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Video: BBC Newsnight guest calls Australian cricket team ‘poofters’

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2011, 10:25am

    What do you expect from the BBC, when this is the kind of ‘entertainment’ they attract, over and over again.

    They clearly Chose to be boringly controversial and religious and use the law to make us all pay £145 a year for channels I neither want nor watch.

    It is time for the BBC to fund itself. It doesn’t respresent me in the slightest and I have no interest in there programmes.

    If they want to target a bigot audience then please do so without my having to fund it.

    Getting appalled with the BBC seems to be something they enjoy because they certainly ain’t listening to those who pay for them.

  2. Chutney Bear 7 Jan 2011, 10:29am

    lol Queens are up in arms again. Glad I dont take offence easily life is so much easier …

  3. What an ignorant woman.

    But I think the presenter, Kirsty Wark, gave a good response: ‘I would never say that’.

    Having said that, however, I do not understand how the BBC gets it so wrong, so often, when it comes to homophobia. It is almost like they are out to offend gay people – like it’s an aim.

  4. @Chutney Bear

    If that ignorant moron had said something like, ‘it’s a sort of a coon side’ or ‘it’s a sort of a kike side’, I assure you that the response would be 1000% worse.

    Gay people have thick skins – you have to with all the homophobia.

  5. “Queens are up in arms again”

    I wonder how black people would to a Newsnight joke about ‘nigger’ hair?

  6. Although this is hardly the BBC’s fault.

    Newsnight is a live show so they had no way of predicting that the moronic bigot Carmen Calil would use abusive, bigotted language

  7. Yet again.. This is becoming some sort of habbit..

    @David – No show is ‘live’ they have at least a 5 min delay for editorial reasons – as required within the broadcast code!

  8. marjangles 7 Jan 2011, 10:52am

    David, you’re right in that it wasn’t the BBC’s fault that it was said but there should have been an immediate apology given by Kirsty Walk apologising for the use of language which may offend, as I’m sure they would have done if someone had used racist language or if someone swears pre-watershed etc. Kirsty Walk giggling like a school girl and then saying that she wouldn’t have said that is not sufficient.

  9. Wow – just googled Carmen Calil.

    She founded the feminist magazine Spare Rib and the feminist publishing house Virago in the 1970’s

    Oh well – what a pity she has thrown away her legacy.

    How can anyone take her efforts on behalf of women seriously, when she so casually engages in derogatory slurs against another discriminated against group.

    Perhaps she has Alzheimers however.

  10. john(derbyshire) 7 Jan 2011, 11:01am

    Yes-but all thye BBC seem to care about is creating controversy. Pity they don`t think of the consequences as far as stigmatizing gay people and the inevitable violent consequences.

  11. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2011, 11:13am

    This isn’t so much about being ‘up in arms’ nor ‘taking offense’ as questioning why I have to pay for channels that clearly don’t respect me. I wouldn’t give money voluntarily give to charity or anybody if they clearly don’t respect me. Nor I suspect, would you.

    I can take a joke and have a laugh just like everyone else but I resent having to pay £145 for the curosity of being insulted.

    It’s not a case of ‘don’t watch it then’ because I don’t. I can’t remember the last time I watched anything from the BBC but if your forced to pay for something you are perfectly within your rights to complain about it. Regardless of if you watch it or not. If they force it then they have to take the battering too. They clearly ain’t going to improve, they have no interest in that.

    Make people chose if they want it and chose to pay for it then I’ll stop complaining.

  12. Kisty Wark should have apologised, or maybe the BBC apologised at the end of the programme.

  13. Chutney Bear 7 Jan 2011, 11:38am

    She said the word poofter, tell the Beeb to stop calling the band on the Jonathan Ross show four poofs and a piano too….cant have it all your own way.

  14. She said the word poofter, tell the Beeb to stop calling the band on the Jonathan Ross show four poofs and a piano too

    At least they threw out Jonathan Ross .. and not before time.

  15. I guess the grey haired old hag with the dried-up shrivelled uterus was simply using the common Australian vernacular against the losing Australian Cricket team.

    It seems when they are losing they are overweight, bleached-blond poofters with shrunken cojones but when they are winning they are suddenly transformed into overweight, bleached-blond virile breeders with heroic cojones swollen to bursting with spunk.

    Is everything now about sex, even sport?

