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Miss America contestant runs on gay rights ticket

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Reader comments

  1. The support is great, and hopefully it will get people talking. It’s just a shame that it’s rather tainted coming from someone active in such a sexist organisation.

  2. I hope she inspires more straight people to fight for equality for their gay friends and family members.

  3. This only proves how important straight support is for full equality. There is no way we will get full marriage equality in the UK without them.

  4. Good for her!

  5. We need more straight allies like her! We can scream for equal rights all we want, but it’d be much harder for our critics to belittle our “hysteria” if more straight people started cheering for us like this.

  6. Jen Marcus 7 Jan 2011, 9:16pm

    Thank you, Claire Buffie! As was previously mentioned by some of the other commentators ,”Straight support” is crucial to our acquisition and the securing of our civil rights. It goes without saying that many of us in the LGBT community hope you win the Miss America crown.

  7. She is beautiful on the inside and the outside.

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