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US Navy captain accused of making anti-gay videos

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Reader comments

  1. Can’t spot anything wrong or untrue about homosexual lifestyle in Captain Owen Honors’ videos. According to what is in this article, all is true. Why are they “not acceptable”? Nonsense and hypocritical moaning!!

  2. Another honest guy is punished.

  3. bicoastal yank 5 Jan 2011, 3:31am

    Good riddance to the pig. Not only a homophobe, but a stupid homophobe. Send him to a junior high school somewhere in Alabama where there is an appreciation for his brand of humor.

  4. You can see the videos here:

    Watch through to the end of the one in the first link for a nice look at two guys soaping each other up in the shower. More sophomoric than homophobic IMO.

  5. More proof that those who can’t think for themselves tend to fight instead.

  6. he obviously fancies himself as some sort of tacky TV presenter. Maybe running a death-dealing warship isn’t exciting enough. The gods help us!

  7. darkmoonman 5 Jan 2011, 6:10pm

    “he sketches credit him as writer and producer and are said to be crude’ and ‘raunchy’, with homophobic slurs, sexual innuendo, toilet humour and swearing.”

    So, they’re on par with the latest “comedy” out of Hollywood.

    BTW, the Cpt. Honors has been permanently removed from his position, not temporarily as reported here.

  8. OK the captain humiliates gays and women for the fun of the others.

    Is that how you build unit cohesion and esprit de corps.

    Especially with a lot of other sailors thinking – am I next.

    It looks like this guys career is over, period. He’ll prob be out of the service, and its a good opportunity to cut his rank and hence retirement pay as a message to anu other college kid mentality captains and officers in charge of 6000 lives and a multibillion $$ carrier.

    Also looks like the words gone out from some of the religious hatehouses to support this jerk.

    people we ought to hand over to the taliban as a peace offerng.

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