  16. 1. No poofters.
    2. No member of the faculty is to maltreat the “Abbos” in any way whatsoever—if there’s anyone watching.
    3. No poofters.
    4. I don’t want to catch anyone not drinking in their room after lights out.
    5. No poofters.
    6. There is no… rule six.
    7. No poofters.

    Monty Python – The Bruces Sketch 1972

    People should get thicker skins and a sense of humour.

  17. People like spanner and Chutney Bear see this in isolation and say its no big deal.

    But its a huge deal, because this is most definitely not a incident to be taken in isolation.

    BBC presenters like Nicky Campbell, Jonathan Ross and Chris Moyles continue to be allowed to make homophobic comments on the BBC and editors and producers continue to make programming decision (like the should gays be executed debate) that they would never think of doing on any other minority group.

    And before we see people come out with the old line of they cant be bigoted because they employ homosexuals……….The fact they had women working for them never stopped the BBC being sexist in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and just because they had black people working for them did not stop racist programming in the late 60s, 70s and early 80s.

    The fact is those who make programming decisions at the BBC come from a very narrow band of white privately educated mostly males who went to university at Oxford of Cambridge. These establishment types never change and as they know all the other establishment people in Whitehall and government, they know they will never be under any threat whatever they do.

  18. it’s sad how some think all you need is a sense of humour that they approve or a thicker skin but they miss how this affects people, it wouldn’t be acceptable for sexist terms like “b***h” or racism terms like “N****R” to be used yet homophobia is acceptable

  19. @spanner: I have a sense of humour. I reserve it for things which are funny.

    Name-calling is not funny. It is, however, offensive.

    As @marjangles said, Ms Wark should have called out Ms Callil for using offensive language and for perpetuating the homophobic old nonsense that gay = bad at sport. Laughing with embarrassment was not an appropriate reaction.

  20. Take the points being raised but la Callil is not a homophobe.

  21. lol, Chutney and Spanner are idiots. Life may be easier for you chutney by burying your head in the sand and pretending everything is okay. But it isn’t. And let’s face it, spanner defends anyone who is homophobic. Probably because he is so racist, and thinks if he stops people being homophobic, he can’t be racist. His racism justifies the fact that he defends homophobes.

    And on the subject of thick skins. I think our (LGBT) skins are the thickest in the country. What other minority group would put up with being treated like we have for the last thousand years.

  22. The BBC will persist in asking the most distasteful people to comment on news items.
    In thinking of Carmen, forget the femme fatale of Bizet’s opera and think rather of a man-hating, raddled old dyke with a prune-like pussy!

  23. No name-calling there, then, Neville.

  24. Flossie what fundamentalist Christian site did you crawl out from under?…why don’t you go back there?
    I suspect it’s simply too boring for you to stay where you belong.

  25. …or maybe just too tempting here ;)

  26. Jay Haych 7 Jan 2011, 1:48pm

    No wonder this still goes on. The vast majority of gay men in this country are too concerned with where their next hook-up is coming from, and on top of that we cannot agree on what is homophobic or not!
    But yes, this clearly is. No point complaining to ofcom though, they’ve decided not to take any action on the Stephen Green issue, justified Janine’s character in Eastenders using the word ‘poof’, and also justified it when it was used by contestant Laura in Big Brother 2007.
    Perhaps Stonewall or some other body should carry out some research – are OfCom institutionally homophobic also?

  27. “la Callil is not a homophobe”

    She just uses homophobic slurs for people she deems unsucessful.

    What she effectively did was the same as what teenagers do – they use the word ‘gay’ to mean rubbish.

    You would think that a supposedly eduicated woman would have more brains than to stoop to schoolyard name-calling.

    She is clearly a stupid moron.

    And Kirsty Wark should be equally ashamed of herself by responding with a moronic giggle.

  28. Hold on, hold on. This was a *guest* on a live show – not an editorial decision. It’s not fair to beat the BBC with this. It makes Pink News begin to sound like the Daily Mail…

  29. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2011, 2:30pm

    @ Colin

    True but as with most such shows, if a comment was made that ‘may’ offend that presenter would immediately make an apology. They do this so as a way of making sure what has been said is not considered the view of the presenter nor the broadcaster.

    I have heard these instant apologies for swearing, sexist comments, racial comments, anti religious comments…

    However,on these program an apology was not made. So can we take it that this IS in fact the view of the BBC?

    I very much think so.

  30. Is she living in the 1970s? This is unacceptable.

    It looks like the BBC is actively promoting homophobia these days. They are quite happy to ake our money though.

