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Ghanaian reggae star calls homosexuality a ‘disorder’

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Reader comments

  1. Noel Dolan 12 Jan 2011, 4:36pm

    It’s okay to say these things – because Peter Tatchell says so.

  2. Stuart Neyton 12 Jan 2011, 4:40pm

    you missed off the inverted commas around “star”

  3. The amount of casual racism by commentators is totally unacceptable.

    Someone’s homophobia in not connected to their race, its about upbringing and environment.

  4. Africa is now a totally lost cause.
    I feel so sorry for the millions of gay Africans who can’t get out of the continent.
    This idiot is pretty typical of the crap in Africa.

  5. Oh and the Caribbean and Middle East.

  6. “Someone’s homophobia in not connected to their race, its about upbringing and environment”

    Absolutely – and ignorance too. What this man says is just stupid, and if he stopped to think he’d realise that people said similar vile things about black people when slavery was around. Ignorant and nasty.

  7. Red Gosans 12 Jan 2011, 5:24pm

    We shouldn’t lump him in with the Conservatives who say “gays must die”. He’s obviously just reiterating what he’s been taught, and I don’t think he meant anything horrible by saying what he did. What he said was misguided and uneducated, but at least it wasn’t hateful alá Westboro Baptist church and their ilk.

  8. In my opinion it’s ok for people to have their opinion as long as it doesn’t lead to the suffering of another.

  9. Noel I was about to say the same thing.

    Out of curiosity who the hell is he? Regae isn’t even a credible music genre anymore, not since Bob Marley. But you know what I bet 1 Extra is playing him still even after this comes to light!

  10. What an ignorant half-witted retard… has obviously smoked too much marijuana and addled what’s left of his poor brain.

  11. Steve@GayWebHosting 12 Jan 2011, 5:57pm

    Just goes to show that prehistoric man did not die or evolve after all.

    This ´star´ need some education. It is not just the fault of these barbaric cultures though..

    If some of OUR young idiots and rabble would stop buying ´music´ from THEIR young idiots, then their ´Stars´ would not burn very brightly…

    We are feeding their economy and homophobia.

  12. Who’s got the time to waste trying to educate this stoned but arrogant moron, if he was simply ignorant it might be another matter but just look at the dopey face on it!…tragic

  13. I’ve always maintained that there’s a difference between a common household and garden, knee jerk opinion, and one that is informed.

    Mr Rasta’s is of the former variety and carries little weight.

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  15. Jim. People’s opinions do lead to the suffering of others, especially when they voice their ignorance to an audience. I imagine this idiot has a lot of young fans in Ghana, they will listen to him and carry it on for another generation.

    Effectively what he’s said is ‘I’m not homophobic but…’ There are no ands, ors, ifs, or buts where ignorance is concerned. Every human being has the right to be treated equally. This ‘reggae star’ doesn’t want that.

  16. What a retard. Enough said.

  17. “It is a sin against Jah.”

    What the fcuk is a Jah? Sounds like a brand of chewing gum. Maybe its short for ganjah? Well, its called dope here for a reason…..

  18. Helen Pink news is a gay racist site always has been. This nobody says some crap and pink news report it because it a black man they can reinforce their prejudices.

  19. this guy is certainly not is simply an opinion.can someone tell me how this hurts us?i thought he says he does not hate us but doesnt support us either.he calls for non-violence against us but it not just an opinion?

  20. … dumb nig can’t even string a sentence together, I’m allowed use that term am I not? hey louie,watch your grammar too.Please do not throw stones if you live in a glass house.I beg to differ,this guy is not homophobic at all.let us accept opinions even if we do not like them.we all have opinions. can we just get his contact and educate him rather than nail hi?.i heard him in ghana on the radio and he was a fine gentleman spreading peace and accountability.

  21. I flagged the nig comment I wont hold my breath

  22. The commentators today are serving up more prejudice and discrimination than Blakk Rasta.

    “”Every man must sex a woman”…… dumb nig can’t even string a sentence together, I’m allowed use that term am I not?

    Louie Mince ”

    First off, nig? Really? The artist at least refers to us using terms we identify as (gay, lesbian). Secondly, what does his being black have to do with anything? There’s no need to use that insulting term; it has no relevance. Also, the statement “Every man must sex a woman” may actually be grammatically correct. It would depend on the version of English spoken in his country. There are different dialects, pidgeons and creoles of English, which reflect the geographic and ethnic areas they develop in.

    “Poor thing! Take a good look at his photograph, for it clearly is the picture of a primitive, demented individual. He certainly appears to be less than half civilised!

    Neville ”

    What about his photo is primitive or demented? Many magazines here in Canada have topless males on the front cover. Is it because he has dreadlocks that you’re saying these things? Because he’s black? Because his eyes look a little bloodshot?

    “What, by the way, is ‘reggae’? Is it something to do with jungle drums and the sound of primitive grunt-like sounds before human sacrifice takes place in jungle clearings?


    Way to list a ton of negative stereotypes often associated with the peoples of the continent of Africa. I’m not sure what reggae you’ve been listening to, but I’ve never heard any with grunts. If you want to know more about it though, it’s a blend of ska and rock-steady from what I’ve read, kind of like soca being a blend of calypso and soul. Here’s a link to a wiki page on reggae:

    “Africa is now a totally lost cause.
    I feel so sorry for the millions of gay Africans who can’t get out of the continent.
    This idiot is pretty typical of the crap in Africa.

    Ian Bower”

    Way to write off a continent. Cultures change. It take time. South Africa may not be there culturally yet, but they are there legally. I realize that is only one of the many countries in Africa, but it does show things change. And if this is the typical crap as you say, I’d rather deal with someone who isn’t advocating violence and wishes to encourage empathy over some of the vitriol I hear certain religious organizations, or the hateful racism on this board.

