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EastEnders ‘to have gay surrogacy plotline’

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Reader comments

  1. I’m just surprised the script writers didn’t think of Christian and Syed snatching Ronnie’s/Kat’s sprog and surgically changing its sex and smearing it with fake tanning cream to disguise it as their own before being struck down by Swine Flu. Surely that would be more up ‘Enders’ street and guaranteed a van load of duff-duffs?

  2. What about Syed and Christian getting pissed off with BBC homophobia and deciding not to pay their TV licence? That ought to get people talking!

  3. Eastenders plots are pretty twisted and pathetic. Murder, swapping dead babies, and now more trash that will come across homophobic.

    Soaps can’t do proper gay related plots, how about christian proposes to syed but religion gets in the way or they want actually be married and start a protest… How about a soap reflecting real life for once.

  4. Will they be having Stephen Green on “Points of View” to offer an ‘opposing viewpoint’?

  5. Non-Eastenders watcher... 6 Jan 2011, 10:00pm

    @Spanner – no, he’s going to have a guest star cameo sort of role where he walks into The Queen Vic, delivers a sermon where he denounces gays, gay surrogacy and Steps and then he’s bludgeoned to death by Dirty Den (who may or may not have returned from the dead an undetermined number of times.)

    So yeah, it’s all plausible scripting, in my opinion.

  6. Now there’s a thing . . .

  7. So they are going to replace the swapping dead baby storyline with a gay surrogacy storyline!

    I think its a big fat F you to us all. Putting this in a Eastenders plot is the BBC saying we don’t give a shit what you think of us.

  8. Er, knock knock! It’s a soap opera..

  9. Glenda?? Bloody Glenda?

  10. john(derbyshire) 7 Jan 2011, 11:03am

    What the BBC is doing in the name of “balance” is downright dangerous. These storyline simply stir up gay hatred by giving a voice to those who look for ways of opposing us. Normally its characters who are demonized in these soap plot-but this time it will be a whole minority and the BBC should remember it could end up with blood on its hands!

  11. @ non eastenders watcher,

    That I would watch ! But I would like him to confront syed and Christian in the pub and syed’s parents come to their defence finally confronting their own homophobia seeing in this man what they had been doing to their son.

    Actually having people who had a major thing with religion and sexuality counter arguing the bigot would be a good moment for the soap.

    Perhaps the WBC should show up and get chased out of their.

  12. “Er, knock knock! It’s a soap opera..”

    Er, knock, knock! Unfortunately it’s how 10 million people in this country formulate their opinions.

  13. Why call it gay surrogacy?… it’s just surrogacy isn’t it?

  14. Samuel B. 8 Jan 2011, 2:02am

    Jeez, the scriptwriters really are scarping the bottom of the bargain basement barrel these days. My family have switched off EastEnders after the disgusting Ronnie/Kat storyline, and when they get wind of this lame drivel I suspect they won’t be tuning back in a hurry. Maybe they’ll start getting out and about and discovering their lives instead, bless ’em.

  15. Jock S. Trap 8 Jan 2011, 8:45am

    The BBC clearly thinks all Gay/Lesbians are only good for is cheap gags and dramatic controvesial storylines. God forbid should we should be shown living are lives just like everyone else.

  16. Why are Americans SO MUCH BETTER at depicting gay people?

    The US is supposedly a much more homophobic country than the UK.

    Yet, however, gay people are depicted far better on US television.

    I am thinking of Brothers and Sisters, Six Feet Under, The Wire and et cetera.

    Here in the UK we have the stereotypical bloody Eastender story.

  17. martyn notman 8 Jan 2011, 2:05pm

    as soon as the story line is over they will probably either a) get killed by janine b) move to swindon or c) vanish into some shop that gets mentioned once then never again. I hate the way BBC treats its gay characters..

  18. “Why are Americans SO MUCH BETTER at depicting gay people?”

    They’re not, in my opinion. This Eastenders story sounds abysmal, but overall UK tv drama LGBT people in a more normal way, I think.

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