  31. She said poofter with such venom and they all laughed I can imagine what they say behind closed doors

  32. @ atlanta

    Spanner hates gay people if someone slags us off he says geta a sense of humour if one of us gets stabbed he says we were asking for it. He’s a horrible excuse for a human being trolling gay sites and the independent spreading his bile

  33. 21stCenturySpirituality 7 Jan 2011, 3:02pm

    In my work setting If a client used this kind of language I would be expected to challenge them about it. It would be the same for racist or sexist or other prejudical or other derogatory language against individuals or groups. In this particular case I think the use of this language was unprofessional, demeaning and derogatory and an apology should have been made about the language by the presenter. It is a term which is only ever used to demean, offend or bully and I think it should therefore be treated like a swear word on a news broadcast.

  34. Interesting.

    Ofcom is refusing to investigate the BBC’s interview with the genocidal homophobe Stepehn Green because :

    “The watchdog may asses the content of programmes but said Mr Green’s segment did not contain “aggressive incitement or derogatory language”

    Well Newsnight last night DID contain derogatory language – when Carmen Callil described the Australian cricket team as ‘poofters’; to which Kirsty Wark laughed and said ‘I’d never say that’.

    Perhaps people should complain to Ofcom about last nights’s Newsnight;

    You can do so here:

    The BBC has repeatedy emplyed double standards when it comes to homophobia and racism.

    Time to hold their feet to the fire.

  35. I’d like to see a knock-down debate between Carmen Calil and Stephen Green about a woman’s right to say no.
    it would be more entertaining than this anyway.

  36. As a gay man I can choose to be thick-skinned or dismissive but for the majority of people hearing it in a television broadcast, the word “poofter” is a pejorative epithet, an insult and a slur used with the intention to ridicule, giving adults something to laugh at and contributing to the way their children are conditioned to think. To say it was irresponsible and careless.

  37. You are right Jonathan but I will not be complaining about Carmen Calil’s use of “poofter” on Newsnight.
    In context it seemed to be more a teasing comment on homophobic Australian sports culture than an insult directed at gays.

  38. Join the group “Media Watch” on mypinknews

    . . . we are working on contacting offcom, BBC Trust and also Virago Press, since we think they should be dragged into making a statement with regards Carmen Calil.

    As David poitned out . . .

    “She founded the feminist
    magazine Spare Rib and the feminist publishing house Virago in the 1970′s”

  39. Virago Press . . . has always been on the cutting edge of femminist and gay affirmative literature.

    Nothing afirming about the word Poofter !!!

  40. It depends on how you view the word ‘poofter’. For me, it’s a TYPE of gay man – a camp, effeminate, John Inman style guy. As I’m not like that, I take no offence – no-one has ever called me a poofter and I doubt that Carmen bird would have either. She would most likely differentiated me from the ‘poofter’ bracket. Hence you can call a straight man a bit of a ‘poofter’ in the same way – straight men can be camp and effeminate or overly-styled to a distasteful degree too. Simon Cowell, David Dickinson and Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen, to name but a few. As far as I am concerned, Wark did the necessary – there was no need to make a drama out of a crisis and she moved the conversation on as required. Overreacting gives the likes of Callil more ammunition by pointing out that we have no sense of humour. It’s also worth noting that in all gay magazines, gay people are often referred to as poofters, moxlings, homos and queers. Why can we use those terms but no-one else? Either a word is offensive or it isn’t. I’m not falling for that ‘we’ve reclaimed it’ bull s**t. If we can use it, so can Callil.

    Being black and called a ‘coon’ covers ALL black people, not just one type. And I fundamentally criticise the use of the N-word by both black and white communities alike. Reclaimed? Whatever!

  41. Jock. S. Trap – why on Earth do you pay your TV licence then? Just don’t have a TV if you hate it that much. To be fair, there are far more offensive things on TV – the amount of trash MTV-style programmes, cringeworthy over-dramatic reality shows and so on. I can’t understand why you don’t feel represented when, on the flip side, you have Christian, Syed and all manner of other characters in BBC soaps, series, comedies etc. All of these being shown in a positive light and with an increasingly diverse spectrum of gay men. Perhaps you should ask Russell Tovey what he reckons – you know, the openly gay actor who plays a straight man in a BBC comedy. As homophobic as Hollywood? Man up, seriously!