    Onto the pot smoking. First off, way to equate drug consumption with stupidity. Allow me to assure you, there are many people who are perfectly capable of being idiots without the assistance of substances. Also, it doesn’t say that he smokes pot. Yes, it is sacred in the rastafarian religion, however not all rastas smoke pot. And even if he does, how many of us here toke on occasion, or have a drink every once in a while? Using doesn’t necessarily make you incompetent.

    ““It is a sin against Jah.”

    What the fcuk is a Jah? Sounds like a brand of chewing gum. Maybe its short for ganjah? Well, its called dope here for a reason…..


    It’s not what is a Jah, it’s who. Jah is the name of God in the rastafarian religion. Just as some call God Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, etc. And while you’re implying he’s an idiot because you assume he smokes pot, what’s your excuse? Or anyone on this board’s excuse? Clearly we all have access to the internet, since we’re posting on here. If you don’t know what reggae is, who Jah is, etc., take five minutes and google it. You won’t get the most nuanced interpretations, but it will give you more info than what you had.

  23. oh my god,i love this guy TUK. You make so much sense.Looks like the board today is absolutely off.Can anyone tell me where i can find this guy TUK? Bob Marley smoked pot like hell yet he wasnt an idiot.We loved him.I DO NOT THINK BLAKK RASTA IS A HOMOPHOBE.Let us learn to accept opinions that do not advocate violence like PETER TATCHELL says.We should not behave like the taliban. GO BLAKK RASTA.

  24. Sorry but If you are an idiot and you smoke marijuana it just exaggerates the mental defect…as the evidence would suggest is the case here.

  25. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Jan 2011, 8:57pm

    Why thank you Doctor Blakk Rasta for your sound and up to date scientific and psychological analysis of homosexuality. Not quite as outmoded as the notion that the bible can be interpreted to advocate black slavery and segregation but close enough.

  26. this site is defiently the gay version of stormfront my comments get deleted but racist ones stay up

  27. Just more ignorance from yet another ignorant individual.

  28. It is a sin against Jah. We burn fire on homosexuals to cleanse them spiritually because fire signifies purity. It is not a physical fire.

    Sorry, but can anyone tell me what planet this individual is from? On the surface he seems to be speaking a form of English, but it makes absolutely no sense to me.

  29. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Jan 2011, 11:42pm

    @ James…actually I think in some cases that racist language is used here by some to make the point that racism and homophobia are equally problematic.

  30. racists and homophobes have a lot in common I cant stand either

  31. Jock S. Trap 13 Jan 2011, 8:55am

    What do you expect from the talentless uneducated?

  32. @ James. This is a site for LGBT news. Yes there are racist gay people. There are also homophobic black people. Go on any ‘black’ site and you will see the homophobia spewed out. And I don’t see the black community turning those sites into LGBT equality networks.
    Stop turning homophobic stories into racist stories, and stop accusing this site of being stormfront! That’s as paranoid as the pot smoking jah head this story is about. You’re probably smoking too much pot yourself.

    1. no trust me this site is more racist than the average ones he’s not being paranoid

  33. wow you’re trying to justify racism and what about black gay people do they not belong here ?

  34. @James J . . . I would like you to do me a favour!

    Could you visit the thread below, and tell me if you think the racist comments made towards the end of the thread; are acceptable on pinknews!

  35. Thomas Anderson 13 Jan 2011, 11:23am

    > James

    No one is trying to jusitfy racism as far as I can see. No one is saying that black gay people can’t come on this site, except in your own post. Pink News is not a racist website, that’s absurd. It’s a LGBT news site.

    I think the comment before is saying “stop turning homophobic stories into racist stories”. Why would you divert attention away from this publicised reggae singer’s homophobia by making out that pink news has a conspiracy against the black community.

    But whilst we are on the subject James, perhaps some of the racism and anger directed towards the black community (by a small minority of pink news readers) may come from the FACT that the majority of Africa is lawfully homophobic. I don’t see any gay community saying that black people should be executed, imprissoned or cast out as unequal. But I know of many black COUNTRIES which do. So before you start trying to paint a picture that gay people are racist and nasty. Perhaps you should take a look at how black people treat homosexuals in the world. It’s much worse.

    and btw, back to the news story. What do you think of the homophobia this reggae star is preaching to the reggae (which is predominantly black) community?

  36. Thomas Anderson wrote

    “. . . perhaps some of the racism and anger directed towards the black community (by a small minority of pink news readers) may come from the FACT that the majority of Africa is lawfully homophobic”

    . . . . . . . . . .

    Thomas . . . are you arguing that “Spanner’s” racism on pinknews is justified?

  37. Thomas this man from Ghana who nobody knows in the UK has an article in a UK gay site why is that?

    He is a nobody but he is black so my opinion(I think I’m allowed a pov) is that this story reinforces the stereotype that all black people are homophobic a lot are but this story is silly. If he lived in the uk I would understand the relevence. And remember that there is a big gay community, bars and clubs in Brixton the home of the black community in the uk.

    Oh and 2 wrongs do not make a right

  38. @JohnK . . . I would like you to do me a favour!

    Could you tell me what you think of this story instead of thinking you’re the newly appointed police man of pink news and the worlds media. U fvcking weirdo. And no I don’t like racism. But I don’t like James accusing pink news of being stormfront either. That’s just fvcking paranoid and stupid. I don’t see any of the comments saying that being black is a mental or genetic disorder. That being black is a sin against god. That we must burn fire on black people to cleanse them spiritually. But that’s what this idiot reggae singer is saying. Do you think that’s okay?

  39. @ James “this man from Ghana who nobody knows in the UK has an article in a UK gay site why is that? ”

    because there is a history with reggae and hip hop stars of being homophobic to the point where they call for our death, you fvcking moron. Go and bury your head in the sand and pretend that the black community hasn’t got a problem with homophobia if you want, or look at the link below and get this idea that just a ‘few’ black people are homophobic out of your head. The whole of fvcking africa is homophobic you nobhead.

    as for brixton. know it well. lived there for a couple of years. hell on earth. as for the gay community that you think exists there. where? Love muscle at the weekend? (is that still open) Get a grip mate. the gay community come in taxis, have a drink in bars and clubs that the black community doesn’t go near then leave before they get their heads smashed in.

