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Did you complain to the BBC about Stephen Green interview?

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  1. Please give details of interview. thanks.

  2. I did complain and will continue to do so.

    Ofcom themselves are homophobic.

    Who can we complain to about Ofcom??

  3. Yes, I complained – not about their being an ‘anti’ interviewee, but about them choosing such an extreme one. The BBC are clearly spectacularly unrepentant – they used him a couple of days ago on a radio programme (Stonewall put up someone to respond).

    It is of course absolutely possible that Xian commentators don’t want to appear, and would rather that S Green acts as a firewall. I am genuinely curious why they’d choose to keep approaching him.

  4. had this been a broadcast towards any other minority group the BBC would be bending over backward to say sorry.

    Equality – we have a long way to go

  5. I complained for all the good it did!

    The standards of news reporting in the BBC seem to be descending to those of Sky!

  6. Yes complained, but not via the official route. There is evidence that Mumsnet was partly responsible for the cot death complaints yet, as with Sachsgate, the BBC did release figures.

    The Government made clear that transparency is the way to ensure equality. Furthermore a BBC Trust document published in December emphasises the importance transparency.

    The BBC is holding back information when complaints are related to homophobia and perceived homophobia.

  7. email sent to Pink News.

  8. Andy Lowe 7 Jan 2011, 6:29pm

    Andy Q – Why are Ofcom homophobic?!

    They’re justing doing their job

  9. It’s incredible that all the complaints about a stupid eastenders plot where heterosexuals swap babies has led to the actress resigning from the TV soap, the actress suffering abuse on the street (from brainless morons) the BBC rewriting the script, and the BBC apologising to the UK for the storyline.
    Whereas, they invite someone to speak on a factual news program who supports the execution of homosexuals, and they say they have done nothing wrong and change nothing and do not apologise. And then they cannot see how they are HOMOPHOBIC. I’m sure the KKK didn’t think they were being racist when they were treating black people like dirt.

    Yes I complained, and no I won’t be paying my TV license until I receive an apology from the BBC.

    Perhaps we should all go around preaching the execution of christians. Because as far as the BBC is concerned there wouldn’t be any problem with that – it’s just another opinion.

  10. Andy Lowe: “Andy Q – Why are Ofcom homophobic?! They’re just doing their job”

    Because any lefty, Guardian -reading gay thinks that anyone that doesn’t think like they do is automatically homophobic, unless the proponent also happens to be gay, in which case they are “self-loathing” and in need of serious psychological counselling.

  11. Are OFCOM Homophobic?

    Although OFCOM argue that they will intervene if a programme is in a breach of Rule 2.3 of the OFCOM broadcasting code, for example through: “aggressive incitement or derogatory language”; however there are certain cases of homophobic verbal abuse where OFCOM are powerless to intervene. The reason why, is because OFCOM are constrained by what is deemed currently acceptable at the time of the complaint. I think the following example shows how OFCOM may appear homophobic, but clearly your will see that they are powerless; not homophobic.

    When I wrote to OFCOM some years ago when the word Puff was used by one reality TV show contestant, to attack and putdown another contestant; the response I got back from OFCOM stated that this was not offensive. OFCOM cited “four Puffs and a Piano” as the reason why it was not an issue. OFCOM argued that the word was not offensive to gay men, because it was used as a form of entertainment by Gay men; citing the bands appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show as proof to why the use of the word was not in itself unacceptable.

    One does not need to point to “Four Puffs and a piano”. One only needs to take a look at the comments on this thread to understand why OFCOM are impotent.

  12. Alan Donald 7 Jan 2011, 10:40pm

    I complained about Green, got the standard response and i replied with:

    I’ve sent a reply. I included the case number and their reply and then the following:

    please may I confirm the following:

    1) If this was a mixed race adoption/surrogate that you would find the most offensive, racist person possible to present an opposing view. Some have suggested Nick Griffin but he does not match the level you set with this individual. The person concerned would have to be openly and aggressively racist and have called for the murder of all black people.

    2) Will you be including ignorance and bigotry in all future broadcasts for the sake of balance? Will you be interviewing holocaust deniers when you next do a piece on the Second World War? Will you bring flat Earthers on when you talk about space travel? Will you bring on religious fundementalist idiots from the deep south of America if you talk about DNA or evolution (I’d say Christians but all mainstream Christian churches accept evolution now)?

    I am not being silly or petulant here. I want an honest answer and NOT ANOTHER FOB OFF.

