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Poll puts gay senator David Norris ahead for Irish presidency

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Reader comments

  1. Yay, go David.

    Hot daddy too..woohoo!

  2. David Norris would be a superbly inspired choice as President, not because he is gay, but because he is, quite simply, a wonderful human being!

  3. Chuck Anziulewicz 11 Jan 2011, 3:50pm

    WOW! Not only is he Gay, but he’s a handsome daddybear to boot! YAY!

  4. I’d certainly vote for him, maybe then in Ireland there would be some change which isn’t fully influenced by the church..

  5. He tidied up the beard since I last saw him,

    Great man and great all round human being, I really hope he clinches it.

  6. An Uachtaran doesn’t have any legislative powers, Aisling. He can’t change anything.

  7. “I’d certainly vote for him, maybe then in Ireland there would be some change which isn’t fully influenced by the church..”

    But it’s 2011.

    The catholic cult has lost the respect of the entire population and has virtually no influence on the government?

    It’s not the 1950’s Aisling!

  8. I’d certainly vote for him if I could. I remember he came to my uni once for out GLBT week and he’s simply a legend. Hope he will win the election!

  9. Fine Gael MEP Mairead McGuinness was on 13 per cent, while former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was on 12 per cent.

    In my opinion the last thing Ireland needs as President is another failed/former party politician. The current and former Presidents were not politicians and both have graced the office, enhancing it, making it relevant to the people, a considerable change from former days when the Presidential Residence was little more than a costly retirement home for some aged ex-politician. David Norris, while sitting in the Irish Senate, has always been an Independent Member – he’s highly educated and articulate and is generally very popular with the public. From a Gay perspective, it was David Norris who took the Irish Republic to the European Court and won the decriminalisation of homosexuality. He would be a superb ambassador for Ireland on the world stage.

    The one ‘fly in the ointment’ is that although I am an Irish citizen I cannot vote for him because I do not live in the Irish Republic. It’s high time all Irish citizens got to vote for the Head of State … other countries can manage it, why can’t Ireland?

  10. “It’s high time all Irish citizens got to vote for the Head of State … other countries can manage it, why can’t Ireland?”

    The reason is that they don’t want the emigrant population deciding who is in charge. With the numbe of Irish citizens in the US, UK and Australia then that seems fair.

  11. AndyA S,

    Why do you want the right to vote in a country you do see fit to live in ? Maybe the entire 44M diaspora should decide how the 3.5M Irish should be headed by.

    To be honest the last thing Ireland needs is a load of plastics telling them what to do.

  12. “To be honest the last thing Ireland needs is a load of plastics telling them what to do.”

    Well said. And its usually these “plastics” that have an outmoded stereotyped view that Ireland is full of holy-marys washing their clothes by a lake while their husbands drink and get into fights. You only have to look at the Ancient Order of Hibernian’s in the US to see how messed up people who call themselves Irish who weren’t born here can get. This crowd of right wing Catholics are an embarrassment to Ireland, and I certainly do not want them to have a vote in my country – we’d have Dana as President locking women in their kitchens. Or worse.

    Thanks, but let the Irish in Ireland vote for their head of state.

  13. What about people in the north,they should be allowed to vote also. I hope hes sucessful.

  14. Dave G & Will
    I was born in Ireland and have always lived in Ireland, I am more than well aware that ‘The Quiet Man’ was nothing but fantasy and fiction. The fact that I happen to now live in Northern Ireland [through no fault of my own] should not debar me from voting for a largely ceremonial Head of State, especially since The Irish State had for decades [and when the Constitution was written] claimed sovereignity over the entire island.
    It should be a relatively simple thing that only Irish Passport holders are eligible to vote – I suspect the vast vast majority of ‘so-called’ Irish in the USA [the AOH and Knights of Columbanus included] have US passports.

  15. Having David Norris as President is a great step for Ireland. (Would this not only be Irelands first gay president but any nation in the world?) As Aisling pointed out (she appeared to be making a point about influential power as opposed to legislative) it would be a great step to help change the country and the Catholic influence, which I have to point out is still extremely prevelant despite a fantasty that the church is now unpopular. The RC Church still has emense power and does nothing to undo the damage it has done with its homophobic fascism. The Catholic Church still has control of the education system in Ireland which does nothing to suggest being gay is fine. Their Bible still say it is not and many “religion” books define love as being “between a man and woman”, as well as highlighting how the Church is opposed to homosexuality. Rural Ireland is hugely homophobic and rural Ireland makes up a lot of the island. Places like Dublin, Cork and Galway have progressed but on the larger scale, that is about it. Good luck to David. Ireland will rise again with him at the top.

  16. @AndyAS: I agree, are you still registered to vote in the republic? If so then you’re fine to vote.
    @IC: I don’t give a flying crap that he’s gay, the rest of the world may and I’m sure there will be a lot of people in Ireland giving out about it but he is an extremely educated and elequint person and as president he will do just what he says and “sell Ireland”. About your comment on rural Ireland, I’ve been to many places all over Ireland and have never encountered homophobic predjudice, it may be there but nobody seems to care on the whole.

  17. Rural Ireland is not “hugely homophobic”, IC. I know. I’m gay and I live here. Rural people are different – you get more than bland urban tolerance. I’ll wager you don’t live in rural Ireland and never have.

  18. No thanks. Norris is a throwback to the Anglo Irish landlords. Check the facts;
    In May 2010, he called for the Republic of Ireland to re-join the Commonwealth. Norris has often denounced the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising as “terrorists”. But he’s happy to stand for the presidential nomination for a free Ireland? Hypocrite.

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