  40. James I think you’re lying about living in brixton I get the feeling you’re no sophisticated enough

    when will we see an article about homophobia in heavy metal music this from the nme

    I flagged the dumb nig comment and nothing happens I will contact PN advertisers today I have enough

  41. Since when were mental or genetic disorders a matter of opinion?
    I thought these terms were normally reserved for use by intelligent people who have learned things before they speak.
    In my opinion reggae is crap, but then I’m not an expert so I may be wrong on that.

  42. > It is a sin against Jah. We burn fire on homosexuals to
    > cleanse them spiritually because fire signifies purity. It is
    > not a physical fire.

    So he demonises us (aka “othering”, “anathematising” – making as outside the church). I’m not clear if this “not physical fire” is in pictures, or lyrics, or what, but it strikes me as pretty dangerous to talk of applying fire to anyone, whether or not there is a present intention to light a match and harm them.

    But it doesn’t justify racist anger, people. Or even poorly constructed similes intending to underline to links with racism but coming over as racist.

  43. What a moron.

    But, then again, at least he falls short of actually recommending violence. Compared to other ‘artists’ in that area, that’s not bad lol.

  44. Quite a few posters are advancing the mad idea that an opinion can’t be homophobic. Does this mean that if I thought that black people were lazy and stupid and that Jews were sly and grasping that I wouldn’t actually be racist or anti-semitic?

  45. @ James “I think you’re lying about living in brixton I get the feeling you’re no sophisticated enough”

    lying? your paranoia continues. Why would I lie FFS?

    and no(t) sophisticated? are you having a laugh? brixton is about as unsophisticated as you can get. Not that i need to prove myself, but I lived off coldharbour lane, dog star was my local. Green man was nearer, but hey, if you know brixton, you know how much they hated whites in there. Went in there once with some black mates, was like a scene out of the wicker man. Place fell silent and everyone just stared at me until we left.

    I like your link to heavy metal homophobia, maybe you could become pink news resident ‘homophobia in music’ spokesperson. JohnK is looking after TV and film. But back to heavy metal. If you could show me the lyrics which call for the execution of gay people, like buju, beanie and now blak rasta (who wants to burn us, only spiritually of course) I’d appreciate that too.

    in response to you contacting the advertisers of pink news. Get a life mate. The comments of one racist reader (spanner) does not reflect the editorial content of pink news. Great to see you’re trying to close down the best gay news website. NOT. U R A clown.

  46. Ok so how many of spanners comments did you flag?

  47. @ James – I don’t flag stupid opinions. But trust me, I’ve told spanner enough times what I think of him. He’s well known on these boards, and generally ignored by everyone.
    However, I would flag it if spanner had said about black people what blakk rasta had said about gay people. In fact. I wouldn’t have to flag it. If spanner had said something so nasty as blakk rasta said, PN would have deleted it anyway. and just to prove PN is not racist, they have deleted his comment. (well I can’t see it).

    but back to the story James. What do you think of blakk rasta’s homophobic opinions? Should they be flagged? Should blak rasta be deleted from Should the advertisers of stop advertising with that website because of his homophobia – have you contacted their advertisers because of his homophobia? Because I can’t see you commenting anywhere on that website, criticsing them for their homophobia. Are you going to go onto and complain about homophobia? NO. thought not. So it’s just racism you want deleted from the internet, not homophobia.

  48. @ James – just in case you can’t find the article so you can comment on about how homophobic black people are in ghana, and so you can get a list of their advertisers that you are going to contact because of their homophobia.

    Let’s see if are as compassionate to the issue of homophpbia, as PN have been about your issue of racism. I suspect the homophobic opinions in the article will not be deleted.

  49. @ James – and here’s a link to how gay people are treated in ghana.

    It may shed some light on why pink news want to report on a ghana musician, rather than the heavy metal idiots in America where the laws do not agree with them.

  50. James J wrote

    ” JohnK is looking after TV and film”

    Is he ! . . . thats news to me ?

  51. @ JohnK – soz mate. My mistake. I thought I read on another thread you were setting up the media watchdog or something.

  52. .
    James this is what brought spanner to my attention on the chris brown thread ” Who cares if a pair of ‘niggas’ (their words, not mine) bitch it out on the nets. No wonder so many young blacks are in so much trouble when they aspire to be these sort of role models”

    I flagged it its still there.

    The comments on this thread which have been removed were racist Helen commented on it too.

    If pink news wants to report this and support ghanian LBTGQ people allowing racist comments dilutes the message it comes across as reinforcing a prejudice. We know people can be homophobic but what has skin colour has to do with it?

    I never heard of black rasta his homophobia is idiotic and dangerous and comes from ignorance but this does not excuse racism

  53. “You won’t get the most nuanced interpretations, but it will give you more info than what you had.”

    To Tuck, please get a sense of humour. Having to explain sarcasm to people demeans my intelligence.

  54. @ James – So it’s not okay for PN to allow a stupid comment by spanner. But it’s okay for to pay blakk rasta to give a homophobic interview in a country where it is illegal to be gay. You need to sort your head out mate. Your priorities are all fvcked up. No one is excusing racism – it’s just YOU accusing others of doing so.

    There are gay people living in hell in ghana because of idiots like blakk rasta reinforcing the stereotype that homosexuals are degenerate. What exactly does stupid spanner’s commment do. I don’t see spanner reinforcing any laws in the UK that treat black people like the black people in ghana treat homosexuals.

