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Police chief of ‘America’s gayest city’ resigns after claims of homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Blimey – Sounds like something from fifty years ago. Outrageous!

  2. Steve@GayWebHosting 12 Jan 2011, 7:27pm

    Yes, at least this ´officer´ has been made to pay the price for targeting gay tourists and for organizing entrapment.

  3. Michael Smith 12 Jan 2011, 8:22pm

    I believe fully the police chief deserved to be let go for his actions, however, not mentioned in this article is the fact that this has been a problem area for years. It’s a residential neighborhood with many clothing optional resorts. Drugs, prostitution, and public sex are common complaints from the people who live there. I myself have seen fully-naked people engaging in sex acts in public, in full view of the street. While the police department needs to clean up it’s act, so does our own community.

  4. If they were approaching and even groping these men just who was committing the crime? Does this sort of entrapment still take place in the uk?
    Perhaps serious crime in Palm Springs has been more or less eradicated in order for resources to be devoted to this?

  5. I think that something should be done to tighten up clothing-optional resorts if they really are the problem. And public sex just isn’t appropriate. Having said that though, I’m glad this guy was sacked. I have to wonder how much was genuine desire for effective law enforcement and how much was just indulging his personal homohatred…I’m willing to bet that a fair part of it was the latter.

  6. “In a typical scenario officers would approach a man, grab his crotch and say something like, ‘What you got?’

    And they were PAID to do this??? SIGN ME UP!!!

  7. Mihangel apYrs 13 Jan 2011, 2:00pm

    there’s more about this on Box Turtle Bulletin, in quite a lot of detail. Read the comments as well to get a proper aspect of this matter

  8. westcoastkid 13 Jan 2011, 8:17pm

    With the exception of Providence Rode island and San Francisco, I don’t think there is a “gayer” town in America than Palm Springs. Gays routinely walk the towns main street hugging and kissing with impunity. To hear about this sort of thing (the police sting and homophobic
    language) occurring in that town and in 2011 is ridiculous.

  9. David in Indy 14 Jan 2011, 7:02am

    These days there seems to be a turd in every punch bowl.

    I’m glad they found out about this homophobe and forced it to resign. It has no business working as a police chief…in any town.

  10. P A Mag LOCHLAINN 30 Jan 2011, 7:06am

    Ray, I think all UK police forces have wised up and stopped using “Pretty Policemen.” In Northern Ireland we pointed out to our cops that arresting gays while ignoring straights having semi-public sex in cars or the open air, was in fact discrimination.
    Surely in the US, entrapment is a strong defence? I wish George Michael’s lawyer had fought on this ground – he might have won.

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