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US politician says HIV funding should be cut for ‘perverted’ people

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Reader comments

  1. “funding should be cut for ‘perverted’ people”

    They should start by cutting this perverted fruit loops pay check!

    Just looking at him you know something sinister is going on behind closed doors!

  2. HalfAPancreas 13 Jan 2011, 5:22pm

    I’d be surprised if anything more than a small minority of the usual condemners of homosexuality go so far as to say that they shouldn’t be entitled to health-care for a life-threatening condition. This man is a lunatic.

  3. Who votes for these degenerates? This man need psychiatric help, and those who voted for him sent back to school.

  4. I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it did with George Rekers the homophobe who works for NARTH who hired a young rentboy to go on holiday with him to “lift his luggage”.

  5. This is one homophobic coffin dodger who won’t be missed when he pops his sling -back clogs

  6. Ha ha ha! America is so backwards! He would be sacked if he did that in the UK.

  7. westcoastkid 13 Jan 2011, 8:00pm

    @ Will “Who votes for these degenerates?”…
    Baptist folks in the southeastern regions of America vote for and believe in these losers. What’s more, every year there are more that turn 21 and fill the ranks of the fallen, fed as they are on Baptist ideology.

  8. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Jan 2011, 8:09pm

    Oh nevermind, he’ll be dead soon.

  9. Sadly, even if he does die soon, there will simply be another fundie hater found to spew their homohatred. And Christians wonder WHY they are so often paid back in kind.

  10. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Jan 2011, 8:31pm

    Larry Brown – coming soon to a cubicle near you.

  11. And Peter Tatchell would clearly say that despite the homophobia and hatred that this US politician is inspiring and encouraging in others he should be allowed to continue to express his beliefs!

    For shame, Peter!

  12. @Sam

    The gay civil rights movement has made a lot of progress in the United States over the past forty years.

    This did not happen, however, through curtailing free speech. The United States has very strong free speech laws. These huge advances in the gay civil rights movement were achieved (and will be achieved in the future) because we have the stronger case.

    Weak people, like the religious, seek to curtail peoples’ right to free speech, because they can’t confront the arguments.

    WE CAN CONFRONT THESE HOMOPHOBES! There’s a reason why it is called homoPHOBIA. The hatred and fear these people harbour is IRRATIONAL. It’s not based on reason or logic.

  13. john abbott 14 Jan 2011, 1:05am

    It is appalling that someone elected to public office to represent citizens in this country, the US, is allowed to speak hate speech like this without censure. Worse, his constituents likely agree with what he says. Much of America outside big cities is very much like this person, to our enduring shame as a nation. A nation of bigots and homophobes! Lovely place to live if you’re a red neck. For the rest of us, not so much. The religous extremists here are disgusting in their hatred as well. Not much Jesus-like happens around them to be sure. Bigotry as religion-imagine that! We have that here.

  14. Jen Marcus 14 Jan 2011, 1:07am

    Your “Spot On,” Helen! This poor excuse for a politician should not only be thrown out of the North Carolina State Legislature, but evaluated for his sanity by making such absurd and irrational comments. I think this is another example of how extreme religious views from the “irreligious right” have poisoned the political discourse, climate and landscape in the USA. It dates back to the late 70’s and 80’s with Pat Robertson ,etal. There is no room for political debate and compromise seeking common ground for the good of the people. It has now become a religious crusade with these people , ” the us” allegedly being and fighting for “the good,” and “the them,” the others, not aligned with the beliefs and thinking of the “us” and therefore, being ,”bad” or evil. The USA has become drunk on religion and due to its intoxicated reckless mental state a lot of vitriolic language is being used and disseminated causing many innocent people to suffer physical and emotional pain, violence and even death! I hope God Does Save and Bless the United States of America and save it from political leaders and people like this “alleged state legislator.”

  15. john abbott 14 Jan 2011, 1:30am

    To those of you who think only a ‘small percentage’ of Republicans (right wing) think this way are sadly incorrect-many of them say even worse things about gay people. And the Christian church of hate is even worse than these secular officials. This is life in America if you are a gay person. One’s life is in danger all the time from these extremists. In America people are taught that ‘gay’ means ‘pedophile’.

  16. Just to play Devil’s advocate here for a moment, so what if gay men and drug dealers ARE all perverts?

    Surely they are entitled to the same health care as everyone else. Most pay their taxes and medicare etc, so why shouldn’t they?