  55. john abbott 13 Jan 2011, 7:36pm

    Perhaps people like this can understand about gay people if we told him that we think ‘black’ is a disorder, or being ‘hetero’ is a disorder? (We don’t of course.)Same thing, really-one does not “choose” anything, except ignorance, bigotry, intolerance.

  56. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Jan 2011, 8:35pm

    We know people can be homophobic but what has skin colour has to do with it?

    I think its more of a cultural thing. There are elements in black culture that are homophobic and heterosexist. That is not to say that all people of color are automatically homophobic, because I know from experience that that is not the case, or that other cultures do not also have elements of homophobia, but there are undeniably a variety of elements in black culture that lead to homophobia.

  57. So don’t you think think black sinners could be cured of their illness…the mark of Cain… and become white if they truly repented and stopped their evil black ways???
    If gays supposedly can be cured then why not blacks?…I mean!!!

  58. what is wrong with calling homosexuals mentally sick.after all,every human being has a little bit of madness in him or her.let blakk rasta talk his was the same way gay activists has fought up until this time.homosexuality was illegal until recently that men started making laws against Gods laws.

  59. And Peter Tatchell would clearly say that despite the homophobia and hatred that this Ghanaian reggae star is inspiring and leading in others he should be allowed to express his beliefs!

    For shame, Peter!

  60. let africa starve and die of aids. they’re useless wastes of space anyway

  61. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Jan 2011, 11:00pm

    @bongo…the problem, bongo, with defining being gay as a mental illness is that being gay is not a mentall illness. It is a normal aspect of human sexuality for some people. There is no credible evidence to suggest that being gay is a mental illness and that is why it is no longer considered as such by the World Health Organisation and a number of other national and international psychiatric and medical organisations and bodies. Black Rasta is not a scientist, or a psychiatrist, or a doctor and therefore lacks the knowledge and the qualifications to have made the statement he has made. As to your other remarks, about mans laws/Gods laws, I suggest you read and consider the contents of the following books.

    How To Read The Bible by Richard Holloway

    The Bible – The Basics by John Barton

    Exploding Myths of Biblical Interpretation by Homer Brewer

    What The Bible Really Teaches – A Challenge To Fundamentalists by Keith Ward

    The Word Of God – The Bible After Modern Scholarship by Keith Ward

    Rescuing The Bible From Fundamentalism By John Shelby Spong

    Sins Of Scripture – Exploring The Bibles Texts Of Hate To Reveal The God Of Love by John Shelby Spong

    The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religion Tells Us About God by Darin Hufford

    The Thinkers Guide To God by Peter Vardy

    The Puzzle Of God by Peter Vardy

    God by Alexander Waugh

    The Boswell Thesis: Essays on Christianity, Social Tolerance, & Homosexuality by Matthew Kuefler

    The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality by Justin R. Cannon

    What The Bible Really Says About Homosexuality by Daniel Helminiak Ph. D

    The Church & The Homosexual By John J. McNeill

    From Queer To Eternity: Spirituality In The Lives of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People by Peter Sweasey

    Exchanging The Truth Of God For A Lie: One Man’s Spiritual Journey To Find The Truth About Homosexuality by Jeremy Marks

    Christian Perspectives On Sexuality & Gender by Adrian Thatcher & Elizabeth Stuart

  62. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Jan 2011, 11:08pm

    @ ursus262….piss off and take your nasty, insidious prejudices with you thank you very much.

  63. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Jan 2011, 11:18pm

    @ursus262…that is callous and cruel and uncalled for.

  64. Folks,let us face facts;are we not misreading this blakk rasta?Is he really homophobic.What is homophobia at all….HATE FOR GAYS.The guy says he does not hate gays nor intend/advocate violence against gays.He says he even empathises with gays.Can we consider him homophobic? I think he just spoke his opinion and opimions could be right or wrong.Let us educate him rather than chastise him.All those racist comments are abhorrent,folks.

  65. Did he say homosexuality is a sin? No,i think he said killing people is a sin.Somebody correct me if i am wrong.

  66. The Heretic Philosopher 14 Jan 2011, 7:31am

    @gizelle…what he has said is inaccurate and wrong and I question and strongly criticise it. I can see what your saying but to quote the report:
    Amnesty International criticised Blakk Rasta, saying his remarks would “perpetuate a climate of discrimination and intimidation against LGBT people”.

    The view/belief he has expressed has social and political consequences and implications which belong to another era, and a very dark one. His remarks were irresponsible and ignorant. He may not have claimed homosexuality was a sin but he did use religious rhetoric in his remarks to imply that homosexuality needed to be cured somehow since it is a ‘disorder’. This is similiar to the controversial language of the ex gay movement. All in all not a very good move on his part. But perhaps it may stimulate debate and that might not be such a bad thing.

  67. The Heretic Philosopher 14 Jan 2011, 7:34am

    @ gizelle …Oh and yes he did say homosexuality is a sin against God if your read it.

  68. What do you expect? Blakk Rasta, like just about the whole african continent is infested with backward superstition.

  69. if not for today,i never knew there is racism in sodomy.why are most of the comments targeting or discriminating against black homosexuals.white people want to make everything sodomy a religion?and why are gays fighting for rights now.does it imply that it was wrong before.why?someone tell confused.was king james a homosexual?
    pls blakk rasta is an artiste who is respected hear in afreeka.he is our hero in afreeka.if u also spread hatred and violence against him and what he said,then u are fueling more hatred across afreeka.he also has fans who are gays and white.let stop this and read between the lines.he might be wrong so stop the spread of racial and violent comments against him.

  70. Bongo –
    It really takes the biscuit to complain about racial hatred while using hate language about consenting gay sex and demonising lesbian and gay people on the basis of a selective take on a superstitious religion. And yes – King James was gay. His promulgation of a biased and inaccurate translation of the Bible was an act of hypocrisy and self-promotion.

