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Gay couple are first to be recognised as civil partners in Ireland

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Reader comments

  1. Kompsi kompsa 17 Jan 2011, 4:23pm

    Another country taking wrong direction!!

  2. Congratulations to them; legal protection is so important. Hopefully they will not have to wait too long before they can upgrade to full mariage.

  3. Good for them.

    However the Irish government and GLEN (Ireland’s version of Stonewall) need to understand that Civil Partnerships are discriminatory and inadequate and utterly unacceptable to those people who believe in equality.

    I have not heard GLEN’s plan of action for marriage equality yet. I hope they don’t repeat Stonewall’s fatal mistake by ignoring the desire of the community for full equality.

    If they do ignore this, then within 2 years they will be as discredited and irrelevant as Stonewall have become.

  4. shyam samuel 17 Jan 2011, 6:54pm

    Congratulation both of you. Enjoy your life

  5. Glenn Cunningham Vilar 17 Jan 2011, 7:08pm

    Thanks for you comments guys,
    For us it was vital we had this as it secures Adrianos status in Ireland.
    For us, the move for marriage is stage 2, we are grateful for what we have.

    And the work GLEN does should not be underated, their work has allowed us to have we have, and Adriano to make Ireland his home, so well done to them.
    Glenn & Adriano.

  6. Dave North 17 Jan 2011, 7:21pm

    Congratulations Glenn and Adriano.

    My partner and I are destined for a Feb 1st Civil Partnership in Wales

    We also see CP’s as stage 1,however
    it’s a starter for 10 and at least my partner is legally covered should I snuff it.

  7. Glenn Cunningham Vilar 17 Jan 2011, 7:35pm

    Hope you guys have as much fun at yours as we did at ours.

  8. Bill Perdue 17 Jan 2011, 7:41pm


    David, above, nailed it.

    Civil unions and partnerships are not step one, they’re a step on the path of appeasing religious bigots like the roman cult.

  9. “they’re a step on the path of appeasing religious bigots like the roman cult”

    That’s BS and you know it.

    I mean, it is not as if the Roman cult (or the Sand cult – you know which one I am talking about) are OK with civil partnerships but just oppose gay marriage. If the Roman cult could have its way we would be back in the 1970s. If the Sand cult had its way, we would have to go back even further, perhaps two hundred years, when the state killed gays.

    Civil unions aren’t full equality – but, they are, undoubtedly, a step in the right direction.

  10. I just want to say congrats, hope your both very happy together.

    Good luck on step 2 ^^

  11. George Earl 18 Jan 2011, 1:21am

    Fantastic! Millions–millions–of us ’round the world are seeing this event as history-making. My partner and I have been together 34 years in New York City (USA), and have not yet seen same sex marriage made “legal.” I hope we live long enough to see our state government get more realistic. Have a happy, healthy, loving life, you two! We’re with you.

  12. Steve & Danny 18 Jan 2011, 10:45am

    Congratulations, Glenn and Adriano. I hope you have many happy years together. Wishing you both all the best.

  13. Congratulations to you both first and foremost.
    As for civil partnerships, they are the best we can do for the moment and it is only stage one. As for GLEN, I hope that everyone supports them and their work because they are one of the few lobby groups that are actually fighting for us. Again I’m very happy for Glenn and Adriano and I hope that you enjoy yourselfs and that the law protects you should anything happen.

  14. Try downgrading strraight marriages to civil partnerships and witness the reaction. Public uproar!

    Well said, Bill Perdue. I totally agree. For those who differ, remember Blair’s famous last words when the issue of marriage equality was raised after the infamous “consultation” to make CPs the law. He said….”no, we didn’t want to go that way”….because the state cult would have flexed its muscle and put a stop to it. A lame excuse considering Spain, Portugal , Belgium and Argentina, four heavily catholic countries, were able to accomplish what the British and Irish governments failed to do. Those four countries faced far bigger obstacles and a backlash from the omnipotent roman cult, but look what happened.

    Cameron and his party won’t be able to use that card any more, the game is up!

  15. Congratulations to you both!
    Wishing you all the joy & happiness in this momentous occasion!
    We are approaching our 5th CP anniversary end of this month, and quite like the idea of being ‘different’ instead of being the same as a Marriage – why copy the straights with “gay marriage”? Enjoy what you have, and Congratulations!

  16. “As for GLEN, I hope that everyone supports them and their work because they are one of the few lobby groups that are actually fighting for us.”

    People will give them a few month’s breathing space I expect and then start asking questions about the next step.

    If GLEN repeats Stonewall’s mistake and wait 5 years before even acknowledging that they support equality (let alone campaign for it – which Stonewall have yet to do) then they may as well disband now.