    They don’t prevent you having treatment if you are a heavy smoker or are morbidly obese through stuffing your face with corn dogs all day. Healthcare is a public service, and should be available to everyone. No exclusions.

  17. Jock S. Trap 14 Jan 2011, 7:26am

    Yet another uneducated idiot. Yet another evil idiot who wants to commit millions of innocent people to death.

    How humane… Not!

  18. The Heretic Philosopher 14 Jan 2011, 7:41am

    “perverts” pay taxes as well.

  19. David in Indy 14 Jan 2011, 8:07am

    He may have just dug his own grave politically. Had he been a politician in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, I seriously doubt his consituents would have shared his sentiments. Central North Carolina is becoming more and more liberal and gay friendly. I have two friends who live in the Triangle area – Raleigh and Chapel Hill and both feel very accepted and safe in their neighborhoods and communities. I don’t think Winston-Salem is part of the Triangle but it is awfully close. If it isn’t liberal it soon will be, hopefully.

    Of course there is room for improvement in the Triangle area as well, but it is much more gay friendly than it used to be. Times are changing. Hopefully this politician will see the light eventually.

  20. Why are there so many narrow minded people in a country that claims to be ‘free’?

  21. I would say that smoking and driving a car is a perversion – neither of them are natural acts. Perhaps he could apply his logic to health problems that are related to thise perversions like: Road Traffic accidents, asthma or lung cancer…..

  22. Steve@GayWebHosting 14 Jan 2011, 12:17pm

    So many prehistoric idiots still out there to fight. We must never allow them to win.

    …and they ARE losing the battle. That is why they are getting more vocal, why they are shouting from the rooftops that they are being ´gagged´ and suppressed for their beliefs..

    Aint life a bitch!

  23. Only in America would a politician resort to such a disgusting level. I suppose he’d oppose the un-knowing straight spouse or significant partner of a straight whose partners engaged in unprotected sex with others outside their relationships and infected them with HIV or any other STD. Its about time American gays started a movement to remove the tax-exempt status from religious cults to which this moron is obviously an adherent. Religion is at the root of most of the bigotry towards LGBT people.

    Similarly, we should also abolish funding of the C of E and other cults through our taxes. Let them fend for themselves. Theirs is a chosen “lifestyle” after all, nobody comes into this world religious or bigoted for that matter.

  24. darkmoonman 14 Jan 2011, 3:35pm

    “He may have just dug his own grave politically. ”

    Unfortunately, no. North Carolina is filled with like-minded “good” Christians (this includes those Christians who remain silent while this nutter speaks).

  25. His phenotype is the result of generations of inbreeding, which as a result carries some deficiencies, like brain malfunctions, cretinism and poor selection of optcians…..

  26. Time funding for medical treatment for bigots was cut. The sooner they kick the bucket the better


  28. David in Indy 15 Jan 2011, 7:35am

    @Darmnoonman – The American South is complicated. But trust me. Give them time, because eventually I think they will eventually come around. And I’m basing what I say on what my friends, family members living there and my personal experiences living in the South (not North Carolina though). South Florida in my case, which can be hostile and religious as well.

  29. @Pavlos, @The Heretic Philosopher: Yes, his comments were totally out of order. But we don’t do ourselves any favours by fighting homophobia with ageism: using offensive terms such as ‘coffin dodger’ is no better than the pot calling the kettle black. Logic and reason should be our response to show them that they are wrong.

    @Sam: Peter Tatchell is right. You can’t just ban the views of those with whom you disagree: before long our views would be banned. Free speech must be defended. Censorship isn’t the answer to ignorance and bigotry, it’s logic and reasoned argument.

  30. One wonders what sort of sexual behaviour this flaccid old plonker Larry Brown can possibly gets his kicks from…second thoughts I’d rather not know.

  31. Gerry you need to stop making rules of etiquette and expecting others to follow them… although please go ahead yourself and do it your way, the more variety the better.

    Some gays never seem to stop trying to be the best little boy in the world while all the other boys like Larry Brown are playing dirty

    The way I see it is that logic and reason doesn’t touch the sides of those who base their bigoted opinions on irrational beliefs.
    People like Larry Brown don’t fight by the Queensbury rules, they are dirty fighters and they want kick you and your reputation into the gutter and to see you dead there.

    Now smile nicely for the camera Larry!

  32. Funny how much time people like this spend thinking about “perverted lifestyles”, isn’t it? Do they not realise that NORMAL adults don’t care what other consenting adults do in bed? Perhaps he’s looking forward to being the judge of what constitutes “perverted” sex?

