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Rhode Island gay marriage bill re-introduced

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Reader comments

  1. Hopefully it will pass this time and I am very happy to see the governor giving marriage equality his support.

  2. I hope this proceeds swiflty.

  3. Yes, I hope it proceeds quickly and it is legalised.

    Because, let us be honest, the short term outlook for the advancement of the civil rights of gay people in America doesn’t look good.

    Quite a lot of crackpot far-right Republicans did well at the elections in Nov 2010, and they have just entered office today.

  4. marjangles 7 Jan 2011, 12:36pm

    SamB you’re absolutely right and unfortunately the Democrats did badly in many different state governments including New Hampshire which could result in the repeal of marriage rights there. Good luck to Rhode Island but I suspect that, for the foreseeable future, RI and California (depending on how the appeals go) will be the only states for a while in which equal marriage rights progress. Depending on what happens in New Hampshire, Maine will continue to be the only state without gay marriage in New England following the election of a right wing lunatic there as governor.

  5. Don’t forget Maryland, marjangles – things look promising there:

    Don’t get me started on Maine’s new teabagger governor. The only reason he got in was because the liberal vote was split between Libby Mitchell and Eliot Cutler – who both supported same-sex marriage, incidentally – and Maine isn’t a runoff state. The only saving grace is that he doesn’t have much of a popular mandate, having won with only 38% of the vote.

  6. The gay marriage bill will unfortunately not pass in the 3 states of Maryland, New York State and Rhode Island – because the Democrats do not have the numbers in the upper houses that is full of Republican tea-baggers (but they do have Democrat Governors in all 3 of those states)!!!!!

    The civil union’s bill will very easily pass this year in 2011 in both Hawaii and Colorado because the Democrat has the numbers in both houses and is controlled by Democrat Governors!!!!

    The domestic partnership bill ALWAYS fails in New Mexico since the year 2000 – so it has no chance in hell even in 2011 I presume!!!!!

  7. Mike,

    There’s actually quite enough support, it will probably happen in Rhode Island. Also, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee is not a democrat. He’s a former republican, current independent.

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