    You are the BBC and you have a position in the World to upkeep. How dare you squander my Fee money in an attempt to become more like the horrific broadcasting of Fox News in the US? How dare you! The BBC was the most hit website in America following 9-11 because they knew you’d tell the truth even if some found it uncomfortable. You are not the BBC I recognise if you feel you have to bring on someone who claims HIV is God’s punishment on gays and that all gay people should be killed in order to give some kind of “balance” to your broadcasts.

    You make me sick and I want a full and frank response from a senior official not a machine.

    How dare you!

    Not had a reply yet. Will do Ofcom after I’ve heard back this time.

  13. No, I didn’t complain, because Mr Green is absolutely correct: Elton John is a grotesque, narcissistic clown who should not be given the responsibility of nurturing a rodent, let alone a child. At least there will be ample finance for the thousands of hours of therapy that will be required by the child.

  14. When did gays become so sensitive? As an Indian gay man, I would like to start a lobbying group to end sexual racism. And you must join me! Ask yourself – would you ever have sex with someone who isn’t white? Why not? Would you like people to tell you that you are a racist who should be more equal in their sexual choices? Get the message?

    And by the way, most of the gays in the bars are saying exactly the same bitchy comments uttered by Stephen Green (unsurprising, because his vehemence belies a latent homosexuality)

  15. Yep, I complained.

  16. Lobby indeed. I sat with horror as the botched Green interview was aired and my sister will support my voiced horror at such temerity.

  17. I complained to the BBC. Then I complained to Ofcom. Now I’m going to repeatedly bang my head on a giant wall – which will no doubt achieve the same result.

  18. That’s silly Jaz; nobody can help who they fall in love with or are attracted to – by your reasoning, homosexuality equaltes to hating women (I didn’t realise I was forced to have sex with anyone I remotely considered a friend or shared a common cause with; though if it makes you feel better, there’s a delightful Indian guy down my gym I cannot keep my hands off everytime we say hello, but only because the urge to flirt is mutual..).

    What next, is it racist to prefer Cantonese stir-fried beef to chicken kormas?

  19. The story was also featured at the blog Joe My God, and people in the comments there said they complained to the BBC.

    Anyway, I complained, but don’t pay a license fee anyway. I watch all my TV on the internet.

  20. I complained. BTW what’s all this ‘lobby’ boll**ks? So the gay community has a voice & are willing to use it. Get over it BBC & stop charging us a licence fee til you can respect us!

  21. Exactly Charlene.

    > Lee, Sigh, yawn. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    > Jaz, why change the subject to racism when the story is about homophobia? You’ve got ISSUES mate. You should sort your head out.

  22. I have finally received a reply from the BBC (my initial complaint went out 29th December last):

    “Dear ************

    Reference CAS-526032

    Thank you for your feedback regarding the BBC News bulletin at 18:20, broadcast on 28 December 2010.

    We appreciate some viewers were unhappy that a report on Sir Elton John recently becoming a surrogate father included the views of Mr Stephen Green.

    We recognise this issue can arouse a diverse range of contrasting opinions. This brief report featured Sir Elton John’s thoughts and an opposing view on the matter at hand. It must be stressed that over time we have heard from all sides of this debate, dealing the subject in a fair and impartial manner.

    We acknowledge the strength of sentiment on this matter, thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

    Kind Regards

    J**** McBrien
    BBC Complaints”

  23. EvanCosmo 9 Jan 2011, 8:54pm

    Mumsnet can kick off about Eastenders & their complaint stats are in the public domain. No equality from the BBC (again)

  24. I did complain but got a generic reply that did not answer my actual question. It must have just got lumped into the “troublesome queers” response queue. I am not even going to waste my time e-mailing about an ignorant woman who doesn’t know that homosexuality is not signified by getting the Just For Men out.
    Mind you just looking at her picture I am tempted to say that the Halloween look is so Octber 31st

  25. I complained to them about my complaint being refered to by them as “feedback”. I also made a complaint over the whole matter to my local MP. The BBC is yet to respond to my second complaint. My MP reponded immediately, promising to raise the matter with them and inform me of their answer.

  26. I must say I am not best pleased about the decision by the BBC to use this interview or indeed conduct it in the first place.

    However in addition I must say it concern me that PinkNews decides to post ‘healdlines’ encouraging others to complain. If you want to be seen as a credible news website please continue to report LGBT news items, not use your website as a platform to condemn other organisations. More news please, less debate. Let us debate based on what fact you provide in news articles.

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