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Ireland recognises foreign gay marriage and partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. Relax. It’s just more apartheid

  2. Jock S. Trap 13 Jan 2011, 12:55pm

    Just not acceptable. Why should someone expect their marriage to be downgraded?

    Unless you want to dictate that old chestnut your not equal, of course!

  3. Red Gosans 13 Jan 2011, 1:09pm

    It’s a step in the right direction, at least. Although I have to agree with Jock in that having a legal marriage downgraded to a civil partnership just isn’t right.

  4. Australia downgraded my marriage to absolutely nothing, so I’d be grateful to have Ireland’s step in the right direction.

    Like everyone here, though, I’m still waiting for someone to explain why any country would prefer new laws to almost-but-not-quite duplicate the litany of existing marriage laws…

  5. Its absurd. No foreign same-sex marriage is recognised in Ireland or the UK. Sad that Ireland followed the discriminatory British approach. Irish and British same-sex married couples do NOT receive a certificate of marriage last time I checked. The reason why both governments downgrade them is quite obvious. If they didn’t, they’d have to allow same-sex civil marriage, simple as that. CPs are a sneaky way to avoid marriage equality and gets the powers that be off the hook as well as a confrontation with the state cults of both countries, a lame excuse if ever there were one. Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Belgium, all catholic countries are proof enough. Its time to call out both governments on what is nothing more than legal segregation under a different name. No other group of people is subject to this kind of discrimination. Its about time the denial stopped and goverments take some responsibility and admit that civil marriage has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion, none.

  6. Noel Dolan 13 Jan 2011, 1:41pm

    I agree with many of the other comments. We were married in Spain and while I’m happy my husband has more security as of today (re residency) I’m not happy that we’ve been ‘downgraded’. Don’t forget that civil unions in Ireland aren’t available to heterosexual couples so the discrimination goes both ways (kinda) and hopefully we’ll see a straight couple challenge this soon.

  7. If the uk will just recognise foreign marriage would do me I’ll marry my bf elsewhere. The uk can just lose the revenue.

    Also nice job pink news on another misleading headline. I read that thinking wow ireland recognises same sex marriage!!! Epic news getting closer to serious progress. …. Sadly no it’s not really recognised it’s downgraded :( why cant we all be equal already AHH!

  8. So in other words they don’t recognise fully legal foreign same sex marriages at all.

    Automatically downgrading a marriage to a civil partnership is a disgusting way to treat legally married same sex couples, it really is unforgivable discrimination of the worst kind to mess about with peoples relationship statuslike this just for the sake of discrimination, it benefits nobody.
    This unequal discriminatory treatment must be resisted and replaced by marriage equality .

  9. Appalling.

    I want to see what GLEN’s action plan is for marriage equality.

    They really need to start campaignig for equality immediately, unless they want to becomes as despised as Stonewall in Britain.

    Civil partnerships is base discrimination, pure and siimple.

    And it is not good enough.

  10. de Villiers 13 Jan 2011, 3:45pm

    > Couples who wed in countries where gay marriage is legal will find their unions downgraded to civil partnerships.

    That appears not to accord with what others on this board have said previously about gay marriages being recognised across the EU. Does anyone know what is the position?

  11. de Villiers, only those countries in the EU, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway and Sweden recgognise one another’s same-sex marriages, its not the same across the EU where most countries don’t even have a uniform legal union law for gay couples. British CPs are recognised for what they are in those six countries, but they’re most definitely not recognised as marriages which of course they are not.

    Its sad to think that many gays in our own country think CPs are perfectly equal and are content to leave it at that. If anything, they should be supporting full marriage equality even if they don’t want it for themselves. StonewallUK take note! There has to be choice for both genders if we’re going to progress to full equality for all. It can start by Cameron taking his “consideration” into “support”, but I doubt he’s that committed. His claim that he is was nothing more than election campaign pandering to get more of the LGBT vote. He’ll lose more of them as he distances himself from full marriage equality and so will his party once Labour joins the Liberal Democrats and adopts it as official policy. That will put him in an extremely untenable position to garner our votes. He barely scraped through in the election.

  12. It seems a bit mean not to recognise the French PACS because they don’t offer all the rights of an Irish CP. Why not be positive and confer the extra rights on French same-sex couples while they are in Ireland?

