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Elton’s son’s welfare is at risk, former bishop claims

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 10 Jan 2011, 11:22am

    As usual, those who know nothing shout about how terrible things will be but then judging to these people comes so easy.

  2. This old bigot should shut his pie hole.

    His pathetic religion is on its last legs.

    Bishop Nazi Rally is not qualified to talk about the psychological welfare of children – he believes in sky fairies so everything he says can be ignored.

  3. Oh, they just don’t shut up do they? These so called men of God have nothing better to do than mouth off about gay people.
    Interesting in USA how many of the anti-gay preachers have been caught snorting crystal meth off of rent boys cocks. I suspect the same is true in this country.
    “Lord dear Lord I love you but ooh look at the buns on him! Hallelujah. Oh Lord what am I saying? I am not one of these evil homos. I better go on TV and make it clear I am not a gay man. I am not a gay man. Whoah, why is this rent boy here in my home. Oh Lord smite him down him and his wicked ways.
    Hello Hello is that the BBC.I would like to go on your best news show To talk about the wicked gays. I know you like to feature articles about wicked gays as much as you can. Thanks you.
    Now, hold on there young man I am going to let you feel the migh thrust of my repentence. I’m cummin. Oh Lord I’m sorry. How i hate the tempatations of the flesh that Satan sends my way!

  4. Usual thing here of saying the child will be affected psychologically, this will only be the case because society does not and will not accept difference, but attacks difference. Views like Nazir-Ali’s contribute towards the possible psychological affects.
    When are people who make these comments going to wake up to the role they play in non acceptance of difference and its effects?

  5. Why doesn’t Ali return to his own country where his homophobia will be welcome?

  6. why doesn’t he call social services to take David Jason’s child into care?

  7. He knows that little Zachary is the second coming, right?

  8. Tattydog…

    Very well said mate.

  9. So would he say the same for any hetero couple that had a child late in life? After all, my father-in-law was only a couple years younger than Elton is now when she was born.

  10. …anything to get his pic in da news…

    homophobia is a mental illness…

    is this guy screaming for help???

  11. Steve@GayWebHosting 10 Jan 2011, 1:08pm

    I am really fed-up of hearing this homophobic rubbish from these bible-bashers..

    Let them believe what they wish, but what gives them the right to think they can impose it on the rest of the world?

    I really want to see churches banned and consigned to the history books as a quaint but misguided folly of mankind.

    Sky-pilots indeed!

  12. Ah other person other than Green the media and especially the BBC use for homophobic comment.

    David Furnish is just as old as Gordon Brown when he had his last child. They spend so much time focusing on Elton they forget about the child’s other father.

    Why would the the child be psychologically damaged by not having a relationship with the surrogate? She has no genetic bond with the child at all, she just warehoused someone else’s egg while it developed.

    How much more damaging would it be developing a relationship between the surrogate and the child, only for the child to later find out she is not his biological mother!

  13. “all evidence shows that children are best brought up in a heterosexual “stable” marriage in order to have “healthy relationships””

    Why are these people never asked for their evidence. I have seen evidence on this website which would say that kids brought up in same sex parented families do as well (and even marginally better) as their peers.

    This bigot should be asked to quote the source of this evidence every time he mentions it and not let away with unsubstantiated statements.

  14. @ Dave G

    The research the bishop points to is done by Focus on the Family in the the USA and they are rabid Evangelical Christians.

    Its not peer reviewed just Christian claptrap fake science.

  15. de Villiers 10 Jan 2011, 2:39pm

    > Why doesn’t Ali return to his own country where his homophobia will be welcome?

    Although I agree with sentiments generally posted on this board, I am troubled by the suggestion that those who are not born English should not be able to live in England if they express views that disagree with others.

    Perhaps it is because I live in the UK but was not born here that such a suggestion troubles me. Plenty of people in Europe have been forcibly relocated and worse on the grounds of their public disagreement with the ruling government.

