legally binding relationship.

    It is not.

    The correct term is ‘marriage equality’ as the only thing same sex couples are asking is that the legal contract of civil marriage be extended to same sex couples.

    They are not asking for a new contract – a special ‘gay marriage’ contract.

  2. Jock S. Trap 19 Jan 2011, 2:17pm

    After the B&B story it’s now time to settle this in the UK and offer Equal Marriage to all who wish to have it.

  3. Good luck to them both. It’s wrong that they shouldn’t be allowed to marry. If they married abroad, presumably France would ‘downgrade’ that to a PACS, would they?

  4. @Iris,

    Yes that is the current state of affairs, just like my friends in Spain who are fully and equally married would be downgraded should they come here.

  5. Off you go again Jock. If I gave you a quid could you play us a different tune on these message boards? At least for a day anyway.

  6. David, absolutely right!

    Josk S. Trap…exactly and the time is now!

    Iris, correct! Israel is the only country that recognises same-sex marriages as marriages performed elsewhere but does not allow it for its own gay citizens yet. Similarly, New York state recognises them although it too doesn’t have it yet.

    To the author of this article, Stephen Gray, in the context of the EU, you are correct about the countries allowing it, but if not, you forgot to mention that Canada, Argentina and Mexico City allow it as do the American states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut, California may get it back.

  7. Tim Hopkins 19 Jan 2011, 3:51pm

    and Suoth Africa and Massachsetts!

  8. Suoth Africa? Anywhere near Neitheren Ireland?

  9. Tim Hopkins 19 Jan 2011, 3:52pm

    … I never could spell Mass. but I should know how to spell South!

  10. Thanks, Dave G and Robert. I appreciate your responses.

    I suppose all EU countries with civil unions for gay people feel they HAVE to do that (downgrade same sex marriages) else the whole structure would fall apart as people simply married in a nearby EU country that permitted it then returned to their own country. I think it’s sad that they’re so concerned with stopping equal marriage. Why on earth does it matter if we get married?

  11. Doesn’t Ireland recognise same-sex marriages as well now..? Or am I getting confused?

  12. Yes, Iris, there was a big clash between Nordics/Spanish and the Italians (well, a Italian) in the European Parliament last year when commissioner Reding proposed that valid same sex marriages be recognized in other member states.

    They used the usual tosh: demolition of family, Christian tradition, sovereignty issues… There really aren’t any rational arguments left against marriage equality.

  13. Tim Chapman 19 Jan 2011, 6:35pm

    Brendan, no, Ireland does not recognise same-sex marriage. It has just introduced Civil Partnerships so has made the same mistake that the UK made five years ago.

  14. Bon chance, Mesdames…
    Let’s hope the famous secular French spirit triumphs.

  15. “Massachusetts” is how you spell Massachsetts.

    Maryland also recognizes marriages performed in other states and will probably have full marriage equality before the end of the year.

    Also the Attorney General of New Mexico recently presented his opinion that New Mexico must recognize the marriages of same-sex couples performed in other states.

  16. Iris – since they are both French if they married abroad then it would not be recognised at all – only foreigners eg 2 spanish nationals (gay) who peform a marriage in Spain will be recognised in Fance and it will be equated for some rights to that of a straight marriage not a PACS – there is NO downgrading system, marriages are NOT treated like civil unions…

    Only foriegin CPs are equated to a PACS and they would also recognise this for 2 French girls who have done a CP in the UK…France does not recognise marriage at all for their own nationals only for foreigners ie no French nationals only!!!!

  17. “There really aren’t any rational arguments left against marriage equality.”

    Too true, Lucius. It makes me wonder how much power religious groups have in the EU sometimes.

  18. Thanks for that extra information, John. No wonder I get confused! How much easier to just have civil marriage and treat them all the same all over the EU!

  19. Tim Hopkins, YES! I forgot to mention Massachusetts in the U.S.A. and of course, South Africa. Finland is expected to enact it later in the year.

    Iris, you’re quite welcome. The underlying reason why we don’t yet have it in the UK is rather obvious. Its RELIGION at the root of it. Blair didn’t want a showdown with the state cult among others and I daresay nor does Cameron. They’ll find any lame excuse in the book to justify the ban but the excuses used are wearing rather thin in light of Spain, Portugal and Argentina.

    Since Summerskill has supposedly reversed his opposition and has promised to include it in the “campaign”, whatever that is, then Cameron et al have nobody else to consult with in our community in order to maintain the ban. Summerskill has already admitted that a same-sex civil marriage law would preclude any of the cults to recognise it or officiate.

    John, interestingly, in France, straight civil marriage is the only one recognised by the state. If people want a religious component, they must first have the civil ceremony, usually performed at the local town hall (La Mairie) performed by the mayor and then have it solemnized immediately after in a church or in the presence of a priest at an other venue. Its going to be interesting to see how this pans out with these two ladies given France’s history of civil marriage. Another interesting point is that there is no state religion in France, although the roman cult predominates. I think the French may just be pragmatic and do the right thing, maybe before the UK does. Sarkozy’s power is waning, very unpopular now with the eletorate and I’ve no doubt a socialist will oust him in the next election. Hopefully, Segolene Royal will run again, who ran on marriage equality in 2007 I believe, narrowly defeated by the conservatives but supported by a lot of the students and other young people.

  20. de Villiers 20 Jan 2011, 11:21pm

    > Let’s hope the famous secular French spirit triumphs.

    Pas de chance… á voir.

    France is more socially conservative than England. It is proudly secular, unlike England, but it is more conservative.

  21. Are Canada, South Africa, and Argentina not countries?

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