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Jerusalem Pride bomber sentenced to six months community service

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Reader comments

  1. Keith Lynwood 26 Dec 2010, 3:56pm

    Have the Israelis gone mad. Six months community service for attempting to blow up people. WTF. Because he claims he is religious he gets away wih attempted murder. Shame on you Israeli Justice System….

  2. Outragerous.

    I doubt they would give six months to a Muslim bomber who attempted to blow up a normal cafe or bus.

  3. Steve@GayWebHosting 26 Dec 2010, 5:26pm

    Incredible! Yet again it shows what people are prepared to do on behalf of their ´faith´. It shows the actions that people are prepared to undertake when they hear hatred and hate speeches given by their church leaders..

    Its about time in this so-called ´modern-age´ that churches and religions were outlawed and those who commit criminal acts and give religion as an excuse, should be seen by the courts as an aggravating factor, not a mitigating one.

    A hate crime is a hate crime and belief in some fictional sky-pilot should never be used as a valid excuse.

    Shame on Israel for condoning such a thing. I hope they can count on more support when it is THEM being suicide-bombed!

  4. PinkPolitico 26 Dec 2010, 9:11pm

    I agree – this is an outrageously lenient sentence and an insult to all those brave LGBT people who marched that day despite the threats and intimidation.

    Once again we see religious belief being used to justify prejudice of the worst kind. The vast majority of homophobic hatred stems from religious extremism and selective interpretations of faith. And regardless of whether it takes the form of violence or someone refusing to do their job, we need to make absolutely clear that we will not accommodate or provide “opt outs” for anti-gay bigotry, no matter how it is dressed up or justified on the grounds of religion.

    I find myself in a real quandary when it comes to Israel. I’m impressed with their progressive laws regarding gay issues which are by the far the most enlightened in the Middle East. However I can’t turn a blind eye to their treatment of the Palestinian people. Their current Foreign Minister is also an ultra-nationalist, who amongst other things wants to deny citizenship to anyone who fails to declare loyalty not just to Israel but to Israel as a “Jewish State”. How very democratic.

  5. PinkPolitico
    You say you “can’t turn a blind eye to (Israel’s) treatment of the Palestinian people”. Do you turn a blind eye to the rockets that rain down on Israel every day and the sworn commitment of Hamas, Hezbollah and the overwhelming majority of Palestinians not just to obliterate the State of Israel, but to exterminate every living Jew on the planet?

  6. