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WorldPride plans on course for 2012

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Reader comments

  1. Quote:
    ‘Pride 2011 will be held on Saturday July 2nd ‘
    Shouldn’t that read ‘London Pride…’?
    A little London chauvinism possibly?

  2. No Ian, the London Pride event is a separate event held at a different time to the national pride event which is also held in London as the most easily accessed large city for the whole of the country. I know it might not be the most central but it is the one with the best transport links to the rest of the country (and beyond) and the best open spaces for marching, rallies and parties.

  3. Thanks Dromio – I really must keep up-to-date! ;-)

  4. The people behind this should pay for the Policing and security themselves.

    We do not need this and I hope the Goverment blocks it due to the lack of funds to have the Police on site.

    We do not need anymore gay events.

  5. I hope they can actually move on the day!!

  6. Nothing like a World Pride to further ghettoize us from the breeders on the sports field.

  7. So the rumors of Pride London being £80,000 in debt are not effecting this years celebration. Probably a good thing, I would hope that it would be seen by Visit London and sponsors as the wonderful tourist attraction it is attracting tens of thousands of high spending visitors to the UK’s only World City.

  8. steffan i think that Pride in London do pay for all the security costs themselves. I do know last year they got something like 300 volunteers to help them which means the police don’t need to put on extra resources

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