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Brazilian gay group says 250 LGBT people killed in a year

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Reader comments

  1. How many people killed in Brazil not gay?

  2. YuriFury,

    Don’t know why that is important, even one person murdered for their sexuality is too many no matter how many other people have been killed for whatever reason.

    Do you value people lives only in reference to their statistical relevance? very shallow.

    Its like asking why is anyone worried about that christian woman in Pakistan who might be stoned for blasphemy, sure there are lots of people killed in Pakistan,

  3. I’m not surprised.

    There is a lot of macho/gang culture in Brazil, which is viciously anti-woman, anti-gay and et cetera. Add to that the dogma of the Catholic church, this is what you get.

  4. @dave

    I think yuri means look at how many people died, then see the percentage of Them that were Lgbt then how many were actually killed because of homophobia.

    I put large value on life and 1 murder is too many. However I think yuri is also getting at why are Lgbt statistics singled out when so many people died.
    I can understand why they are as it’s relevant to us but at same time I dnt see a Lgbt life more important than a straight life or other way round so I don’t know.

    I think homophobia if it causes one death is an issue , here it’s a major problem and deeply concerning but I’d say it’s a minute umber of overall muders in that year… The real issue is far further reaching that being Lgbt.


  5. However I really do worry and feel really bad for the intolerance that causes so much suffering.

    But worry we must not start valuing ourselves above others, if our people are suffering the other minorities shall be too.

  6. Dave G, Adam is correct. Does LGBT murder rate more than straight people murder rate as percentage of whole population? Do not fly off handle!

  7. duh, I think its safe to assume these are 250 people who were killed because they were LGBT not just by happenstance.

    And although it doesn’t have to same catchy ring as ‘homocausto’, like most LGBT murders, its probably more of a ‘transcausto’

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