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Facebook co-founder seeks gay marriage for New York

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Reader comments

  1. Hope you can wed soon, boys.
    Come on, NY!! Get a move on! You’re a great liberal state!!

  2. i really hope they can get married ^^ we need good news over here ^^

  3. Joe Mustich 20 Jan 2011, 4:04am

    Jeez, why wait fo NY when you can come to CT to wed.
    Cheers, Joe Mustich, Officiant
    Red Studio Farm, Washington, CT

  4. “As you know, we can’t get married in New York, so there is more of an urgency to approve gay marriage, so we can get married here.” Something about this comment just rubs me the wrong way. The billionaire wants to get married but Connecticut just isn’t fashionable and that makes marriage in NY more urgent than the low-income lesbian couple in the Bronx who can’t get health care for their kids? I wish these two well, and I’m sure they have significant influence in NY to help bring about marriage equality, but they attitude that comes across in that statement is so self-centered and egotistical. Hughes must have enough high paid handlers that he can come up with a better explanation of the importance of marriage equality.

  5. Kompsi kompsa 20 Jan 2011, 10:38am

    Don’t they have anything better (helthier) to do?!!

  6. @Keith
    Don’t you understand that marriage equality is about a lot more than just giving equal access to marriage? It will help to raise the standing of gay people and the gay community and reduce homophobia, which will benefit the whole community.

  7. Kompsi kompsa – you certainly have better and healthier things to do – such as not denigrating other peoples’ loving relationships because they don’t conform to your obsessive genital taboos. And getting a life.

  8. Dromio, My husband and I are one of the 18,000 SS couples married in California before Prop 8. It has always been my belief that after abolition of sodomy laws, marriage equality is the most important step in improving the lives of gays and lesbians and ending homophobia. I don’t like the statement Hughes made. It sounds flippant and self-centered. Marriage equality in NY is now urgent just because he wants to get married? He is high-profile, filthy rich and well connected. His fiance is with Freedom to Marry. Yet, that’s the best reason he could come up with for marriage equality in New York? I’m disappointed. Nothing about role models for G/L kids. Nothing about hardships for G/L families. Bi-national couples torn apart. I sincerely hope he reads that statement, realises how daft it sounds and puts forth more cogent arguments in the future. I do wish the two of them all the best. I hope they are able to marry in NY. Our wedding day was the most important, happiest day of my life.

  9. The velvet mafia seem to be everywhere- Facebook, Gaydar. Is there some queer behind Ebay? He got the idea from trying to find an outlet to sell wallets, phones, watches and other crap he scored from random pick ups over the years. Can someone find out if there’s a queer behind ebay?

  10. Actually, Riondo New York City is arguably more liberal. From friends who live there, I’ve been told that once you leave the city and head upstate, you run into heavily catholic conservative districts that are very much against marriage equality and were effective in having it defeated in December 2009 with the help of the archiocese of New York City.

    Spanner, you’re an idiot. eBay is owned by right wing bigot, Meg Whitman who ran for the governorship of California and who voted to support Proposition 8 reversing same-sex marriage in that state and her recent campaign included maintaining the ban.

  11. Robert –
    Thanks for that. I don’t know the state apart from NY City (and only slightly), but I’m sure what you say applies to most of the rural hinterland in the US. And a lot of the rural UK too. Sigh.

  12. Spanner has the vilest personality I think I have ever come across.

  13. David Myers 21 Jan 2011, 7:51am

    I second that!

  14. Maybe gay NY has more pressing issues

  15. “Don’t they have anything better (helthier) to do?!!”

    Don’t you have anything smarter to do?!!

    People like you are just a collection of useless cells that unfortunately (for us) have had the opportunity to steal a laptop of someone in their looney-dancing church of morons.

  16. Galadriel1010 24 Jan 2011, 5:39pm

    @Keith – they were announcing their engagement, so they can, perhaps, be permitted for thinking about themselves.

  17. What a shame that a company co-founded by a gay man has no respect for the privacy of its users. Perhaps that is another sign of arrogance, as other comments have suggested may be an issue.

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