    The reason why I don’t take you as seriously as maybe I could is your name – it just associates gay men with sex through a cheap innuendo, as if it were plucked straight from Viz. A self-chosen name says a lot about you. I rest my case.

  42. I am sure if she had been referring to a West Indian team and said they were more of a n***er team, Kirsty Walk would have laughed and said you may say that I can’t.
    The BBC is so institutionally homophobic that they are beyond seeing it.

  43. What this women said is no worse than the BBC introducing Steven Green as a bible bashing despot. Oh wait! They’d never dream of doing that!!!

  44. Carmen Callil is a wicked old hag.

  45. The BBC rarely if ever represents the GLBT community but consistently seem to get bad luck in the area of ‘offending’ out community.. Perhapes we wouldn’t notices it’s little gaffes and mistakes like this if it actually dedicated 1 second of programming on at least one of its MANY channels to LGBT issues.

  46. @Chutney Bear

    You claim life is easier because you do not take offence to others disparaging you; but, you take offence and passively attack any one whom is displeased and expresses this for being attacked- in fact you laugh at them. So let me get this clear, internally you feel cowardly, meaningless and worthless, and thus, you seek to laugh at others in an effort to belittle them in your perceptions so you can feel better about yourself, and maintain your false belief of being better, more powerful and more in control of your emotional self. Furthermore, resulting from your emotional and social castration -probably by your overbearing parents-d you behave neurotically, attacking others for standing up against those who try to bully them, rather than take a brave stand against your enemies. So you internally feel that to take a stand you would have no effect on the system to make things better and cowardly just accept things for what they are.

    This would mean you are a silly coward and would rather attack those you see as weak rather than take on the your more powerful enemy.

    You must be living in bliss.

    Pink News should be so proud the work they do is being read in Heaven- all because you are there.

  47. My email to the BBC:

    Once again, I look on in bemusement at a BBC clip. Last night while discussing the Ashes on BBC I heard the word ‘poofter’. I didn’t hear an apology. I didn’t hear an inserted ‘bleep’. And the response by the host? Laughter. Great broadcasting BBC – will I be treated to such slurs every week?

  48. God I’m so not surprised. When will the BBC learn.

  49. I hope to see an apology on Newsnight tonight.

  50. Chester “It wouldn’t be acceptable for sexist terms like “b***h” or racism terms like “N****R” to be used yet homophobia is acceptable”

    You can’t even bring yourself to type the words. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s ‘sticks and stones’ – words only have power when they have meaning. As you continue to foam at the mouth in abject apoplexy over a word that many of us use in everyday life, then some people will find it offensive. If you just shrug it off, it’s power becomes impotent and people stop bothering you. Trust me, I know from personal experience, the more you show your concern, the more people will do it. Ignore them, and they give up and go find someone else to taunt.

    Now go get a life, you poof.


    “How offensive is “poofter” – football comment opens debate ”

    I don’t think this is in the same category as SG but what a cow –

  52. Having scanned the reponses to date, I agree taking action on this one is problematic.

    Five words why . . . “Four Puffs and a Piano”

    When I wrote to offcom some years ago over the use of the word Puff by a contestant in a reality TV show, the reponse I got back from OFCOM stated that this was not offensive; OFCOM cited “four Puffs and a Piano” as the reson why it was not an issue.

    Does any one have the e-mail address of this Merry Band?

  53. “Now go get a life, you poof.”

    You first, Spanner.

  54. JohnK, some black people call themselves n*gger, so it ok for BBC to call black people n*ggers?

    It only gays who have double standard abuse allowed.

  55. I’m sure Kirsty Walk just did her best on the spot to deal with the situation. She could have more aptly retorted “Well there’s nothing wrong with that”. Yes I know hair styles don’t dictate sexuality, but it would have sure put that bigoted lady in a corner.

  56. Ray: “So let me get this clear, internally you feel cowardly, meaningless and worthless…. blah blah, moan, whinge.”

    Yet another fcking bar-room psychologist that thinks he knows how everyone should think, or why they are socially inadequate if they don’t match up to their blinkered view of the world.

  57. Jock S. Trap 8 Jan 2011, 8:36am

    I see Newswatch last night was just another attempt for a lame excuse to show the Stephen Green interview, nothing more, nothing less.

    They’ve clearly revelled in the publicity.

  58. Yes, Jock S Trap, they aired Stephen Greens opinions once more and added the strapline from his Christian Voice site about gays being an abomination to God just for good measure. BBC excused itself dismissively without addressing the concerns presented in people’s complaints .

