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Arizona prevents anti-gay church picketing killed 9-year-old’s funeral

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Reader comments

  1. And 700 metres makes all the difference? Suppose at least it’s a start…..they can’t let this go on and sack Capt Honors at the same time.

    1. At least they are out of her family’s sight and hearing.

      Burying someone you love is bad enough. Having a group of crazy people scream that she is going to hell is unbelievably cruel.

      They claim to be Christians. If there will be a judgement day this family will be very surprised.

  2. If there was a god he would have struck down the phelps clan years ago.

  3. Steve@GayWebHosting 12 Jan 2011, 5:42pm

    I believe that these nutters are the very worst of the homophobic bible-bashers.

    They should be locked up for incitement to hatred, let alone their thoughtless and cruel picketing of funerals!

    Well done to Arizona for at least trying to do something about them.. There can be NO justification for allowing people to picket funerals!

    The Phelps clan should be locked-up and sectioned for their own, and everyone else´s good.

  4. He did, he inflicted them with Barking Mad Syndrome.

  5. dave wainwright 12 Jan 2011, 5:46pm

    Inconceivable that these people should even be permitted to enter Tucson never mind be given a platform for their heinous hate speech on local radio , but then this is the same local radio that primed the poor deluded shooter to his acts of extreme violence .

  6. Why are the WBC not considered a terrorist group? terrorists don’t just use bombs to spread terror.

    Someone get Peter Tatchell to defend the freedom speech of these terrorists!

  7. Those poor WBC kids are being abused. They should be taken away from their parents and cared for by homosexuals who would give them a good home, instead of parading them around with hateful banners like that.

  8. The WBC is basically a den of animals. Normally animals behave better, though.

  9. Vile creatures.

  10. “Westboro Baptist Church says it will not disrupt the event in exchange for air time on radio stations.”

    Pathetic. How about “If you show up anywhere near the place, we will bang the lot of you up?”

    American law is seriously fvcked up.

  11. The Heretic Philosopher 12 Jan 2011, 8:43pm

    Picketing the funeral of a nine year old child. These people have hit a new low. According to the Bible Jesus said: ‘Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.’ So maybe its time that someone picketed one of their friends or relatives funerals.

  12. What a disgrace when a “church” has to be prevented from picketing anyone’s funeral, let alone a nine year olds. What a dark, tortured, crazy place these people must inhabit

  13. They shouldn’t be allowed at ANY of the funerals. It is equally-tragic no matter who died. This lot should be locked up for inciting to violence.

  14. Considering the number of gun nuts and loonies the US has, surely it is only a matter of time before one of them and this ‘church’ converge.

    I for one wouldn’t be sorry to see one of the Westboro flock get one between the eyes. God hates hypocrites too.

  15. schuklegrubber 12 Jan 2011, 10:06pm

    @ Helen “Someone get Peter Tatchell to defend the freedom speech of these terrorists!”
    They don’t need Peter Tatchell the Americans do it themselves. It’s called the First ammendment.

  16. These people are so bizarre I find it impossible to be annoyed by their antics or take them seriously in any way, they just make me laugh. It’s like Little Britain meets the ghost preacher from Poltergeist. Or Punk Christianity. They should have their own comedy series.

  17. David in Indy 12 Jan 2011, 10:51pm

    On the news they said there will be “human shields” dressed as angels to block the protesters from the mourners’ view. And the revving of motorcycle engines will help to drown out their hateful HATEFUL chants.

    Who would have ever thought the day would come when we as a society would have to guard ourselves against protesters at a FUNERAL?!! These people are despicable.

  18. These comment boards don’t make sense to me. On the tatchell story the majority say protect freedom of speech. Then on this thread the majority say the WBC shouldn’t have freedom of speech.

    Where’s tatchell protecting the WBC.

    @ schuklegrubber – tell that to the gay men who protested for the repeal of DADT outside the whitehouse and were arrested.

