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Maryland edges towards gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. As I ‘speak’ the republicans are grouping to block this and in other states too.
    The USA political system? Morally bankrupt.

  2. This country sucks. As soon as I can talk my spouse into moving out of this hellhole, we’re outta here.

  3. “Civil union doesn’t work… That just doesn’t happen when you’re married because everyone knows what marriage means.”

    I wish someone would tell Stonewall and the powers that be the same thing over here.

  4. David in Indy 14 Jan 2011, 6:51am

    I hope it happens.

    And not only would it be another US state allowing same-sex marriage, but it would be the first southern state to do so. Some people don’t know it, but Maryland is technically part of the South.

  5. Spanner, exactly right! Forget about StonewallUK, they’re nowhere on the radar. Summerskill’s recent reversal was brought about only by pressure form the outside and I suspect was just a temporary cave-in to avoid any embarrassing demonstration outside its awards ceremony venue last year. He should be sacked and replaced with someone more competent and committed to full equality.

    Not one town or city in the UK can allow a gay couple to marry. At least there are five states in America making some progress and we’re not. Now lets see if Clegg and Miliband can really put their words into action and make it a reality and see how Cameron and the tories react.

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