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HIV charity Food Chain wins £1m boost from Elton John AIDS Foundation

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Reader comments

  1. Warm congratulations to the Food Chain another thing they are doing that really helps those of us living with the virus but who are still well enough to cope with preparing our own food is the “Cookery Club” lessons in nutrition and healthy eating combined with actual cookery. It is rather wonderful and I’m sure my improved diet helps me stay well.

  2. Steve@GayWebHosting 19 Jan 2011, 12:31am

    Well done to both The Food Chain and also the EJAF.

    Some more unsung heros get help and recognition thanks to EJ…

  3. Can anyone recommend a good RELIABLE clap testing kit which can be used pretty effectively and at home?

  4. Ian, there are no approved home testing kits that cover a spectrum of STI’s.

    Clap in it’s traditional meaning is Syphilis and that is tested by a blood test. Although urinary infection tests can be done with a urine sample most GUM clinics prefer a swab test so generally a full STI screen will be a swab or two from each sexually active area, mouth, urethral and anal and a blood test or two (Syphilis & Hepatitis)

    By far the best thing to do is to treat it like a dental check up and take an afternoon to wait in a GUM Clinic, I’d suggest a big city clinic because they are busier see more patients have more experience and see more gay men, and while you’re there ask about Hep B vaccination.

  5. I just realised Ian may mean HIV, you can get (Dr Tom) home HIV test kits but you have to send the blood off and they are quite expensive, better to go to a GUM or Community Test Centre and get a Rapid Test and the result in under 20 minutes.

  6. correction its Doctor Thom and they are using Orasure Saliva tests but you do have to send it off and if positive get a blood test for confirmation.

  7. positiveguy 20 Jan 2011, 2:52am

    HIV is not actually a death sentence. It is a disease that can be managed and be controlled by the individual who acquired it allowing him to live a long normal and productive life like anyone else. the largest dating site for HIV singles claim that they have 200,000 HIV members, Most of them are here to find understanding, support and love. It is really a good thing that encourage each other, Leading a healthy life.

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