  13. To clarify: an Irish Civil Partnership can be between a homosexual or heterosexual couple thus, thus it is not the same as the UK’s version.

    However, it doesn’t give any rights to joint adoption, or children of one of the parties of the Civil Partnership.

    This was a fundamental mistake.

    The Civil Partnership Act 2010 is better than nothing but the day will come when same sex couples in Ireland will have marriage.

  14. de Villiers 13 Jan 2011, 6:52pm

    > an Irish Civil Partnership can be between a homosexual or heterosexual couple thus, thus it is not the same as the UK’s version.

    That sounds like a French PACS.

  15. Riondo that is exactly why the varying degrees of legal unions for same sex couples are absurd. Unless there’s a uniform union across the board within the EU and that won’t happen of course, it makes sense to allow couples to marry to resolve the disparity across the EU and elsewhere. Its uttter futility to pursue anything other than full civil marriage equality to even the field. Civil partnerships will NEVER be the standard, just isn’t going to happen as more countries abandon them for marriage, ten so far and only two countries with differing civil partnerships laws. I think the writing is on the wall.

  16. Exactly. Why should a legal marriage be downgraded? This wanting to forcibly divorce legally-married couples and give them a second-tier civil partnership without even ALL the rights of marriage just is not acceptable.

  17. IT would at least be ‘fair’ if it was done for everyone, Merlyn, but the fact that I and my staright friend could go to Canada, get married and only one of us would have the Government downgrade our Canadian marriage on our return is the disgusting thing as it’s clearly discriminatory.

  18. “To clarify: an Irish Civil Partnership can be between a homosexual or heterosexual couple thus, thus it is not the same as the UK’s version.”

    That is not the case. The Irish based their legislation on the British formula.

    One piece of the legislation information says:
    A statutory civil partnership registration scheme for same-sex couples has been introduced under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010.

    Another piece states:
    Under the Act same-sex couples can register their relationship as a civil partnership.

    I take that information from here:

  19. If I read this correctly, French opposite-sex couples who opt for a PACS will not be recognized either.

    Considering the huge number of couples involved — far more PACS are hetero — this is going to present a bigger problem politically.

  20. It’s not just French PACS they don’t recognise, they don’t recognise Dutch CPs, Lux PACS and quite a few other EU ones…

    Raise EU petitions guys, I don’t think EU will let Ireland get away with this, recognising some while totally ignoring others…

  21. David in Indy 14 Jan 2011, 9:11am

    Two steps forward, one step back.

    Baby steps, right?

  22. This really is so stupid how can it continue if people are to have free movement in Europe, there is no coordinmation between countries at all, what hapoens when an Irish heterosexual couple in a civil partnership come to uk…their relationship suddenly will have no legal status.
    Appeasing the religious bigots costs the rest of us so dearly in so many ways.
    Either a lot of effort has gone into deliberately creating this legal tangle to avoid equality or there has been enormous incompetence, I suspect it’s largely the former.

  23. Pavlos, you hit the nail on the head. It definitely was to avoid the marriage equality issue. If you recall, Blair admitted that “we didn’t want to go that way”…because of the confrontation with the C of E among others and StonewallUK advised not to, otherwise we would have had no semblance of equality if CPs didn’t materialize. It was a lame excuse and proof that it was an deliberate attempt to avoid doing it. Spain and Portugal are proof enough, two heavily catholic countries where there was far more opposition from the established roman cult. The problem with our leaders is that none have the backbone to do what Jose Zapatero of Spain did and Paul Martin of Canada. They went right ahead without any prodding and made it happen. Ours are spineless and cowards.

  24. Ok just to clarify, the civil partnership act was “ammended” to included same sex partnerships if I can put it like that. It does recognise stright partnerships aswell. As a gay man in Ireland I welcome the steps made last year and the enactment this year, I think a lot more needs to be done and I’m not really fussed over whether I can call it a marriage as long as I get what a straight couple can have, and not many straight couples take everything they can have such as social welfare entitlements etc. because they just don’t want or need them. I simply want the options like they have as a couple, which I can have as a single person if I wanted aswell.

  25. Chris Lucas 18 Jul 2011, 11:31am

    I am British married in Canada to an American. Our same sex marriage is recognised in Spain but not in the USA. Of course it is stupid that the UK and Ireland do not recognise same sex marriage but they will have to. Same sex marriage never harmed anyone. Its a private affair.

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