  71. interesting facts.just imagine,if god had created adam and steve first.instead of adam and eve.will there be a generation at sodomy a mechanism to cut down population growth/ criminalize the use of marijuana.rastafarians,africans and other users alike are seen as crazy people.i dont believe in the bible again.if almighty king james is a batty boy.gays needs to be tolerable and allow people to criticize them and prove critics other wise.banning of artiste,preventing people to buy their music,spreading fear,panic and alarm about any bad thing said against them,should be stopped.they should learn to contain criticisms.digest them and solve it amicably.blakk rasta is a peaceful artiste but you are trying to label him a bad entertainer from ghana.pls raspect our the herb.africas contribution to the universe needs to be known.

  72. bongo

    before religion took over gay people were seen as a blessing as communities with gay people were peaceful, gay people were not competing for mates and were the mediators. Communities which shut out gay people are always extremly violent

  73. The Heretic Philosopher 15 Jan 2011, 9:11pm

    @ bongo why should an expressed belief which is patently inaccurate and incorrect and for which there is no credible evidence remain unquestioned and unchallenged. If I use the bible and interpret it to advocate black slavery and segregation I would quite rightly be strongly criticised and questioned about that view. For Black Rasta to use religious rhetoric to support an inaccurate view of what it means to be gay and one which encourages intolerance, stigmatization, inequality and injustice towards gay men and women and unfair treatment of them is just as worthy of being critisized and questioned. He has his right to his opinion of course but others also have the right to question and criticize his view/belief.

  74. @heretic philosopher
    what do you make of the utterances of sigmund freud about gays being abnormal and mentally off-balance? Again,can anyone tell me why amnesty international thinks Blakk Rasta’s opinion is homophobic?Does it promote violence and or discrimination? are mentally ill people not human?and don’t they deserve human rights? so how does this blakk rasta opinion instigate violence or hate for gays. What is peter tatchell saying about this? For me,this blakk rasta guy does not mean any harm.accept harmless but wrong opinions like this.

  75. The Heretic Philosopher 16 Jan 2011, 1:06am

    @Gizelle… the notions of SIgmund Freud have been superseded by other findings and new information & evidence which has come to light in the field of psychology, psychiatry and medicine. That is why being gay is no longer classified as a mental health condition by The World Health Organisation and other reputable national and international phychiatric and medical bodies and organisations. So what I say is that his view has now been outmoded and outdated by other insights. I am aware of the stigma and prejudice that people with mental health issues face, some of which is propagated by how they are treated and portrayed by the press and the media. Gay people and relationships are also similarly stigmatized. My view is that for Black Rassta to have expressed his view in the media, though perhaps not intentionally on his part, reinforces and supports such stigmatisation and stereotyping. I have nothing against him personally but what I am concerned about and what I would question and criticise is the notions and ideas in the statements he has made in the public arena in this instance.

  76. The Heretic Philosopher 16 Jan 2011, 1:48am

    @ Gizelle… to put it simply, yes, I think that the notions and ideas expressed in Blakk Rastas remarks, and the language he has used, can be interpreted as supporting discrimination towards and unfair treatment of gay people and gay relationships.

  77. The Heretic Philosopher 16 Jan 2011, 1:58am

    He may not have intended that, but that is certainly how other people may interpret it.

  78. The Heretic Philosopher 16 Jan 2011, 2:13am

    If one makes the statement that all black people are criminals but go on to say that they should none the less be treated with compassion, they have still made an assertion that is patently and demonstratably false. Likewise to say that being gay is a mental health condition is patently and demonstratably false.

  79. It would appear that this comments board has become infested with rodents that have some rather amusing opinions. However, it would appear that it is the same couple of posters that are commenting under several different names.

    Bongo. This unknown low end artist (cannot even remember the fools name) that you claim to support is nothing more than an uneducated hateful bigot. Because of this it is not possible to even consider that this person could be possibly be civilised.

    Now while you are perfectly entitled to your ‘god delusions’, many of us subscribe to the more logical view that there is and never has been any deity. That all religious doctrine and propaganda was invented by man and man only. There is no evidence to contradict this statement.

    In the UK fundamental religious people are quite rightly generally perceived as ‘nutty’.

    If this unknown artist wants to make it in Britain he should change his views or at least learn to keep his opinions to himself. The LGBT community in the UK are protected under British law. This means any foreign artist perpetuating a homophobic stance could be banned from entering this country and will almost definitely be refused a work visa preventing him from performing here. This ban has already been enacted upon several high profile reggae artists at a major financial loss to them.

    Bongo, let us be frank and honest…your diatribe is…well…just diatribe! Your defence of a homophobe is poor, because there is no defence.

  80. Just my thoughts on the matter, while not a particularly progressive view on the matter it’s a lot nicer than a lot of the stuff I’ve heard.
    While he may be wrong, his reaction is one of sympathy and not violence and hatred, which deserves some credit in my eyes.

  81. @traust
    so here i go again…who is a homophobe?A hater of gays and lesbians?Blakk Rasta says he never hates gays and lesbians,so he is not a homophobe even though he does not side with the gay act.Can we compare him to buju and Beenieman who want gays executed publicly?The bashing this guy is getting here is way beyond hate he does not have for us.I thought he says he will cleanse us spiritually,non-violently(which he hates) with the spiritual non-violent fire?
    Any,i googled Blakk Rasta and realised he made the first song for Obama which i heard so many times here in the UK on BBC 1Extra and some other stations.He is quite known around the world.A simple google of his name gives over 5million hits in 15 seconds.I don’t think we should make an unnecessary enemy.This sounds like a guy we can educate rather than insult and use harsh words on.Remember he comes from Africa where homosexuality is a taboo yet he does not advocate violence amongst us.Does he not sound like a guy we can use to educate his peers in that continent?I love his music though.I have not come across violence in his music both on youtube and itunes and elsewhere.We all make ignorant utterances sometimes.HE IS BETTER THAN THE REAL HOMOPHOBES.I stand to be corrected as usual.