    Well done to Ian Arnott for his intelligent input.


  59. I was hoping to see an apology on Newsnight yesterday, but it did not come.

    They don’t seem to care about the views of gay people.

    I can’t wait till this TV licence crap ends, so at least I’m not paying for their homophobia.

  60. Yuri Fury wrote

    “JohnK, some black people call themselves n*gger, so it ok for BBC to call black people n*ggers?

    It only gays who have double standard abuse allowed.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    YuriFury . . . I agree OFCOMs response is inconsistent when measured against race!!!

  61. Why should the BBC apology, it wasn’t a member of their staff. They don’t apology every time the Pope or the BNP says something objectionable.

  62. William . . . are you being deliberately obtuse?

  63. why do the blacks get all the protection . I blame the coons

  64. Spanner – just out of curiosity – why are your responses so relentlessly insulting and abusive. You may actuallyu have a point in some of your comments but the schoolyard bully tone and namecalling that you employ serves only to make you look like a festering sore

  65. “why do the blacks get all the protection . I blame the coons”

    Is that supposed to be your pathetic attempt to raise a reaction, troll? Please, try harder, you just sound like a moron.

  66. “why are your responses so relentlessly insulting and abusive.”

    Because he’s just a small angry little man whose only outlet is to rant like a madman on a gay site. Probably no one would fcuk him either.

  67. Oh come on people! stop being offended by every joke/comment made that is even slightly offensive. what she said was funny!
    lets be honist, if a gay person had said that comment none of you would have cared, so why is it ‘homophobic’ for her to say it?
    Im 18 and openly gay myself. the makers and readers of this website need to grow a pair!

  68. Nope thats me saying pn allows racist posts which are not (usually) challenged and ignores the black gay perspective in the uk. Marsha Ambrosia a black uk artist makes an important first video addressing homophobia and its ignored

  69. > scott18 – ” the makers and readers of this website need to grow a pair!”

    Your comment is so stupid I can’t be bothered to reply, just to tell you that you need to grow some brain cells.

  70. Scott 18

    Totally agree, gay men would be laughing if another gay guy had said it in the pub. Or even on the show for that matter. This ‘reclaiming’ of insulting words to be used only by the minority in question is just to try and make the minority appear exclusive. A bit like an elite club. It’s borne out of pure insecurity. An insult is an insult, the meaning of that word doesn’t change depending on who is using it. I cite ‘queer’ as an example: if a straight guy said a gay man was queer, there would be uproar. So how does that tally with LGBTQ (Q = queer!)? You know, a term being advocated by gay people as a means of self-definition? Pure hypocrisy.

    If a black man thinks it’s ok to use the n-word with his other black mates, then I will happily call him a ni**er. Now that’s real equality.

    It’s actually the accepting, well-meaning, fair-minded, straight, white man I feel sorry for at the minute. No matter how supportive they try to be, the minutest glimps of a foot over the line and they are called homophobic. A phobia is an irrational fear, it’s quite different from being mildly ignorant or unintentionally prejudiced. Words are powerful and bandying a word like ‘homophobic’ around when it is not appropriate or too strong will only weaken its value. Save it for the Pope and a certain Mr Green, not some Australian bird having a laugh. If she’d called us pommy ba**ards, an eyebrow would not have been raised – yet, if you think about it she is insulting a race of people and a cultural group. So what’s the difference?

    Lesson: pick your fights wisely and save your strength for the real ones that actually do impact on our lives!

  71. I think she meant to say they are a bunch of skippy poofters…..

    I don’t really think she was trying to be offensive but you would have thought she would have had a little bit more sense to not have used the word poofter (I’m not quite what context she meant it to mean, a bunch of queers or what)…why on earth ask this woman to comment on cricket anyway…I also wondered what you would call a bunch of useless cricketers who are now more interested in being models in mags than actually being good cricketers….perhaps you need to look at the sport mad culture of Australia and the rivalry between Eng and Australia especially in cricket to understand her use of the word poofter…anyway she should have used it and I don’t think the BBC are realy to blame , they could apologise for offence but really it does seem just a wrong word to use rather than a word to offend gays…

    Does’t her book company write books on homophobic bullying at schools or did I misread that somewhere?

  72. So are we saying that it is ok to allow people to use the word “Poofter” becasue . . .

    It will not encourage further bullying in schools?

    It will not encourage futher dafamation of LGBT people?

