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Ugandan opposition leader says he won’t prosecute gays

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Reader comments

  1. Hopefully, Bahati and Ssemper, poor misguided visionaries, will recognize the hope and light emanating from Uganda’s opposition party before they run the full gammet and end up sacrificing themselves and their followers in a final burst of blazing glory, as we’ve seen in Waco, Texa, not too long ago.

    When fundamentalist homophobic christians are publicly proven to be wrong, they will ultimately climb up on their crosses and play out their own private apocalypse…

    I hope the cameras are still running in da churches when that happens.

    But I’m not bitter….

  2. Well, he’s not altogether supportive of gay rights, but he is tolerant of them, which is a step in the right direction.

    Africans need to step into the 21st century and learn it is the only real ways forward. And they need to do it on their own terms without Right-Wing Evangelicals trying to turn them from superstitious pagans into rabid Christians.

  3. @spanner…

    well said.

  4. An Cat Dubh 13 Jan 2011, 9:44am

    @Spanner: Hey! What’s wrong with pagans?! One of my best frineds is one! D:<

  5. Dan Filson 15 Jan 2011, 2:49am

    Kizza Besigye – a name to watch. This musty be a brave politician, because the tide of African homophobia is very strong, with the honourable exception of South Africa (the ANC was a liberation movement in more senses than one). I don’t know enough of Ugandan politics to know whether his party has any hope of success (nor whether it deserves it on other policies), but all credit for taking a non-hysterical view of the position.

  6. Greg Collins 16 Jan 2011, 5:06am

    I suggest that Uganda (and other countries like it) procure a copy of Lord Wolfenden’s Report of 1954 which recommended decriminalisation of homosexuality. Given the current state of Ugandan society homosexuality doesn’t have to be an ‘out’ thing nor a spectator sport. Just remove the risk of arrest from people who do it in their own homes behind closed doors.

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