  33. Iris , I suggest he has a secret past from the few years spent in the Navy as a young man… surrounded by all those other lithe young mens bodies.
    The cod psychologist in me says the experience possibly aroused certain interests he has subsequently felt very ashamed of because of his religiousity and that he has fought hard to suppress in himself …causing him now to feel a certain angry jealousy of those who successfully live a life he was too craven to live, he tries to mask the disappointment of having missed out behind an insulting display of anti-gay rage when he sees others who are not equally self-loathing.
    He doesn’t seem to have found satisfaction in his marriage and two children otherwise why would he be wasting his days fretting over other peoples relationships and trying to diminish them.
    There is always a cause for homophobic behaviour and this hypothetical one may not be too far off the mark.
    (Now I must get back to installing my cast-iron fireplace insert).

  34. The Heretic Philosopher 15 Jan 2011, 11:11pm

    @ Gerry…yes, thank you, how we use language when making moral claims clearly has important implications as this story and my remarks clearly illustrate.

  35. Pavlos: “He doesn’t seem to have found satisfaction in his marriage and two children otherwise why would he be wasting his days fretting over other peoples relationships…”

    Absolutely! Bullies always have their own issues that they project onto others because they can’t face themselves and their unhappiness.

    Once again, an anti-gay person says more about themselves than about us…

  36. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 16 Jan 2011, 3:33pm

    What a total nut case!!!!, this strange pot-smoking man should just do his job and just focus on the countries economy and unemployment rate and not focus on gays thank you!!!!!!

    Why are conservatives fruit loop doch-bags such as himself obsessed with anal sex and gays so much?????

  37. philippe “His phenotype is the result of generations of inbreeding”

    If you are going to spout pseudo-intellectual geek-speak, get it right. The phenotype is defined by environmental influences on a character. I think what you meant to say was Genotype, the inherited characteristics passed down from parent to child.

  38. I dont think gay people are in any position to call people”nutters” as their sexual behaviour and attraction is bizarre in itself. Gay men need to take responsibility for their predatory and promiscous lifestyles and stop spreading HIV. Why should the taxpayer fund expensive treatments for people who get infected due to their reckless and bizarre sexual behaviour. Homosexuality is a dysfunction, and if not a severe mental illness, its a destructive behaviour that should not be encouraged. You gay psychopaths , go to the mental ward and get some help you lunatics.

  39. @Smasher…nutter!

  40. The Heretic Philosopher 17 Jan 2011, 12:52pm

    @ Smasher…ah I see you’ve read the Religious Extremists Completely Unscientific & Delusional Guide To Human Sexuality by Ima Bigot

  41. The Heretic Philosopher 17 Jan 2011, 1:07pm

    @ Smasher..the sentiments of someone who has no gay friends and doesn’t know any gay people and who may claim to be a Christian but knows little or nothing about Christian spirituality, theology, or biblical scholarship.

  42. The Heretic Philosopher 17 Jan 2011, 1:12pm

    And I’m willing to bet probably another hit and run.

  43. Mr. Brown – It appears you have some issues and are missing a lot from the bible that you beat from. Judge not less ye be judged. Love one another as you would love yourself. Love thy neighbor.

    Are you a homophobe? The thing is, if you did your homework, you would find that homosexual people protect themselves better than heterosexual couples. The growing population of HIV patients is in senior citizens.

    Really hope you are voted out of office. I really hope that you do not get lung cancer from smoking or need a liver transplant from drinking. I would hate to see someone judge you like you are judging other.

    I am praying for your soul.

  44. So, funding for lung cancer, liver disease, or other medical situations that may be brought on by” lifestyle” choices (smoking, drinking, etc.) should also be stopped? How about the stopping of lobbying of tobacco companies to influence politicians as well. I’m sure The tobacco companies of Winston-Salem would love that one!

  45. Good points Jesus & Kelly but you don’t really expect grown up or joined up thinking from bigots like Larry Brown do you?

  46. What an idiot.

  47. What is even sicker than this old fool……The backward, bible-thumping buffoons who exected him….

  48. oh my god hasnt he realised that hiv does not discriminate. Equally it could be argued that HIV was engineered by the USA. Welcome to the 20th century where young gay boys in IRAN are being hung. The world itself is a sick, perverse and lawless and just because hiv was seen as a gay disease the stigma still sticks. Hey havnt you realsied that it is fast becomming an issue for hetrosexuals who are becomming infected.

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