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Rupert Everett: Hollywood homophobia denies gays leading roles

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Reader comments

  1. As much as I sympathise with Rupert Everett and agree that the way the industry deal with homosexuals is bang out of order; I am totally against telling people to stay in the closest. It’s up to them as an individual to make up their mind.

    Additionally this is a step back, not forward in tackling homophobia. If we run back into the closet then what does that say to the industry.

    We have campaigns against homophobia in sports. So why can’t something similar be done for the film industry?

  2. And spot my typos…oops (“,)

  3. martyn notman 30 Dec 2010, 2:24pm

    perhaps if the few out gay actors (like mr everett) made some half decent films it may encourage more to come out?!

  4. Jock S. Trap 30 Dec 2010, 3:12pm

    I think being a crap actor also goes a long way to it too!

  5. Ian McKellen
    Derek Jacobi
    Nigel Hawthorne
    Fiona Shaw
    Portia DeRossi
    Jane Lynch
    Neil Patrick Harris
    Jodie Foster
    David Hyde Pierce
    Richard Chamberlain
    Sean Hayes

    Being out is not an impediment to making a career as an actor.

    Rupert Everett is just bitter because his career choices were so terrible.

    he doesn’t want to accept responsibility for that fact so he starts his (usual) whinig about homophobia.

  6. You sad bunch of whinging queens – ‘if he was a better actor’ – ‘let’s see gay actors make half decent films’ – You really don’t get it do you – the Film industry is not like any other – people get overlooked in all areas of the business behind and infront of the cameras – Everett is simply answering the questions from the experience he has had. Everytime a closeted MP votes against our human rights it’s a step back – Speaking honestly about an impossible prejudiced industry is a step forward – Everett is walking the walk and talking the talk – how many of you conduct yourselves that honourable in your own careers??? Grow up and evolve!

  7. he is a crap actor. that why his career is rubbish

  8. Bravo Everett for reaching out.
    Hollywood is a difficult place and only money talks.

  9. Rubbish! There are loads of young gay actors doing very well. Hollywood is not the only (or even best) career option for an actor.

  10. Im disappointed in a lot of you, he is a decent actor and is right to speak out.
    Hollywood has a massive history of prejudice and discrimination but has been that way for decades and decades.

    David that list only sir Ian is a proper a lister. He found fame outside of Hollywood so they ended up calling on him… Money talks and he’s a big talent in acting.

    As for young gay actors sadly it’s stereotyped fad at the moment to have extremely camp guys on tv shows just so you know they’ve a gay character. But I think a few if they can show some actual acting talent and break free of their designated roles will have a chance.

    And dromio I hope you mean stage work is better for actors and not porn or summat lol.

    Hollywood like any large institution has no end of problems, and they have little reason to change. :( I’ve depressed myself now.

  11. “Only money talks” is the one spot-on observation made above.

    Hollywood is an Entertainment Industry (note both those words), and the sad truth is that the sort of people it caters for simply do not have the imagination to cope with a gay actor playing a non-gay role (though the reverse is seen as great acting). Deplorable, ignorant, certainly; but apparently unavoidable.

    Black actors have only fairly recently become box-office draws, and then only because of the increasing spending power of black people in the USA. I doubt it’s ever going to be the same for gay people, at least not as far as Hollywood is concerned.

  12. “Hollywood is an extremely conservative world that pretends to be a liberal world.”
    Even though I’ve never been to hollywood, I’d probably argue the opposite. That it’s a liberal world that often pretends to be more conservative than it is. Obviously, this is based on my own observations and not on real life experiences like Rupert, but Hollywood has often been ahead on social issues in some regards, but shunned them at the same time to appease the public.

  13. “the sad truth is that the sort of people it caters for simply do not have the imagination to cope with a gay actor playing a non-gay role”

    And this is simply guesswork.

  14. @ David: perhaps it is, though it is based on listening to a number of people – try asking around.

    Can you provide me with any evidence to the contrary – by which I mean, for example, lead male non-gay roles given to young actors known to be gay?

    No, thought not.

  15. Sorry, Roops. The reason your career didn’t take off as you’d have liked it to is because you developed a reputation as being an utter pain the ass.

  16. Rupert Everett is probably right. Unfortunately, his mediocrity as an actor undermines the credibility of his point.

  17. Rupert Everett is infrequently employed because he is talentless and unpleasant – a lethal combination in any profession.

  18. He is also British, and Americans do no have a grand view of British people. They consider them seamy.

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