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Gay dads Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow to open surrogacy centre

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Reader comments

  1. This is good news for aspiring gay parents. Having been through it themselves they are the perfect people to help others.

  2. “The millionaire couple have substantially raised the profile of gay parenting in the last decade, although their lavish lifestyle has been criticised”

    If they have the money then surely they are entitled to live their lives any which way they like!

  3. Great news indeed! Although and just like Elton’s – it is often the lifestyle of gay millionaires/celebrities etc thats of concern and not the sexuality of the prospect parents. Although we must not judge the choices which one of us makes I hope that we as a society think of the children’s well being first and foremost! And with so many children to be adopted I hope this does not stop same sex couples applying for adoption (I know its not the same).
    Perhaps this image will change with ordinary same sex couples going down this path though.

  4. Daniel, I read that Barrie and Tony are hoping to make the process cheaper so that might help make it affordable for same sex couples on more ordinary incomes.

    And I completely agree about the importance of adoption – and fostering too.

  5. Hey Pink News, you forgot to balance the article and get a bigoted rent a gob in to tell us that the world will end because of these ungodly actions – well done for realising that it did not need balanced.

    I wish them well and hope they can bring happiness to many decent same sex couples who wish to have children and can be good parents.

  6. Great news.
    It wasn’t until it was too late I thought of such a thing. I’m too old now (not as old as Elton though).But I would have loved to have had son to pass things onto. Still…
    Actually, as bolshy as I am I would have been a nightmare for the authorities to deal with as it is.
    When you get to my age you realise how stupid and petty we can all be as far as discrimination is concerned. But no bugger would dare try with me. (anyone my age would never challenge his or her peers by the way – they know how stupid and petty things are) and I’ve seen it from the inside. Unfortunately it is the younger ones who have to put up with the clap trap and manipulative peer pressure that they tells them that they are too weird or not good enough.
    For what though?
    It’s rubbish.
    Ignore them.
    You are good enough.
    If you want kids, for God’s sake have them now.
    Don’t wait until it’s too late..No one would ever DARE take them from you anyway.
    And if they try.
    They have to get through me first.


  7. It’s certainly a good time to set up a surrogacy business on the back of the Elton publicity. I guess their rates would depend on who you are and what your requirements are. I guess Elton’s going rate would be considerably higher than a minor millionaire. I guess an Ukranian womb and egg would be cheaper than a British one. I guess the made in Britain logo isn’t as good as it was anyway. I always thought surrogacy agencies were profit making businesses, open to all and sundry and not charities…

    It’s defintely a good way of overcoming the strict rules and regulations of adoption and fostering which are mainly there to meet the needs of the child. I guess it’s also a good way of stopping your surrogate child in later years trying to find their blood mother and siblings etc. …and of course as long as your’re willing to overcome the medical consequences of bearing a child it’s a good way for the surrogate mother of making money and paying the mortagage – personally I couldn’t think of anything more degrading to my body apart from prostition…

  8. good luck them both i think they are outstanding people……….x

  9. Mike: “If you want kids, for God’s sake have them now.”

    Much that I understand and appreciate your sentiments, I still say to you, and all potential gay parents the same as I would to anyone wanting kids. Having children is not a right. The only person with rights is the child itself, and unless you have the ability to bring them up with in the right environment, with the love, care and attention they need, then forget it and go blow the money on a holiday instead.

    They are not like buying a new plasma TV or a car, or even a pet. You are committed to at least eighteen years to support that person, and that is not a commitment anyone should take lightly. Where do you see yourself in 18 years time? Can anyone?

    I am not saying people should deny themselves a hopefully wonderful relationship, but they really need to think long and hard about taking on such a huge task. It’s tough enough for str8 parents, but I would imagine gay or lesbian ones having to cope with that extra layer of problems.

    That said, anyone who does take that leap of faith, I wish them and their children the best of everything.

  10. Surogacy is legal in the UK for both gays and straights (???) so why or why is the intention to use surrogate mothers from abroad – is this to overcome the more stringent legal rules of British surrogacyor is the profit greater if American donors or others are used?

    “…..for helping with all legal documentation to allow each couple to bring home their baby to the UK”

  11. Mihangel apYrs 5 Jan 2011, 11:49am

    why spanner, that post was positively brimming with compassion :-)

    did you have a transmogrifying New Year’s Eve, or are you proving what I’ve though all along: that you may kick those you think are timewasting wimps, while actually being one of the good guys if it came to manning barricades?