  82. @Hedge
    Great! I side with you.This makes sense a lot to me.

  83. So for him a mentally stable mind is the one that needs to be constantly desensitised with marijuana? In that case im glad to be gay

  84. “just imagine,if god had created adam and steve first.instead of adam and eve.will there be a generation at all”

    Soooo…. if Adam and Eve existed. and they were the first people, then their kids would have had to shag each other to generate the human race, no? So the human race would have lasted all in 3 generations when the unbelievably small gene pool of Adam and his rib-eye missus catches up and we all have the IQ of someone like you…. seriously, get real.

  85. @will.will
    , is confused and also uneducated gay.i dont believe in the bible than even believe that theory.i wanted to give you an example for you to know how important it is to have sex with only a woman.
    your very own king james failed to edit that part out.some versions in the bible also tells christians to kill sodomite people.he also failed to edit that place.the biggest gay rights activist, king james,even failed to do all the dirty works for gay need to make sodomy a religion now because that will differentiate you from the so called christians.sodomy is not cant defend it.
    how long have you been fighting for homosexual rights and how long will you still keep on fighting.what is written is written.what is wrong is wrong.
    dont compare you shameful sexual acts to that of marijuana smokers.its herbs.

  86. “is confused and also uneducated gay”

    Obviously less confused and “uneducated” than someone who doesn’t know when to capitalise the first letter of the sentence or string words together into a coherent sentence….. you normally learn how to do that at 6. Its embarrassing to read your comments, a 5 year old could do better.

    “i dont believe in the bible than even believe that theory”

    You don’t what now? NO idea what that means. Did you even bother to learn to write?

    “some versions in the bible also tells christians to kill sodomite people”

    Who cares.

    “.you need to make sodomy a religion now because that will differentiate you from the so called christians”

    At least it will make more sense then your zombie jesus who wants people to eat him and worship him telepathically, no?

    “what is written is written”

    Thats wierd…. from your comment, the one thing YOU can’t so is write. So why would anyone, and I mean anyone, listen to an uneducated and illiterate piece of street trash like you banging on a keyboard?

    “dont compare you shameful sexual acts to that of marijuana smokers.its herbs.”

    Yeah, and there’s a reason it called “dope”…. and you’re a living example of it. By the sound if it, you’re brain is just renting space in your head.

    “how long have you been fighting for homosexual rights and how long will you still keep on fighting”

    When I hear idiot people like you, it tells me that I will be fighting longer! And I always will. Because I am winning. Equal marriage rights in 10 countries, civil partnership rights in almost every EU country….. Sure does look like I’m winning, doesn’t it?

    I’ll keep on fighting the good fight. And you, well, you can run along and learn to write. You can start by using a pencil instead of a spray can on a wall to mark your hovel, or a slick in the mud. Then we can teach you that imaginary pixies that live in the sky (i.e. zombie jesus) aren’t real, and what you’re saying here is actually a complete crock of excrement. (“Excrement” is a big word, do you know what it means yet?)

    You’re a very, very, stupid person bongo. But you made me laugh, so bully for you!

  87. bongo, git a life you gormless druggie. And you can stick your jesus-juice up your tail pipe and smoke it – given you smoke everything else.

    And Will is right, you are an illiterate fcuker. Go get a job.

  88. The Heretic Philosopher 22 Jan 2011, 3:00am

    @bongo, I’m sorry to be blunt but you are full of sh*t. Not only have you contradicted yourself but it is also very clear that you know little or nothing about either ethics, theology, spirituality, human sexuality, psychology, science, anthropology, history, religion or biblical scholarship.

  89. What’s homophobic about him calling it a disorder? If he said paedophilia is a disorder would that be wrong?

    Both are disorders because it’s patently obviously they aren’t the natural plan of nature which is designed for procreation and having sex with children or the same sex isn’t going to produce procreation.

    Saying that isn’t discrimnatory it’s merely a plain fact and while society will and must accept homosexuals they can’t be expected to accept that it’s perfectly natural as if it were some sort of lifestyle decision like vegetarianism.

    It IS a disorder but no one saying it is being any more discrimamatory than if they described any other deviation from the normal as a disorder.

  90. @JFK
    JFK makes sense to me so much. Sex is basically for procreation. Satisfaction or sexual enjoyment is just a bait/lure/side attraction to encourage sex and then beef up procreation.What is procreative about homosexuality/sexual deviance? This is why the anus has millions of harmful bacteria and it is not self-lubricating. Homosexuality is an offence in GHANA and other African countries.They call you guy SEX DEVIANTS.A deviant is abnormal and therefore,has a disorder/out of order.Be real, guys.A generation of homosexuals is doom for procreation.It is negative and retrogrades humanity.There will never be homosexuals,,anyway,if straight people were non-existent and not vice versa.
    THIS IS NO HOMOPHOBIC COMMENT.It is a mental and genetic disorder.period.

  91. @will
    So the human race would have lasted all in 3 generations when the unbelievably small gene pool of Adam and his rib-eye missus catches up and we all have the IQ of someone like you…. seriously, get real.


  92. The Heretic Philosopher 26 Jan 2011, 11:48pm

    test Natsi

  93. The Heretic Philosopher 26 Jan 2011, 11:56pm

    @ JFK & naab. How we use language has important implications. To use the term ‘disorder’ in relation to being gay implies that it is a problem to be resolved, erradicated, treated – that being gay means that you are a ‘freak’. There is a paralel here, though some may say an extreme one, with the language of Natsi Germany in relation to ‘the Jewish problem or question’. I can see how this plays into the hands of those with a hostile agenda towards gay men and women, particularly in your language naab, and those who scapegoat gay people for everything from terrorism to teenage pregnancy.

    (I am aware of the incorrect spelling for ‘Natsi’. This is because this site will not allow the correct spelling.)