  16. “Why are these people never asked for their evidence”

    Because they have ‘faith’, see. They can just make it up as they go along. Evidence? Why would they need that? That’s just a silly inconvenience for them because they’re ‘special’.

    He’s talking utter cr*p. Recent research showed that children do best in a LESBIAN family – but, of course, any evidence that doesn’t fit in can simply be discarded if you’ve chosen to disengage your brain.

  17. According to the American Pyschiatric Association, children raised by same-sex couples thrive exceedingly well and in some cases do a lot better than those raised in heterosexual families.

    I wonder what his views are on single, mature straight people adopting children or widows and widowers who have been left with children to raise on their own? For the sake of consistency, he’d have to condemn that too. He’s nothing more than a bigot as well as a hypocrite and we all know the religious cults are breeding grounds for that.

    Its long overdue to call for the abolition of state religion, defund it and let it fend for itself instead of sponging off the taxpayers. The same goes for the anachronism that is the House of Lords, undemocratic, unelected and not fully representative of the people. There are many in that body who concur with this idiot’s views, most of them tories.

  18. It seems that the ex-bishop hasn’t even read what his bible says. In Genesis 21:5 it says that Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born.

  19. I love how people automatically receive a psychology degree when they become priests.

  20. Just last year his two sons were attacked by racists in Medway,Kent, one assailant called them ‘gay’!
    I did not hear Bish’ complaining publicly about the attack nor the word(s) used at the time. (Whether the attackers were caught I don’t know- probably not.)
    I presume from all this that while the Bish may privately damn racist attacks on his own sons, in public he slags off gays and the children of lgbt people- incl via surrogacy thus encouraging more attacks on us.
    And he’s the one who’s been threatened by Islamic extremists for converting to Christianity!

  21. Noel Dolan 10 Jan 2011, 3:22pm

    A study published in the Journal of GLBT Family Studies has collected the experiences of gay male partners who have become fathers through surrogacy. The study shows that gay male couples are “more likely than heterosexual fathers to scale back their careers in order to care for their children. Also, these fathers report that their self-esteem and their closeness with their extended families increases after becoming parents.”

  22. SFMuscular 10 Jan 2011, 3:24pm

    This Bozo has no credentials to be making these pronouncements. He’s not a mental health professional. He’s just an irrelevant, ignorant, self-aggrandizing wind-bag, attacking others because of his bigotry.

  23. Who asked this ugly ape for this useless bigoted diatribe !

  24. I resent the ageist implication in this idiot’s statement – my father was 58 when I was born and I had a truly wonderful childhood, I lacked for nothing I needed … didn’t always get what I wanted but that another argument!!

  25. We should really stop paying any attention to what these idiots think or say. We know better.

  26. @Helen

    Yep I know where he gets his evidence from, but he said “all” evidence.

    That is clearly a lie, and from a christian bishop, that is unnacceptable and must be called out.

    Everytime one of these people say evidence for this or that they should be asked to present it so that it can be verified or debunked. We let them away with too much and too many people rely on their words as christian leaders being true for them to be allowed that cover.

  27. Commanderthor 10 Jan 2011, 5:00pm

    “all evidence shows that children are best brought up in a heterosexual “stable” marriage in order to have “healthy relationships”

    Oh no, all evidence points at lesbian couples doing best.

  28. This guy’s got a point. Not about the whole “zomg-two-daddies = bad” thing, but that they are pretty old. That said, I don’t think his contribution has a right to go beyond that. Becoming a parent is a responsibility, and far be it from outsiders to criticise them.

  29. 21stCenturySpirituality 10 Jan 2011, 6:03pm

    The sentiments of a man who knows little or nothing about science, psychology, child welfare, or the increasing life expectancy and enduring good health of people in the developed world in the 21st century.

    Oh and David, can you explain which aspects of Christian theology mention sky fairies?

