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Sarah Palin’s retweet hints at gay support

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Reader comments

  1. bicoastal yank 4 Jan 2011, 4:25pm

    When hell freezes over.

  2. She may not be a homophobe but that doesn’t make her a decent woman. anyway, one RT of a tweet about the hypocrisis of people speaking against DADT is hardly unconditional support for LGBT rights as a whole.

  3. Isn’t this stupid woman EVER going to go away? Hasn’t she had her 15 minutes yet?

  4. I’ve said it all along, this woman is the antichrist. She’s going to be the death of this country yet. If she’s hopping on the “gay bandwagon”, you can bet it’s just to garner more votes down the line.

  5. Its of less concern that this woman is a homophobe, more that she’s an idiot. And the US has a track record in voting in people as presidents who are bordering on special needs.

  6. westcoastkid 4 Jan 2011, 6:37pm

    By being ambiguous on (some) gay issues she is hedging her bets when she (god forbid) makes a run for president next election.

  7. Sarah Palin, a gay icon!!!

    Oh Purleeeze Nooooo!!!

  8. Dubious about her motives here !

  9. :D @ Will

    I’m highly doubtful about Palin. I don’t see how this retweet means anything at all really. To me Palin seems more like a backstabber than a ‘friend’.

  10. I don’t credit Palin with the brains to understand what she was retweeting, this could all mean absolutely nothing.

  11. This news item has the effect of reducing me to monosyllabic grunts . . . Yeah Yeah Yeah

    Perhaps I am Father Christmas after all . . .

    A PR campaign without substance, spun into outer orbit like a gigantic piece of candifloss . . . sort of sums this one up – so to speak.

  12. Good woman the Palin. Let’s hope she is pro-LGBT because she’s probably going to be the next President of the USA. Well, let’s face it, anyone, even a trained chicken, would be better than the idiot who is in the Whitehouse at the moment

  13. Tammy Bruce?…..wouldn’t want to meet her on a dark night!

  14. Sarah Palin is about making money (why she resigned as governor) and fame (just like all the other sad bastards on reality TV). Nothing else matters, other than the fact that she makes David Beckham seem erudite and articulate.

  15. “Let’s hope she is pro-LGBT because she’s probably going to be the next President of the USA”

    She’s a right wing gun nut who said North Korea is an ally to the US, and is on par with that staggeringly stupid George W Bush, so what on earth would make you think she is “pro-gay”? Don’t kid yourself.

  16. Sarah Palin still wants her 15 mnutes of fame.

  17. Are you serious? Does this even warrant being news?
    Sarah Palin is a pretty nasty character – thankfully she’s as equally as thick.
    If she came out and said that she was in favour of equal rights for the LGBT community then that warrants a story but just because she delicately hints at it?

  18. Another right-wing gay conned into supporting mad reactionaries. Ho, hum.

  19. She just probably accidentally clicked the wrong bit on her twitter.
    Another mistake. Yes, that makes sense now ;-)

  20. Sarah Palin = eurgh!

  21. darkmoonman 5 Jan 2011, 6:04pm

    More proof that gays who join the GOP have suffered brain damage.

  22. I couldn’t give a crap what she thinks about gay rights, the rest of her platform is so bizarre and scary that if she ever gets elected as US president, or anything even approaching it then LGBT’s in the US should run, not walk for the nearest exit.

    I fear they may get trampled in the crush of decent Americans hurrying to jump ship before the freaky right wingers take power.

    Truly, Palin as president will reduce the USA to become a global laughing stock and that would be a tragedy. She has shown herself to be lacking in the intelligence needed to hold office and unable to see out the full term of office for the roles she has previously been elected to. She’s also been tainted by scandal throughout.

    The ‘Tea Party’ so beloved of her is just the ‘media friendly’ name adopted by a bunch of homophobic racists. She’s NEVER publicly spoken to challenge any of that aspect of the organisation, so she must accept it. The disgusting banners and slognas have been prominently on display at rallies she has addressed and she’s had the opportunity countless times.

    No country that elected GW Bush and didn’t learn enough from that experience to avoid electing her could expect to be taken seriously.

  23. If she’s simply jumping on a gay bandwagon, let’s hope she misses her step and gets run over.

    I wouldn’t vote for her for ANY public office this side of the far end of Eternity!!!

  24. She can hint all she likes. She is NEVER going to get into the White House.

    The woman is complete balloon.

  25. Dan Filson 10 Jan 2011, 9:52pm

    What is it about the USA that they seem to relish electing dim folk as their leaders – Reagan, Quayle, Dubya, Palin (and that’s just the Republicans) . A perverse way of ensuring weak Federal government, perhaps. I sense she is saying that the more protest about gays the more they are = like the Macarthyites half a century ago – a little bit strange themselves, She may be right on that, but I would appreciate a bit more precision in what she says not least to show that she can think precisely when she needs to. If then the USA elects her, then that is their choice.

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