  94. The Heretic Philosopher 27 Jan 2011, 2:09am

    if everyone accepts that one group of people, whether they be codified by gender, race, religion or what have you, is intrinsically worthy of scorn then it fosters an environment of hostility, if not outright prejudice.

  95. @The Heretic Philosopher

    Actually I see the language of “natsi” Germany in your statement in the way of trying to stifle any debate by labelling any comment contrary to your agenda as “natsi” See how that can be turned around on you and applied to almost anything?

    I happen to have a brother who is homosexual and he refers to it as a disability which he wishes had never befallen him but has learned to live with it as there is nothing else he can do is there. His opinion is that these attempts to attack anyone having contrary opinions to yours on the matter or who refer to homosexuality as un-natural or an abnormality or disorder or whatever anyone may term it are actually what are attracting hostility far more than the simple fact of being homosexual does.

    Society has accepted that homosexuals are what they are and in general there is very little discrimination of any kind from any quarter so stop trying to play some sort of victim card. There are groups far more discriminated against than homsoexuals are who aren’t trying to twist reality or language to improve their lot.

    Homsosexuality is obviously biologically unsound, an evolutionary dead end so while the general population will accept and be tolerant of it stop trying to force them into considering it perfectly natural as if anyone would actually want to opt to be homosexual or you may find yourself with less sympathy than is already the case.

  96. prof.john k. 3 Feb 2011, 5:30am

    i simply do not see any thing wrong with blakk”s stance.Homosexuality is just not natural.

  97. All gays and lesbians, do you think God is so stupid to have created a woman for Adam?
    Did God ask Adam to sleep with any of the animals he created?
    why would any sensible man decide on his own to sleep with his own fellow man when there are so many beautiful uncounted women on this earth? if a man has no desire to sex a woman,but rather his fellow man, then there must be something definitely wrong with such a person and must seek help.
    I agree every body has an opinion, but some people’s opinion are just unfounded and must be thrown away.
    where at all did this practise originate from? God help us all!!
    Well done BLAK RASTA!!

  98. Cleff Alfred 3 Feb 2011, 9:41am

    Black Rasta you are too much and what u are saying is very right. I wish i had you number to learn from u. Gay is a genetic/mental disorder!!!!!!

  99. blakk rasta,am solidly behind you .gays are disgrace to the human race and should not be tolerated at all.they also pose treat to the human race because if they continue with this disgraceful art the human race will become extinct
    i wouldnt hesitate to kill any gay if i have the chance because i hate them

  100. homosexual is indeed madness and is something God who created you and i hate so much, is somethings that destroy the nation,i support you blakk, spiritual fire burn them all to be clean

  101. The Almighty God who made man says ‘do not lie with the opposite sex’. That is it. Period. Amnesty International is a tool of Satan to propagate homosexuality for it is satanic.

  102. I think the world can become a better place to be if we do the right think.
    Blakk Rasta keep doing the good works.
    You are the leader of the youth,help us in fighting this immoral act that is becoming rampant.God bless the world,God bless Ghana

  103. If people were born to be homosexual would God have considered it a sin? In Leviticus, many interpret the scripture to mean God called for homosexuals to be killed for their sins. A loving God would not create homosexuals only to have them killed for a behavior He created. In Genesis, Eve was created to be a companion for Adam and many interpret from those verses that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.
    Genesis 2:24 – “For this reason a man will leave his father and other and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.”
    Leviticus 20:13 – “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads

  104. Many homosexuals are angry or fearful of Christians, because they have been persecuted over the years, and that is a valid concern. Even if you believe that your homosexual friends have sinned, it does not mean you should suddenly give up on them. There is a common saying in the church of “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” We are all sinners in one way or another. this is all Blakk rasta wanted to preach!!! He dosent hate gays but hate the act!

  105. elolo doe 3 Feb 2011, 5:43pm

    was God stupid to have created woman instead of two men.and still some men are stupid enough to have been putting their man hood into something that is dirty and smells and u think this people are normal.we should go to war against homosexuals .lets condemn them.they are perfect examples of Satan in disguise .

  106. Pure fire burn all who support Homosexuality i just wish the earth can just open up and swallow all of the Gays and lesbians in the whole world.Devilish and evilness act like that which is a treat to procreation.who ever gay or lesbian if your mama and papa didn’t do pussy and dick will you have been in existence to support such a LUNATIC act FOOLS! fire burn you all.

  107. This act is Dirtier than any other dirty thing in this world..Even Animals will never accept this foolish and mental/genetically disorder in their kingdom..come-on think twice GAYS……hell will b your dwelling place if u did not stop this Big Disease of yours………

  108. i think all homophobians are fools n if u think am lying ask your mother

  109. Abdul Razak 5 Feb 2011, 10:50pm

    This is simply not about BLAKK RASTA.Its about what the QURAN and the BIBLE says about homosexuality…The answer is in the holy books which is available to everybody.Who ever wants eternal life will not challenge GODs words.

  110. I see the religious nuts are all over this, being peaceful and tolerant to all men?

    If you want to believe in some invisible big magician in the sky go ahead I really don’t care but don’t bring your fairytales into anybody elses life with your deranged medieval hatred.

    Getting back on topic the rasta guy is merely stating a fact, homosexuality is some form of disorder given that sex is intended for procreation and homosexual sex cannpt produce procreation, it’s an evolutionary dead end.

    Society will and must accept those with the disorder but don’t try to push the lines that it’s some sort of perfectly natural lifestyle choice like vegetarinism because it’s not, it’s only natural in the way spina bifida is, or in the case of sexual orientation paedohilia.

    Pushing this natural line creates more hostility than the fact of being homosexual does. And you can take that from someone who has a homosexual brother who agrees with me.

