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Anne Hathaway takes lesbian Glee role

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Reader comments

  1. I use to like Glee but Kurt is a horrid character (shame as the actor Chris seems to be a nice guy and has a great voice). after the god episode I couldn’t watch it.

  2. mmm. does this seem like a confirmation of the ‘gay actors dont get gay roles’ discussion, or do I need to update my hollywood gaydar. is Anne lesbian or hetero???

  3. What a great family!

  4. martyn notman 17 Jan 2011, 6:03pm

    she looks about 12! at least get someone who looks like shes old enough to be aunt to a teenager. Good on her for her views though..if she looks like that i need to see a picture of her brother!

  5. If Hollywood keeos insisting that openly gay actors will not be accepted by mainstream audiences, then I think it is only fair and reasonable for Hollywood to cast gay actors in gay roles.

    No disrespect to Anne Hathaway who is a competent actress. But she is taking away the work of a lesbian actress.

  6. martyn notman 17 Jan 2011, 6:59pm

    googled him…not bad, thin lips though!

  7. Anne Hathaway was great in Brokeback Mouintain, Glee is not my sort of show.

    It doesn’t really upset the gay community to have straight actors playing gay and lesbian roles, however ethically it is disturbing when out gay men and lesbian women rarely get chosen to play straight leading man and leading woman roles by producers.

  8. I love Anna Hathaway.

    She is a great actress – Devil Wears Prada, Brokeback Mountain and et cetera.

    Add to that her vocal support for gay civil rights.

  9. I wish glee would die off already. It just portrays a really stereotypical ‘gay’ show … And it’s soooo cringe worthy.

    It saddens me that for a Lgbt friendly show it misses the point of such a show by making sexuality such a big issue.
    Am I the only person sick of gay roles having to be camp? Just so you know they are gay … It’s like :( fail.
    Also Ann no offence to her but she’s not helping coming on as a gay aunt … Why do you need to announce she’s lesbian?

    The whole problem of being Lgbt is being singled out, I thought we wanted to just be All equal but now we have developed a culture to stand out and apart, announcing that aimed gay or going to play a gay character then portraying it ultra flamboyantly.

    It’s weird too that Lgbt actors just aren’t getting the roles, I mean I know hollywoods homophobic but if you can’t even get on glee somethings wrong.
    Tho I think glee is fading now, the plots can only be used so much before it’s old… Its never a good sign in a shows life when you’ve constant guest appearances.

    I feel all negative now… and many won’t agree with me, but I just really wanted a Lgbt aimed show to be able to attract a wide audience and it’s frustrating how polarised it is.

    And I’ll never forgive them to what they did to a journey classic… Poor Steve perry… Such a great song undermined by lip syncing kids.

    Ahh well.

  10. Pagan/Mickie 18 Jan 2011, 1:08am

    Sorry I am still laughing at “Everyone needs a lesbian aunt!” I AM that lesbian Aunt!!! Hahaha

  11. I Love Anne Hathaway, she is a talented, smart & beautiful Actresse.
    Go Anne.

  12. “Am I the only person sick of gay roles having to be camp?”

    No, you’re not, Adam – I am too. There’s nothing wrong with being camp, but Hollywood uses this as a way to mark out gay characters as different and unthreatening. maybe it also has to emphasis that they’re gay in this way to compensate for the obvious gayness of many ‘straight’ leading men.

    Anne Hathaway’s a good actress but I never watch Glee. It sets my teeth on edge.

  13. Simon Halliwell 18 Jan 2011, 11:44am

    It always takes something gay to make a good tv show..

  14. I am so sick of Kurt in Glee too… it always makes me skip the scenes that include him whenever he starts acting too over the top.

  15. Jen Marcus 18 Jan 2011, 2:43pm

    Anne, is a great actress and supportive of our rights, but I agree with some of the commentators here, that they should have chosen a lesbian actress for that role.

  16. I think this story should have noted that this WASN’T Ryan Murphy’s idea; Anne Hathaway was the one who said she wanted to play Kurt’s lesbian aunt because she though he deserved a role model he could identify with (this was when the character was less adjusted to his sexuality than he has been this season).

    And to all the people hating on effeminate gay roles: step off. Sure, it would be nice if we had some diverse portrayals of queer characters, but people who fit stereotypes exist, and anyone who think someone is lesser because they are a feminine, camp man is just as bigoted as anti-gay commenters.

  17. Well, you can count on me to not watch this dreadful episode (or at least to skip all the parts that Anne appears). I just can stand gay storylines on Glee anymore.

  18. I had a total fag-hag aunt who was wonderful but a lesbian one would be great too.

  19. Phoenix0879 20 Jan 2011, 7:48am

    @ martyn notman re: Anne looking too young to be an aunt to a teenager. How do you figure that? My best friend from when I was at school, his nephew is 3 years OLDER than him – and calls him uncle lol

  20. Jasper, no-one hates camp men – just only that one stereotype being used by Hollywood. Gay people have as much variety as straight people and it’d be nice to see that properly portrayed.

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