    These discriminatory Civil Partnerships are welcome and a step in the right direction for sure.

    But they remain discriminatory and no-one should feel grateful for them.

  17. “quite like the idea of being ‘different’ instead of being the same as a Marriage – why copy the straights with “gay marriage”

    Well that’s why CP’s and civil marriage should be available to both same sex and opposite sex couples.

    You may like the fact that you have a CP. But this does not alter the fact that your homosexuality bars you from accessing the legal contract of civil marriage.

    I think those LGBT people who support full marriage equality behaved with great respect and restraint while the discriminatory CP laws were being drafted. We listened to and respected the statuses of those couples who needed legal recognition; and did not hamper the introduction of CP’s.

    Those people who availed of CP’s should now offer the same respect and support to those of us supporting equality.

    And of course Stonewall should disband.

  18. “And of course Stonewall should disband.”

    This is a story about a cople in Ireland. A really nice story. So, how’s about you stop ruining a good moment for these people with your Stonewall-centric obsession, eh? No one in Ireland gives a toss about Stonewall.

    The rest of you that feel all discriminated against becuase you can’t “fully” marry, thats just awful, but not everyone feels that way. Not every gay person wants to get married. That’s not feeling discriminated aganst, its not wanting to emulate straight people. Doing exactly what they do is not what makes me equal, it makes me feel oppressed that I have to conform to make straight people feel better about themselves. The problem is that you twats will need something *else* to feel “equal” after you get the marriage, becuase this is a never ending road of needing something to make you feel what you cannot inside. Do not make the mistake that every gay person thinks or feels the same, and stop poo-pooing couples as “unequal” simply becuase they have availed of CP. How fcuking thoughtless are you people?

    As for Bill Perdue, what ever you are, seriously, take a good doctors advice and some prescribed medication, you sound like a freakin basket case.

  19. Glenn Cunningham Vilar 19 Jan 2011, 9:58am

    Thanks for that Cathal.
    We feel as married as my parents do, and theyre married almost 50 years. If civil marriage was brought in the future, we doubt we`d bother.

  20. Congratulations, lads. Ireland is a great place inspite of her economic woes and has been utterly transformed in recent years. My partner and I had a great holiday in Dublin a few years ago. The l&g scene was huge and vibrant and the straights we met were pretty homo-friendly. Provincial Ireland is probably different but I have heard positive reports even in that department. I personally support full marriage equality but I’m not going to rain on your parade like some other posters here! Getting our CP was unforgettable and I’m sure it was for you as well. Be happy and always love each other. xxxx
    PS for ‘Kompsi kompsa’ – you’re in the wrong direction, mate. Putting genital difference above love and committment is definitely a wrong turning.

  21. Congratulations guys. Recognition of a next of kin relationship and the full benefits it bring is the prize.
    Legal certainty and protection is so important.
    Hope you both have a long and happy life together.

  22. Fuk da gays , fuk da Irish. Fuk u you Irish ape muthafukka. Go choke on a fukin blighted potato. Gay battyboy arse licka.

  23. “Gay Basha”, perhaps you should go to school, you’re clearly illiterate. And its ironic you shoudl keep saying the word “fuk”, as no one in their right mind would give you one… “fuking” a potato would actually mean intercourse with something markedly more intelligent than you, don’t you agree?

  24. I’m thrilled for Glenn and Adriano, particularly because this resolves their immigration situation.

    It’s important to remember that Irish CPs are much more inadequate than UK ones, because of the lack of parental rights. Whereas UK CPs are close to being everything-but-the-name-marriage (excepting some pension entitlement issues and the lack of convertibility for trans people), Irish CPs omit completely rights relating to parenting, affecting a large proportion of couples.

    My wife and I (with a US marriage) are a cross-border couple between N and S in Ireland, and this is a huge issue for us personally as we want to start a family. The legal issues are extremely complex, but in one likely scenario, we will both be parents when we are at our home in the North, but not when we are at my wife’s flat in the South, to which she commutes weekly for work. That is hugely destructive to family life.

    Whether through marriage equality or an amendment to CPs, Irish couples need parenting rights as soon as possible. I’d support whichever route poses fewest constitutional hurdles (probably marriage equality).

  25. Glenn Cunningham Vilar 20 Jan 2011, 10:20pm

    Thanks again guys,
    Atalanta, wow, what a bloody situation!
    I have a child with a gay lady, shes almost 6 now, and wow, one of the best things ever! Dont let the law/lack of, put you off having kids, its one of lifes biggest joys.

  26. its about time they have the same rights as any other couple….good for them

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