    And Steve, does your proposed ban include religious groups that support and are campaigning for gay marriage and equality? And how would your proposed ban fit in with human rights legislation?

  30. It seems he doesn’t attack elderly fathers in general, just gay ones.

    Fascism and religion, hard to tell the difference really.

  31. Its like some sort of cry for help. His wife and two sons should really be trying to get psychological help for him. What a very sad case.

  32. So what do we have here . . . ?

    * Ageism
    * Heterosexism
    * Psychobablism

    The Bishop seems to have got himself in a a bit of a tis with all these isms!

  33. This guys breaking so many of his own religious beliefs with his hate its unbelievable.

    A very sad excuse for a human. His god would be ashamed.

  34. As much as I find his homophobia abhorent, I have to say, there’s something that doesn’t quite sit right with me about a man in his mid-60s becoming a father, whether he’s gay or straight.

  35. dear elton sue this idiots arse. let him put his money where his mouth is

  36. And these are the “types” that are part the lords spirtual in the house of lords , an unelected bunch of homophobic , irrational men who base law making on what they think the bible says….Scary!

    – are the bishops now wanting to amend the law to stop men over a certain age from having children, stop surrogacy , stop gay people from having children…. he now lives in the UK, he has been part of the law making process and should now live by the same rules as everyone else and keep his homophobic comments to himself….free speech, bollocks to that, he’s not somebody off the street!

    I agree with one of the comments above if he can’t adapt to what is perfectly legal in the UK then go back to Pakistan… his comments are baselss, irratonal and homophobic…..

  37. ‘all evidence shows that children are best brought up in a heterosexual “stable” marriage in order to have “healthy relationships”.’

    Actually, all the scientific evidence has shown that children raised by a gay couple come out no less or more (dis)advantaged than when raised by a straight couple.

  38. I’m concerned for little Zachary too, but not because his parents are gay or older. Be honest, would YOU want Elton John and David Furnish as your dads?? Give it a couple of years and they’ll be bored of him and looking for the next glittering accessory.
    Still, packed off to boarding school, he’ll probably have a far more healthy and fulfilling life!

  39. Charlie Chaplin was a father at 80yrs old.
    Les Dawson became a father in his early 60s.
    Bigots should stop dressing up their homophbia as “concern”

  40. Dave:
    > Does anyone agree with me that Elton might just be a bit too old
    > to have a baby? I say this as a general thing and nothing to do
    > with the fact that he’s gay. I’d have concerns about a straight
    > man in his 60s having a new baby. I wonder what the real
    > motivation was in this case….

    When anyone starts effectively policing the age other men father children I’ll start considering such questions. In the meantime, selecting women and gay men for reproductive limitation on simple calendar age, rather than life expectancy, mental and physical condition, or aptitude for parenting, is misogynist discrimination.

  41. Paul:
    > Actually, all the scientific evidence has shown that children
    > raised by a gay couple come out no less or more (dis)advantaged
    > than when raised by a straight couple.

    Lesbian couples too. And numerous courts have fully accepted that evidence. Yet still the hate mongers keep asserting the opposite, and, from the responses here, it seems most LBG people don’t notice the lie.

  42. he’s a damned liar. people concerned with other’s welfare don’t make headlines for themselves. and science shows that gay families are healthier happier and saner despite 25% average of lower incomes and higher rates of harassment. his ignorance he is proud to wear on his sleeve. god save us from bishops.

  43. Strange how some clergymen do not read their Bibles before shooting their mouths off. If they did then they would not be so quick to rundown the gay community.
    Congratulations to Elton and David on the birth of their son and their choice of Godparent – very nice :-)

  44. Joe Schmoe 8 Feb 2011, 10:46am

    Well, he doesn’t bring up the age issue for opposite sex parents, now does he? Also, if homosexuality is a biblical prohibition, so are the consumption of shrimp or pork, and so is wearing garments that contain both wool and linen. Are the children protected from those foods or those garments?

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