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Coronation Street to hold first ‘gay wedding’

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  1. Oh for pity’s sake!!

    If Pink News cannot get it right, then we are screwed.

    It is not a gay wedding…it is a civil partnership. The two are not the same in the UK.

  2. How ridiculous, it just smacks of Corrie jumping onto a bandwagon……so Marcus has been away from Sean for 3 years and then suddenly comes back and decides to enter into a civil partnership with him, despite the fact that Sean was horrid to him when they were together?!

    I would love to see Corrie do a civil partnership storyline one day but only when it’s driven from a progression of a character’s story, not when it’s purely for plot purposes and to grab ratings.

    But Sean is the wrong character to do this with anyway……Antony Cotton can’t act to save his life, he’s terrible, almost as bad as Kate Ford aka Traceyluv!

  3. They should have waited until the law changes.

  4. Mr Collinson has in the past talked about using the soap opera he has produced to change the perceptions of homosexuality among viewers: “Coronation Street is an amazing platform. You can really make a difference to the way people think – and this show has always had a gay sensibility.”

    Two-thirds of children prefer watching EastEnders rather than Corrie.

  5. well, after the terrible story line on Xmas day, anything has to be better! pity they can’t start a new character in it and make it a proper love story,, because contrary to some peoples veiws, gay people fall in love too!

  6. Peter & Michael 28 Dec 2010, 2:40pm

    A Civil Partnership is not a Wedding or Marriage, and is not equal to a Wedding! Same-Sex Civil Marriage would be equal, and this can happen in a church if those wished to do so, ie, Quaker,Jewish and some Methodist religious bodies can perform these ceremonies. The sooner Same-Sex Marriage is enacted and put on the statute book , the better!

  7. So Coronation Street enter the 21st Century . . . A decade later than everyone else

  8. Are the couple going to go to Sweden or Holland for their wedding?

    Because same sex marriage is illegal in Britain?

  9. If it is a civil partnership it is not a wedding, you should use the proper words.

  10. It’s a shame Coronation Street didn’t introduce more minority and gay characters decades ago. Now there’s a sense they will do absolutely anything to push up the ratings.

    It isn’t as if explicitly gay characters didn’t appear on TV in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

    Am I imagining it or wasn’t there a soapy series called The Crez made by LWT in the 1970’s that included a gay couple?

  11. Benjamin Cohen 28 Dec 2010, 4:41pm

    The Inverted commas were missing from the headline. It is a ‘gay wedding’ not a gay wedding. Apolgies, it is an issue that PinkNews has campaigned on a lot.

  12. I agree that perhaps another story-line could end up with the same result – and this differentiation between “Marriage” and “Civil Partnership” could be part of it.
    However, the viewers are watching and responding and stories such as this are in everyone’s sitting rooms whether they are being watched or not..

  13. Mr Collinson has in the past talked about using the soap opera he has produced to change the perceptions of homosexuality among viewers: “Coronation Street is an amazing platform. You can really make a difference to the way people think – and this show has always had a gay sensibility.”

    A.k.a. brainwashing

  14. gay friendly 28 Dec 2010, 8:18pm

    How wonderful for Corrie to recgnise a fantastic ceremony! lets all have a sense of pride:

  15. …East Enders, Coronation Street… wish we here in America would be able to watch these programs and others on TV. Lucky Brits. I keep hearing about the story lines and keep hoping that some cable station here will pick up on them.

  16. I wonder if we polled the UK public at the moment and asked them whether they thought gays can get married in the UK most of them would say “yes”…is this a form of brainwashing to say we really are married – WE aren’t, we’re CPed..

  17. The Lizzie 12 29 Dec 2010, 11:35am

    It appears that Corrie is making some progress at last with gay and lesbian characters. Pity they can’t do the same with its Black characters. In recent years Black women are either stupid Kelly from the factory who was a former prostitute, or Lloyd’s girlfriend who was a pole dancer. Lloyd spends all his time in the Rovers propping up the bar and somehow successfully avoids being breathlised by the poliss. Corrie’s track record with Black characters has always been dodgy. Asian = Dev. I rest my case. Maybe we’ll have to wait until a Black or Asian producer comes on board? Or Phil Collinson could introduce a Black poof or an Asian dyke? In spite of this, I still love the show and have been watching it since 1964.

  18. Pink News is constantly using the term ‘wedding’ when referring to civil partnerships. I find it extremely annoying. The two are not the same as others here have quite correctly pointed out. I wish it would refrain from trying to make it appear to the contrary. As John states, its a form of brainwashing, an m.o. to lull us and the public into a sense of feeling that civil partnerships are marriages when in reality they are not. I think this has more to do with denial than anything else. Until a civil partnered couple are issued a certificate of marriage, civil partnerships will always remain what they are, separate and ‘unequal’. If they’re not, then why are they reserved only for gay couples and not straights? I know of no other group who are segregated in such a manner under a different name.

  19. Call it a wedding call it a civil partnership, but for the love of reason, do not call it a gay marriage.
    There is no such thing, not in the UK.

  20. My fiancé and I are getting married in 2011. We are both Christian and regularly go to church together. We will be exchanging vows before God and in front of our friends and family in our church in a ceremony lead by our minister; we are getting married.

    Sadly, the law does not currently recognise that particular form of marriage, so the say before we are having a civil partnership to make our relationship visible in the eyes of the State.

    The law does not recognise our marriage, and that is wrong and discriminatory, but it doesn’t mean that our marriage doesn’t exist. After all, the law does not recognise my baptism. Does that mean I am not baptised?

  21. They may have also pointed out that not only is Phil Collinson gay, but so is Tony Warren, the original writer, and one of the key Corrie writers at the moment is Jonathan Harvey, of Beautiful Thing, Gimme, gimme, gimme and Beautiful people fame.

    It amazes me that so many gay people claim to be ignored and that they never get represented properly, but as soon as they are, they are accused of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’.

    You can’t win with you lot.

  22. They might help changing the law.
    If not at least mindset is moved for another level amongst hetero population.
    Now someone needs to raise our own bar of tolerance. I will start with myself. A new year’s resolution!? Just a common sense actually.

  23. Dan Filson 16 Jan 2011, 2:24pm

    If a soap has 2 gay characters, why do they HAVE to fall in love, have a CP etc? They in all likelihood would not fancy one another and have quite different tastes, both in partners and general interests. Thus soaps perpetuate the idea that gay people are only interested in one thing, and will go for anyone gay. It ain’t necessarily so. Can’t these scriptwriters grow up. I also find Anthony Cotton’s character an over-the-top parody of all the John Inman etc typrs of yesteryear.

  24. Anthony is staring at the guy’s hair. I know they
    teach this in acting for odd angles but it looks false
    to me.

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