  12. Spanner,

    you appear to be suggesting that same sex couples should not have kids because of the prejudice and bigotry of other people.

    Maybe we should all scurry back into the closet to save their ittle sensibilities.

    I know same sex couples with kids and they are well aware of the extra burdens and take appropriate actions to ensure their kids are equipped to deal with it and protected from it. It is called good parenting.

  13. Mihangel apYrs: I am still the miserable bastard I always was, I just like to think I err on the side of common sense, unlike many of the idiots on here.

    Dave G: “you appear to be suggesting that same sex couples should not have kids because of the prejudice and bigotry of other people.”

    I never said that at all, but it is a factor one has to consider. Whether you like it or not, the fact exists that both gay parents and their children are going to get stick for it, so better to come to terms with that fact before you start.
    Sticking your head in the sand and pretending it doesn’t happen does nobody any favours.

  14. 21stCenturySpirituality 6 Jan 2011, 6:26am

    In response to points about wealthy or celebrity gay couples surely it makes more sense to raise a child or children in an environment where there is a greater likelihood of ongoing financial stability rather than the scenario of the straight couple on benefits who refuse to work and have 14 kids with another on the way. I realise that that is an extreme example but I think the issues it raises are important.

  15. 21stCenturySpirituality:
    Wealth is only one factor. Your scenario in this case is again, only one example. I have also seen people with so little money that have gone without eating in order to keep their children fed, and I have seen rich kids that never saw their parents from one month to the next when they were away on skiing holidays, looked after by nannies, and the rest of the time dumped in boarding schools.

    Children need many and all things from parents.

  16. > Following the news that Elton John and his civil partner David
    > Furnish had a baby boy by surrogate on Christmas day, the
    > Drewitt-Barlows have announced that they plan to start a service
    > to help more gay male couples become parents.

    They might encounter problems with the Equality Act if they limit their clientele to gay male couples.

  17. john:
    > …and of course as long as your’re willing to overcome the
    > medical consequences of bearing a child it’s a good way for the
    > surrogate mother of making money and paying the mortagage –
    > personally I couldn’t think of anything more degrading to my
    > body apart from prostition…

    Good job you’re a bloke then. Still, that’s no excuse for misogyny.

    Some women really, really like creating life and being pregnant. If that provides a child to a loving, childless person, or couple then where is the harm?

  18. Louie Mince 6 Jan 2011, 1:18pm

    Barrie and Tony are probably the most mercenary pair of people one could have the misfortune of meeting. Does anyone actually think their motives are as altruistic as they purport to be? The cash register bells in their heads must have been kerchiing-ing non stop when they read the news Elton had gone down the surrogacy route.

  19. 21stCenturySpirituality 6 Jan 2011, 7:23pm

    Yes of course Spanner I am well aware that the needs of a child are not just financial. My question arose partly from my own view that bringing a child into the world when you dont have the means to support them and you are not prepared to do an honest days work is a very irresponsible and selfish thing to do. What are the children in that environment going to learn..that they can sit around doing nothing while the working tax payer pays their way. Is that a good thing to be teaching our children? I dont think it is. There is nothing in terms of emotional support, security, safety, moral guidance, boundaries, etc that a same sex couple could not also provide for a child. The evidence suggests that children raised by gay parents dont exhibit any of the predicted problems or issues that those against children being raised in same sex environments talk about. We are essentially talking about human beings being raised by human beings so I really dont see what the problem is.

  20. 21stCentruySpirituality 7 Jan 2011, 3:03am

    @ Louie Mince..have you met them? Is what you say a reflection of your prejudices about all gay parents?

  21. How do I go about finding out more about this centre??

  22. These guys have cheapened the altruism that should be the basis of surrogacy.

    I totally support surrogacy for same sex couples but comments made on Radio 4 about “you get what you pay for” did absolutely nothing to promote the better side of surrogacy which still caters for more heterosexual couples with genuine medical reasons for seeking this route to parenthood, not those who think the baby has to be a perfect physical specimen to be worthy of love.

    Get over yourselves guys and put your egos somewhere less public,

    With internet access being so good these days, anybody with a computer can sort out their own egg or sperm donor and foreign surrogate, if thats what they want.

    Anyone with any sense would join an existing British based group already experienced with the more usual and straightforward method of finding a surrogate, not add further to the already enormous bank balance so opulently displayed by Barrie and Tony.

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