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James Franco: ‘Maybe I’m just gay’

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  1. Steve@GayWebHosting 6 Jan 2011, 6:24pm

    Well, I like his attitude to the whole thing. The matter of his sexuality, and whether or not he reveals it, should be for him to decide only..

    Anyway, he MUST be straight because we have all been told recently that gay actors do NOT get good parts…. even playing gay parts!

    Fair play to him though.

  2. James Sexy Franco

  3. He is one of the most talented actors out there and takes on great roles that are challenging and exciting and I’m sure will have great success directing.

    I like his views on sexuality, it doesn’t matter it Doesent define you.

  4. A lot of moviegoers in America (and elsewhere) seem to struggle with the notion that an actor’s job is, duh, TO ACT.

  5. Oh great, first Gareth Thomas, now this… is there any A-list metrosexual totty my boyfriend hasn’t lusted after who’s going to stay in the closet just to help me out?
    All I need now is for Freddie Lundberg to out himself and I won’t hear the end of it.
    I think it’s high time I got myself some A list pinups to make my other half jealous! Either that or I’m going to have to hit the gym with avengence.

  6. I don’t care whether he is gay or straight, or somewhere in between.

    He is gorgeous and a decent actor. I loved Milk.

  7. Sean Jesse 7 Jan 2011, 2:08pm

    I think that’s fine but that does mean the gay drag queen actor who used to just get to play the gay drag queen part – like me – has been reduced to ____ really.

    Not that I’m an actor, and not that James Franco and hordes of other straight men haven’t done drag on film. That comment waxed offensive in my opinion. As someone who DOES drag and considers it a serious facet of his personality, I don’t want to think of it as a reduction.

    And sexuality IS a defining quality for many people. I don’t think it particularly matters to his case because he isn’t embracing a role as a member of the gay community and is only tangentially supportive of the movement. I can see why people would be interested, but I think his role choices suggest that he’s ambitious as a an actor rather than that he might be gay.

  8. Now you see me, now you don’t – a familiar game by now (but I hope he is – he’s gorgeous).

  9. To be an actor is to play this game of ping pong with public and enjoying the ride. He;s on fast track all right.
    Franco is obviously talented and clever man who got us talking and watching. Job done. Bravo and good luck.

  10. Phoenix0879 8 Jan 2011, 3:09pm

    This is something I just don’t get about acting (and an actor made this comment too, I just can’t recall who). An actor can play a stone-cold psychopathic serial killer in a myriad of different films (hello Jack Nicholson), a dozen different gun-toting revenge fueled ex-military muscle-men (hello Arnie and Stallone) etc etc and NO-ONE asks if they are really like that. An actor takes on more than one gay role and suddenly everyone is speculating “well, he *must* be gay, he’s playing another gay role”. What rubbish!

    I think it’s great he’s taking on gay roles because he finds them interesting to play. He has a very mature ‘whatever you say’ attitude to the gossips.

  11. yes and the rumours were probally started by gay men

  12. he’s a creative guy with an open mind and a CV that includes more than just acting

    if object of desire defines sexuality then maybe i’m coming-out as a Francosexual – or is that just str8 talking?

  13. Vision of paradise: Sandwished between Franco and Dean.

  14. But James, dear, aren’t you aware that the lunatic militant fringe in our community demand that you MUST pigeon-hole yourself as “gay” or “straight” – there is no other way in our convenient black and white world. Never mind that the realm of human sexuality is far more complex than neat little boxes marked “gay” and “straight”. But they never stray far enough from their 42 inch plasmas and Grindr apps to discover the complexities of human life stretch way beyond their own, narrow confines of the “scene”. Pity.

  15. > william. What are you mumbling about?

  16. Gerrard, let me try and define what I am trying to say more clearly. If we agree that “gay-identified” people make up 6 per cent of the populace, my argument would be that truly “straight-identified” people (ie: people that have never entertained the thought or possibility of having sex with a member of their own gender) also make up 6 per cent of the population. We categorize sex into pigeon-holes because it is convenient and humans, by nature, like to label things as black or white, seldom pausing to consider the grey area in the middle. The big mistake here is to ignore the fact that sex is fluid, it is not either or (ie: gay or straight) down the middle. So, while we immediately label any man who sleeps with another man or indeed suggests, as does James Franco, that he would not write off that possibility, gay-identified people immediately scramble to label them “gay” when they are most certainly not: they are merely sexual beings who are not closed off to the idea of experiencing their full innate sexual desires and potential.

    Were it not for society’s taboos and intolerance of homosexuality, there would be a lot more open same sex liaisons among people who occasionally, sometimes or mostly shag with the opposite sex. Look at how open the Greeks were sexually before the Bible arrived and enforced a host of sexual disciplines that instilled guilt and fear into same-sex behaviour? What is interesting today is that society’s relaxing views towards homosexuality is seeing a return to same-sex openness, from straight-identified men who are not afraid to embrace and even kiss each other in public, to predominantly heterosexually-inclined men, perhaps like James Franco, who do not automatically dismiss the idea of finding another guy attractive or even expressing that side of their sexuality physically.

    Indeed there are a host of porn web sites that have spawned in recent years, like Randy Blue and Sean Cody, that specialize in “un-gay” guys copping off together and having a great time in the process. Yet dare suggest to any of these guys that they are gay when they spend most of their free time shagging their girlfriends/wives senseless would be met with the derision and ridicule it deserves. Gay-identified people refuse to accept that sexuality is fluid because their experience is that they only find other men attractive and therefore dismiss all other possibilities.

    This is the tragedy of the gay world, in my opinion, and explains the ghettoization and caricaturization of our sexuality by some gay men into the very extreme stereotypes that the rest of us object to when featured on the BBC. If we just got that “gay” chip off our collective shoulder and accepted ourselves as sexual beings as opposed to an exclusive world into which entry is defined by who we slept with, all of the shame, guilt, mental illnesses and, ultimately, suicides that arise from men who are torn between what the gay lobby demands you be and the need to survive and function in mainstream society at large would, I am convinced, be eliminated overnight.

    You see, at the end of the day we are our own worst enemy because we have created these boundaries – or prison walls – between “them” and “us”. The fact is that the biggest irony of all is that homophobia and intolerance are most rife from within these walls. Mainstream society is only reacting to these boundaries we erect and the demands that come from within them for equal rights and so forth when the key is just to live and let live. We are all human beings in this together, after all, and if the “gay community” just took one deep breath, chilled and was all-embracing our troubles and problems, I am convinced, would disappear overnight. It is this special recognition we demand and the need some feel to scream their who they sleep with that mainstream society reacts against, because sexuality itself does not discriminate or favour one type of sex above another. It just is, and we should learn to just be with our sexuality.

  17. My best friend is gonna hate this news… lol. she’s in love with him. it’s not as bad as me with hayley williams though… >>;; but we all know she’s not gay. D: not fair.

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