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Video: The New York gay couple who have received hundreds of letters addressed to Santa Claus

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Reader comments

  1. Red Gosans 26 Dec 2010, 3:58pm

    Absolutely amazing story. These two men (and all who helped them) have hearts of gold.

  2. Beautiful.

  3. Dear Jim and Dillon (if you read this),

    If you get these letters next year, distribute them to your coworkers again, of course, but I also recommend asking for help on Reddit. I’m sure tons of people would be willing to help you guys.

  4. martyn notman 26 Dec 2010, 11:40pm

    wouldnt say no to either of them coming down my chimney on xmas day! good on you guys, i wonder if the previous residents had the same?

  5. The oddest but one of the nicest Christmas stories of the Season.

  6. Thanks PinkNews for running this touching story…

  7. Steve@GayWebHosting 27 Dec 2010, 9:34am

    Beautiful Xmas story. Let those know about this who are so ´concerned´ for their children around gay people!

    A very touching story and well done to those big-hearted guys..

  8. I agree with all the above comments. Well done guys, you did a beautiful thing!

  9. Beautiful! Now feeling a bit teary.

  10. What a truly lovely story! Jim and Dillon are perfect examples of how one should behave at Christmas! :)

  11. It can’t be that expensive to get a ‘not known at this address’ stamp, surely. Kids deserve better than to be lied to.

  12. Martin Davies - Amblecote 29 Dec 2010, 7:25am

    What a simply heart warming thing to have happen, and the folks involved in responding to these children are amazing. I recognise too, that there might be a scam behind it, but surely there is a way to recognise a young childs handwriting to an adults immitation. It strikes me as a familiar address too, perhaps out of one of the older Santa films now seen on TV each year.

    Well done guys and the folks that helped in this. I like too the idea that the post office holds more of these letters so that folk can go and collect one at radnomn to try and help make a child’s Christmas. It may be living the ‘lie’ but surely a child has a human right to have that little bit of enchantment before they are forced into the world of adulthood.

  13. Wonderful.
    Wow, just imagine if everyone in the world was this amazing!

  14. I wish them the best life has to offer for doing such an unselfish act. Some people would simply dump those letters, but they chose to be the ‘spirit’ of Christmas by at least trying to fulfill as many of those wishes as possible. I love them for that, may God bless you both and all the other lovely people who helped.

  15. Would have been a little more convincing to take on the role of Santa if it had been a couple of silver-haired gay bears, but well done both for taking the time anyhow!

  16. aww thats really sweet :) see there are some good things in the world.

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