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R&B star Chris Brown’s homophobic Twitter duel with Raz-B

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Reader comments

  1. Why doesn’t this surprise me?

  2. I think I dropped 30 intelligence points reading that.

  3. How…nice. I could feel the intelligence points dropping rapidly by reading that*cringes*

  4. Hodge Podge 30 Dec 2010, 5:31pm

    I couldn’t make it to the end

  5. Why even report this????

  6. So what do you want to take them to the court of human rights? pick you battles PN or youre goning to come accross as hysterical

  7. Alice, Cica, Hodge Podge, Mark — my time was better spent reading your comments than that crap. Why did I even bother with the article? It’s drivel. I don’t use Twitter myself — I don’t have the time for or interest in other people’s one-line ramblings and don’t know why anyone would be interested in mine (let alone wanting to post that kind of thing for everyone to see). I think very few of the people who use Twitter and the like realize that they’ll have to live with anything they put on the Internet until they die: everything ends up archived, copied or shared in one way or another.

  8. Stupid infantile twaddle from two unpopular B listers. Who cares?

    Well, I contradict myself there a bit… I took the time to read it and then write a review on it so I guess I am just as bad.. ahur ahur ahur…….

  9. Who cares if a pair of ‘niggas’ (their words, not mine) bitch it out on the nets. They havent got a pair of brain celss between them to rub together.

    No wonder so many young blacks are in so much trouble when they aspire to be these sort of role models.

  10. I hate to say it, but they seem far more enlightened than many if not most rappers, past and present. Take it for what it is. Homophobic? I’m not going to judge them any more than friends’ kids who think that calling someone/something ‘gay’ is an insult. I don’t think we’re talking about intellectual powerhouses here.

  11. Pink news how can you allow that spanner to use the word niggas and do nothing you better ban him

    1. i think spanner used that word to bring attention to the irony. i dont agree with everything spanner has to say but at least i understand it.

  12. Brown responded by posting: “@razb2k nigga you want attention! Grow up nigga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy.”

    Oh dear. Someone said the “N” word.
    James 1st: Get a life, you sad little twat.

  13. its just a good job nobody gave them both the attention they were seeking.

  14. i know they type like that because its the rapper way…but it makes them look stupid..

    isnt funny chris didnt defend being gay at all or being on the down low….

    i dont know why people just cant forget what he did to rihana its not like shes still with him & their friends as well…

    1. isnt it funny..its like those screen caps of that guys twitter showing messages sounds like chris brown is bi sexual..

  15. bible lover should be your name….do you live by what the bible says or just pick & choose like most Christians???..

    no god is even real..their no evidence to prove he ever existed i dont know why people who believe in any religion isnt in the insane asylum….

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