  19. Freedom of speech and assembly are important rights even for these hateful lunatics, but it seems to me that the state legislature has responded sensibly to what could be a serious threat to public order in the current atmosphere in Arizona. The test of the legislature’s liberalism will be how soon it is repealed.

  20. No radio air time for people who spew hate speech! And I would term they request as a form of blackmail. Just say “No!”

  21. I shuddred at reading this..

    these people are evil

  22. America needs to get to grips here with a national spread of homophobia whiped up by the like of crazy groups like the Phelps and co. Great that Arizona can put a ban in place, but why should it take each individual state to confromt the homophobes in Americas society? Where is national government here laying down the law stating that this sort of dispicable activity (picketing funerals) is just not to be tollerated in a modern America. Yes there is freedom of speech, but at some point we need to draw the line in the sand and here the Phelps have clearly crossed that line!

  23. They are NOT representing Christ, or Christians.

  24. Agree with John – freedom of speech comes with certain responsibilities.
    Their homophobia is something I personally abhore but am prepared to conceed isn’t illegal in itself.
    But when they get to incite a media feeding frenzy at the expense of someone else’s private moment of grief, in order to score irrelevant and homophobic sociopolitical points, that should be the juncture at which any sane society should throw the book at them. They crossed a line in the sand somewhere.

  25. @ Paul – “They are NOT representing Christ, or Christians.”

    I guess you think the homophobic pope, or his 1 billion homophobic christian followers don’t represent christ or christians either.

  26. @ James J
    “I guess you think the homophobic pope, or his 1 billion homophobic christian followers don’t represent christ or christians either”

    The Pope doesn’t represent all Christians. He represents Roman Catholics, one of the stricter strands of Christianity.

    Not all Christians are homophobic, although I understand why people might feel the majority are. Not everyone is stuck in the dark ages.

    People like the members of the WBC use their own distorted version of religion (which, yes, it can be argued is man made itself) to justify spreading hate.

    You want to be more evolved than that? Don’t hate back. They’re brainwashed cult members that will shrivel and dry out eventually. Equality legislation and our (reasoned and logocally sound) voices need to be pushed forward and heard in the meantime.

  27. *logically sound* is how that was meant to read ;)

  28. john abbott 13 Jan 2011, 7:50pm

    Is it not child abuse to teach one’s children to hate? Hatred cripples people for life and makes it impossible for them to have a good life. Bigotry is not a way of life, even if it is based upon ‘religion’.

  29. douglas in canada 14 Jan 2011, 4:14am

    terrorists or insane… either way, the whole Phelps inbred family should be locked away

  30. “but a Westboro Baptist Church spokeswoman said they would be around 1,000 meters away.”

    Then in what sense are they picketing funerals? Isn’t that more like “standing around in the same town”?

    I hope the radio station lets them on… and then spends an hour or so tearing into them.

  31. douglas in canada 17 Jan 2011, 4:59am

    Someone may have a better way of explaining what I’m trying to say….

    Maybe Phelps and his perverted clan SHOULD be allowed to picket, as boldly as they want. The American public would then become so disgusted with them that they might call for a total outlawing of this religious cult.

    If the WBC idiots are constantly banned from pulling their stunts, the general public will NOT see how stupid and rude they are.

    But that general public NEEDS to realize what evil is happening in the name of this church, and the general public needs to call for their banishment.

    If the only people to complain are us gays, the general public will never see the threat that these people pose to society as a whole.

    As I said, if there’s a better way of saying this, please feel free to comment.

  32. Pure evil. the fact that this cult can even call themselves human is bone chilling, the most depressing thing i’ve read today. how do those creatures live with openly parading their children around with offensive signs. I like to consider myself usually quite calm and reasonable but seriously, just kill them all. death is too good for them.

  33. Westboro Baptist Church is pure evil… just look at their ZIP code! :P

    One hopes that, when the time comes for any of the pastors at Westboro BC to pass on to pasture new, someone pickets their funeral.

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