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Hillary Clinton pushes for gay rights but won’t support equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Looks like she’s thinking of standing for President, so needs to ditch any principles.

  2. So nice that she feels she has the right to watch her daughter get married, but the mother of a LGBT child is denied the right to see them married in the same way.

    I wonder what her view would of been if her daughter Chelsea Clinton was a lesbian?

  3. HalfAPancreas 11 Jan 2011, 5:48pm

    Promoting pro-LGBT foreign policy, but being against domestic progress makes her a piss-poor excuse for a 21st century politician.

  4. Pathetic.

  5. TheSuburbanBi 11 Jan 2011, 7:13pm

    Helen – you beat me to it. I was going to say much the same thing.

    Unbelievably bad move on her part.

  6. Steve@GayWebHosting 11 Jan 2011, 8:03pm

    Yes, I am very disappointed to hear this..

    I had thought Hillary was a little more in favor of gay equality than this… As has already been said, you cannot push for gay to be treated equally abroad when you discriminate at home..

  7. westcoastkid 11 Jan 2011, 11:09pm

    So Hillary, we are equal, but not totally equal? My god, Hillary, even Cindy McCain and Meghan are at the forefront of the fray and are FIGHTING for gay marriage.

  8. Hillary is worse than palin !

    Palin is nuts and she makes no which way about it, but Hillary is a total two face you know what.
    Saying America at the front of Lgbt rights what a lie !!!! Saying she supports us but we shouldn’t be equal ..
    Agh this woman is so annoying expecting places like Uganda to care yet her own bigoted views stops her wanting us to be equal.

    She says she has all these gay friends >.> and she cares it makes me feel all queasy like when politicians here in il try acting cool naming popular culture things

  9. David in Indy 12 Jan 2011, 5:03am

    Talking out both sides of your mouth again Hillary? If you sit on that fence long enough you’ll get a splinter. Hopefully.

    *sniff* *sniff* I think I smell another presidental run in the works. Probably not in 2012 though. Which means we’ll have to put up with her indecisiveness and lies for a few more years – not that we haven’t become used to it by now. Because we have.

  10. Jock S. Trap 12 Jan 2011, 8:18am

    Don’t see how you can say you fully support LGBT rights but then exclude equal marriage. You either support full equal rights or you don’t.

    I hear what she is saying and in part it’s good but very hypocritical too. If your in government how can you justify that everyone pays taxes equally but Still get treated unequally just because of the way they are born?!

  11. Pathetic. I’ve never liked Hillary or trusted her regarding equality. She clearly doesn’t know the meaning of the word. And to say that America is “leading the way”. Don’t make me laugh.

  12. > “We’ve tried to put LGBT issues near the top of the
    > administration’s foreign policy agenda and made that clear to
    > our ambassadors and other personnel around the world, ” she
    > said.

    I’m not seeing evidence of this in the Wikileaks cables, and I am seeing the opposite in the form of reports of diplomatic activity that is highly likely to adversely affect LGBT people without that having been considered.

    This may reflect a limited and particular view of LGBT issues, or a policy only just now getting up to speed. The State Department under Clinton has opened gender-appropriate US passports to transgender and pre-surgery transsexual citizens. They have pressed Uganda on the “Kill The Gays Bill” (although it still stands as possible law). They did press very successfully for the recent reversal of the UN vote on persecution on grounds of sexual orientation. All obvious needs. But, as comments on The Advocate site point out, Clinton did not mention, and her interviewer did not ask about the killings of LGBT Iraqis.

    The full Advocate article, whilst worth reading, is focused more on the personnel rather than the issues and policies. Do they promote, as American culture, the use of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which classifies transsexuality as a mental illness, in countries where there is a more accepting tradition? Do they see denial of viable official identification and travel documents (even by Thailand!) as a suitable issue? Do they see “honour killings” or forced marriages as a LBGT issue? Or the plight of street children rejected because they don’t comply to gender norms?

    Do they follow the administration’s domestic view and oppose equal marriage in countries where it is being considered, as does the UK government, which also claims to be concerned on LGBT issues overseas, and which certainly flies a the rainbow flag at local embassies when there is a local pride day?

  13. Edwin in Colorado 12 Jan 2011, 12:37pm

    Hillary is another two faced politician.. She is like an ostritch with it’s head in the sand. If you can’t see it maybe it will go away. She is the one that needs to go away. How can she be in favor of only partial rights for gay’s. We shouldn’t have to fight for rights that are ours according to our Constitution.
    But of course most political people don’t think they have to follow it. Just make up rules as they go. B.S.

  14. Maybe if her daughter, Chelsea, has children and one of them turns out to be gay, she might evolve seeing her gay grandchild discriminated against maybe bullied and denied a basic civil right would hit closer to home than merely having gay friends in her circle.

    In our own country, Cameron isn’t that different. He’s not said he’d support full equality by opening civil marriage to gay couples. Saying “consider” instead of “support” are two entirely different things. Sadly, there are many gay people who think we have full equality and who don’t think its necessary to allow those of us who wish to marry. Just as I don’t think CPs should be abolished, I do think we should have the right to marry. Those who don’t want to marry, shouldn’t thwart those of us who want to or try to block any attempt to make it a reality.

    I have a gut feeling Clinton maybe considering a run for the presidency. It would be political suicide for any American politician to support marriage equality and expect to get elected as president, it just doesn’t work that way in America unfortunately where religious bigots are allowed to meddle in the political process and influence the outcome of controversial issues such as this. Most of those in office in the U.S. are afraid of them, a bit similar to Blair and now Cameron.

  15. She’s frightened of losing the support of lots of conservative blue-collar Democrat voters. It’s as simple as that. It’s probably why she offered no rationale for her position.

  16. Expected nothing more of the vile fake woman.

  17. How nice she could see Chelsea married legally, but the parent(s) of a GLBT child should not have the same happiness. The US and some of those in its political structure have a LONG way to go.

  18. LGBT issues NEAR the top of
    foreign policy agenda, HEY thanks for that!!!
    I however am of the First Nations People,Native American
    Indian, Southeastern Creek, and I call upon you to revisit your views,(Bigotry), face your
    inflamed statements,accept,your words are dangerous to our health.
    Shame, Shame on you,P— or
    get off the pot.
    And to think I wanted you to be
    my president.

  19. She’s 2 faced.

    I’m sure that once her political career is over she will suddenly announce that she supports equality (like her husband and Laura Bush did).

    Until she retires she is more than happy to throw us and our rights under the bus.

  20. Hilary Clinton’s address to mark Pride month, 2010, is at:

    It is pretty remarkable.

    I think she does get it on sexual orientation and gender identity. She may be fuzzy on many of the specifics, and we should try to fill her, and her staff, in on them: reading her staff’s reports on the situation in various countries, they do consider GBT issues, but only at a beginners level, so far. There is no guarantee that successor Secretaries of State will be as good, or better.

    We do have to remember, too, that a Secretary of State must not go further on any policy than her President. Marriage is being limited by the President, for certain.

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