  111. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 12:19pm

    JFK I am not trying to stifle debate here but the paralels with what was termed ‘the Jewish problem/question’ are obvious. I know its a hard thing to have to try and admit but look at the language and words that are being used, the intention behind them and look at the solutions that are being proposed both by people in this forum and in places like Uganda and such. Look at some of the things that have been said in this forum and tell me that you dont see the obvious paralels.

    “we should go to war against homosexuals . lets condemn them.they are perfect examples of Satan in disguise”

    “Pure fire burn all who support Homosexuality i just wish the earth can just open up and swallow all of the Gays and lesbians in the whole world. fire burn you all”

    ” i wouldnt hesitate to kill any gay if i have the chance because i hate them”

    “Satan to propagate homosexuality for it is satanic”

    “Big Disease”

    “Gay is a genetic/mental disorder”

  112. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 12:21pm

    Look at the situation in Uganda and tell me you dont see the obvious paralels:

  113. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 12:27pm

    OK JFK answer me this. If homosexuality is some kind of disability or disorder WHY do hardly any of the international or national medical or mental health bodies such as the World Health Organisation, The British Medical Association, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, The American Psychological Association, and others, recognise it as such? Tell me that. In fact most or all them have declassified it as such years or even decades ago, so why have they done that if it is, as you claim, a disability or a disorder? And if you are an atheist why are you using the line of arguement that religionists resort to to condemn gay people?

    And while you are trying to figure out an answer to that line of questioning consider the content of the following articles and videos:

  114. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 1:12pm

    JFK I raise the the issues and questions that I do NOT to close debate down or stifle it, as you have accused me of doing, but quite the opposite – to open up frank and honest debate and stimulate thought. I understand that some of the questions and issues I raise may be controversial and some may take offence but if we are going to restrict ourselves in this dialogue only to things that people are not going to choose to be offended by its going to be a very limited and pointless conversation. Here is some more material relevant to this discussion:

  115. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 1:54pm

  116. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 1:54pm

  117. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 1:56pm

  118. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 1:57pm

  119. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 1:59pm

  120. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 2:00pm

  121. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 2:01pm

  122. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Feb 2011, 7:10pm

    Rather than seeking to stifle dialogue in this forum, on the contrary, I am still waiting for sound, reasoned, rational, sane counter arguements to be made by others in this forum in response to the questions and issues I have raised, & the evidence I have presented here. I’m all for debate and I encourage it. So if you or anyone else have sane, reasoned, rational counter arguements to the issues, questions and evidence I have presented then lets hear them.

  123. The Heretic Philosopher : “Rather than seeking to stifle dialogue in this forum, on the contrary,…”

    I think you have already put pay to that, after carpet bombing the entire thread with your links. I think you have made your point, so either put up, or shut up.

  124. samuel : “The Almighty God who made man says ‘do not lie with the opposite sex’. That is it. Period. ”

    Cool. That’s fine by me.
    Fcukwits like you can’t even quote the Bible without cocking it up.

  125. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Feb 2011, 12:20am

    @ Spanner ‘either put up, or shut up’.
    Thats a really well formulated counter arguement. And why exactly should I put up with the kind of insidious, nasty, vitriole thats been spouted on this thread? How exactly does the presentation of counter evidence and arguement amount to the stifling of debate? Have you actually looked at any of the material and given it due consideration? No you probably haven’t since that would require critical thinking and analysis, a process you are evidently averse to.

  126. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Feb 2011, 12:24am

    @JFK and as for your brother he probably wasn’t raised to think any differently was he.

  127. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Feb 2011, 12:25am

    @Spanner…whose side are you on exactly?

  128. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Feb 2011, 12:29am

    I’m trying to fight our corner here, what are you having a pop at me for?

  129. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Feb 2011, 1:23am

    If your looking for someone to pick on why not direct it at those who are coming out with this insidious bile:

    “we should go to war against homosexuals . lets condemn them.they are perfect examples of Satan in disguise”

    “Pure fire burn all who support Homosexuality i just wish the earth can just open up and swallow all of the Gays and lesbians in the whole world. fire burn you all”

    ” i wouldnt hesitate to kill any gay if i have the chance because i hate them”

    “Satan to propagate homosexuality for it is satanic”

    “Big Disease”

    “Gay is a genetic/mental disorder

  130. The Heretic Philosopher 13 Feb 2011, 2:53pm

    @JFK…the kind thing to do would be to say no it isnt and I love you no matter what but evidently you seem content to reinforce his low self esteem and self loathing.

  131. @JFK — “Getting back on topic the rasta guy is merely stating a fact, homosexuality is some form of disorder given that sex is intended for procreation and homosexual sex cannpt produce procreation, it’s an evolutionary dead end.”

    Clearly not. If it was an evolutionary dead end then it would have been factored out.

  132. Abdul Razak , Islamic scholars have already agreed that the Koran does not contain any references to homosexuality. However, secondly and more importantly laws should not based around fictitious belief systems. Any time a person wishes to oppress or offend a person or group in the name of their religion the court should simply allow two weeks for the deluded idiots to prove without doubt that their god exists (faith nor doctrine are not proof). If they cannot prove it they should be dismissed with a big fine, court costs and compensation to the person or group they offended.

  133. so african christians advocate murder from reading these comments mmm time i got onto home office i know some here illegally .

  134. it just got published the ghana government newspaper that a scientific research in the country proved that AIDS is spreading like wildfires amongst gays in ghana.98% of gays in ghana have AIDS.God safe us…. evolutionary dead end! Being gay is unfortunate…it kills procreation and humanity.i still love gays since this mental illness could grab just any body.Gay rapists are also on the increase,geometrically in ghana as quoted by the paper.

  135. The ONLY way to change attitudes and laws in homophobic countries is hit ’em where it hurts:- in the pocket. If gay people, their friends and relatives boycotted tourism and trade to these backward nations and governments witheld aid, I think you’d soon find their moral and religious concerns would vanish, such is their hypocricy.

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