    It will not lead to futher escuating violence against LGBT people, becasue verbal jibes never lead to physical violence agianst LGBT people?

  73. Jock S. Trap 9 Jan 2011, 7:18am

    The fact remains that if something had been said insulting against race, gender or religion there would have been an immediate apology.

    What allows us to be easy bait and soft targets whilst we know full well that with other groups it wouldn’t be accepted. Treat us all the same or all the same nastiness across the board.

    The fact this comment was allowed without even a slightly embarrassed apology shows the BBC see Gay/Lesbians as different. Otherwise they’d treat us with the same respect.

    I can’t believe I paid £145 to watch Newswatch, a 15 min program that basically told me the BBC had every right to say what It likes. Why should I pay for that. Having all the extra channels I can choose what I have so why do I have to pay even more for channels I not only don’t watch but just don’t want.

    Time the BBC went it alone and became just another channel to be added to the subscription but only if wanted.

  74. So I guess if Kirsty had said to Carmen Callil…
    “With your grey, wiry, unkempt mess of hair, whiskery upper lip, unshaved legs etc… are you as a feminist trying to get in touch with your sporty masculine side?”
    And Carmen would have repied,
    “No, not my masculine side Im getting in touch with my lezzer side”
    The result wouldn’t have been much better I guess.

  75. mmmmm: “Save it for the Pope and a certain Mr Green, not some Australian bird having a laugh. If she’d called us pommy ba**ards, an eyebrow would not have been raised – yet, if you think about it she is insulting a race of people and a cultural group. So what’s the difference?”

    A man after my own heart!
    To be honest, the term ‘poofter’ isn’t exclusively directed at gays anyway, it implies effeminacy and lack of machismo. I would easily call Lionel Blair or David Dickinson as ‘poofters’ even though both are both (apparently) self-assuredly straight.

    The woman was having a pop at limp wristed wimpy types, if you think you are one of those, then as they say, ‘if the cap fits, wear it’, but don’t accuse the woman of being anti-homosexual.
    That’s like me stating the fact “black people have thick lips, brown eyes and curly hair” is a racist statement. Yes, it segregates some people, but where exactly am I being insulting or derogatory?

  76. ofcom and word poof

    1 July 2007 and 4 July 2007 , Laura Williams

    Around 200 viewers complained about two separate incidents in which Laura Williams used the word “poof


  77. sorry here was part of ofcoms excuse not to do anything…

    “…We first considered the incidents related to Laura Williams in the light of Rules 2.1 and 2.3 (generally accepted standards). In Ofcom’s opinion, generally accepted standards were applied to this material and adequate context was given. In our view, it is not possible or appropriate at present to establish definitively the degree of offence use of the word “poof” can cause in all contexts. For example, i t is clear that within the gay community itself, the word “poof” can be used in a playful, affectionate or self-deprecating way. This is evidenced, for example, by the use of the word in Friday Night with Jonathan Ross ….”

    it goes on to give other reasons as well!

  78. “That’s like me stating the fact “black people have thick lips, brown eyes and curly hair” is a racist statement. Yes, it segregates some people, but where exactly am I being insulting or derogatory?

    It like me stating the fact that racist men have little dick and envy black mens virility

  79. James: I can prove my statement. Can you do the same about yours?

  80. Bollocks you mug

  81. Spanner . . . we are still waiting for you to provide proof to support the statement you reiterated earlier!

    So far you appear to have refrained from actually providing proof . . .

    I wonder what this really says?

  82. Johnk:
    That black people have curly hair and thick lips? Its a simple observable fact. Stop getting your knickers in a twist because you cannot deny it to be true, and have to admit is is not a racist or insulting statement.

  83. James: “Bollocks you mug.”
    What an erudite and articulate response.
    The sort of retort I’ve come to expect from brain-dead cretins such as yourself that have difficulty reading the front page of The Sun, let alone a proper political debate.
    You will go far.

  84. Spanner . . . doesn’t Micheal Portillio have thick lips

    Spanner . . . is Mr Portillio Black ?

  85. JohnK:
    You talk in riddles.
    Cabbages are green, but everything that is green is not necessarily a cabbage.

  86. Spanner wrote

    “That black people have curly hair and thick lips? Its a simple observable fact.”

    Does Oprah Winfrey have curly black hair and thick lips . . . ?

