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Californian appeals court passes on gay marriage case to state Supreme Court

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Reader comments

  1. The ban must be kept intact to keep laws and policy healthy!!

  2. Commanderthor 5 Jan 2011, 10:02am

    Lena is mentally ill and must be institutionalised.

  3. Jock S. Trap 5 Jan 2011, 10:16am

    It seems they are just stalling as if waiting for someone with a solid arguement against it, otherwise it’d be through by now.

    What will it take for these bigots to realise all consenting adults have the right to fall in love and celebrate that love in marriage if they wish to do so, regardless of gender?!

    What lenghths will they go to stop this?

    When equal marriage is finally granted why they try to dismantle marriage so no-one can have it, you know the ‘spolit child having a tantrum and throwing it’s toys out’ technique.


  4. And I thought our own legal system was bureaucratic. What a long winded way to deliver justice. To me it sounds like the courts are stalling or uncomfortable about making a definitive decision to resolve the case once and for all.

  5. it’s a bit of a cop-out by the 9th Circuit, but one designed to prevent future problems. The issue of standing simply isn’t clear in the law. It’s a delay, but not a set back.

    I’m curious why the article put the term “trial” in scare quotes as if it weren’t a “real” trial.

  6. Tim Hopkins 6 Jan 2011, 9:20am

    Probably because in the UK the term “trial” is mostly used by the general public to refer to criminal trials, and not to civil ones.

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