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Elton John introduces new baby Zachary

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Reader comments

  1. bicoastal yank 18 Jan 2011, 12:33pm

    Photo of a proud… mother.

  2. I always go al weepy when I see new born babies and proud parents!


  3. Sweet! :D

  4. The had to opportunity to maintain a dignified silence and raise their child out of the press but whats the point.

  5. Unfortuantely . . . when you are the Baby of the most “Famous Gay Parents” on the Planet, you only have one trajectory . . .

  6. James, maybe they wanted a chance to counter the poison coming from people like Stephen Green?

  7. maybe but the poor kid is now a life time meal ticket for the paps

  8. James . . . almost for sure he will – I guess, unfortunately!

  9. I’d hope they’d protect him from the press if they get too intrusive. I suppose they also want the opprotunity to show that he’s growing up perfectly normally, so I guess it might be a bit of a balance.

  10. They dont have to answer to the likes of stephen green

  11. They all come across really well in the article. It’s great to have some prominent gay parents in the public eye showing everyone a positive example. Their excitement comes across very clearly. It is also wonderful that they used the opportunity to remind people about the two poor little boys who are still stuck in an orphanage.

  12. They don’t have to answer to anyone. They are just parents and proud ones for that matter. All the best guys. Bless you.

  13. Elton (probably): “Having this wonderful kid will prolong our lives for a very long time, I have first dibs on his liver and David’s eyesight is weakening daily”

  14. Why have they done this?

    Oh yeah money.

    OK magazine will have paid handsomely for this interview and there is NOTHING Reg Dwight won’t do for cash – he’ll whore himself out as a wedding singer for a homophobic bigot; or play a series of gigs in Apartheid era South Africa,

    What a pity that they have given the press permission to pursue their child for the rest of his life.

  15. “maybe they wanted a chance to counter the poison coming from people like Stephen Green”

    By using their baby.

    If so then they are truly repellant hman beings,

    Their child cannot consent to being pimped out to the press like he has been.

  16. By the way Nicole Kidman just had a baby via surrogate with her husband.

    Has Stephen Green been invited to comment by the BBC yet?

    If not then why not?

  17. Proud parents they are !!! Just as it should be in a loving and stable relationship. And they still care enough to help two poor orphans- heartwarming !

  18. I actually bought OK magazine for the first time in my life. Read the interview. Money for it goes to charity. Elton, David and Zac are celeb family.
    “Can you feel the love tonight?”
    I sure can. What a role models.
    Thank you guys.

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