  87. JohnK – srsly, calm down. I might not agree with how spanner says stuff, but here I agree with the sentiment. It was one word. The presenter might not have apologised, but she did move swiftly away from the topic and distance herself and the BBC from said comment, as is in their guidelines. Poofter isn’t even that offensive a word. At least she didn’t call it their fag side. You guys need to calm down.

    As for the talking about reclaiming – the point of doing it is, I thought, so that we won’t be offended if other people say it. If I call myself a fag all the time, I won’t then be offended if someone yells “fag” at me on the street (I should know; it happened; I laughed). I was only like 16; if I can take this, you can take someone using the word poofter to refer to guys dying their hair blond (which, let’s face it, is a little gay).

  88. JohnK “Does Oprah Winfrey have curly black hair and thick lips . . . ?”

    You bet your ass she did when she was born.
    What is your point in all of this? What deep, meaningful resolution are you trying to get across?

    You seem to be arguing simply to make me look a fool, but failing badly and actually just making yourself look a twat.

  89. Spanner . . . Racial stereotypes are unacceptable in the 21st century

    Spanner . . . Racial name calling is unacceptable in the 21st century

    Spanner . . . Why do you continue to believe that racism is acceptable in the 21st century

  90. Oscar wrote

    “JohnK – srsly, calm down. I might not agree with how spanner says stuff, but here I agree with the sentiment.”

    Oscar if you argree with Spanner’s senitments, then presumably you are also suggesting that racial stereotypes are acceptable

    Oscar why do you believe racial stereotypes are acceptable in the 21st century

  91. Johnk this is not only a gay site its also a racist site where racist comments are allowed and encouraged it like a gay stormfront dont waste your time with these
    c u n t s

  92. James . . . I agree, there have been a lot of racist comment recently on pinknews, and especailly from the self-styled racist who refers to himself as “Spanner”

  93. JohnK – no, I don’t agree with his use of a racial stereotype in the attempt to get his point across (I don’t agree with how he argues his points, like i said) – but nor do I agree with your leaping onto this argument and continuing to pick out little flaws in it. It doesn’t matter, it was just an example – yes, a racist one, but still just an example.

    When I said I agree with Spanner I meant that I agree that the word ‘poofter’ is not excessively offensive.

  94. Moreover, JohnK – if you are asking questions, then they should have question marks at the end. Question marks look like this ? and can be easily found on any computer keyboard.

  95. The BBC may like to be controversial occasionally but you will notice that they are ever so careful about which groups they offend.

    They seem to prefer a safe, some would say cowardly way of being controversial by careful selection of targets. Imagine the uproar if she had offended Islam. But of course the daring BEEB would always make sure that didn’t happen.

  96. JohnK its also the fact that he goes unchallenged and most commentators agree with him ben Cohen should be ashamed

  97. Oscar wrote

    “. . . but nor do I agree with your leaping onto this argument and continuing to pick out little flaws in it. It doesn’t matter, it was just an example – yes, a racist one, but still just an example.”

    I understand that you think that racism is not an important issue!

  98. Oscar wrote . . .

    “but nor do I agree with your leaping onto this argument and continuing to pick out little flaws in it.”

    Oscar . . . I think you will find that it is called “free speech” – are you against Free speech?

  99. James wrote

    “JohnK its also the fact that he goes unchallenged and most commentators agree with him ben Cohen should be ashamed”

    James . . . I disagree with his comments and he is not going unchallanged by many people on pinknews.

    James . . . there is no place for racist bullies on pinknews!

  100. JohnK: I seriously think you should seek professional psychiatric help.

    You see stating black people as having “curly hair and thick lips” as a ‘stereotype’!!? It is not, it is a FACT.
    You cannot find any way around it, it is NOT racist, it is NOT insulting, it is the simple truth of the matter, but your socialist brainwashing cannot comprehend this concept.

    If this was a tacky B movie, you would be a robot spitting sparks and yelping “Does not compute!”

  101. John K this site is full of racist bullies its a disgrace I will not be around much longer its pointless but pink news seems to make money from advertising but is spending nothing on moderation.

  102. Well.. Warnie’s def not a ‘poofter, Liz HUrley was going out with him a few weeks ago, lucky git. Mitchell JOhnson could be but most of them have got really good looking lady friends, so I don’t think she was saying they were gay, just they weren’t being tough and masculine enough, like in the old Allan Border days. Less iffeminacy, more rugged Aussie manliness. Now you can debate the use of the word but I think her point is a fair one about the cricket team.

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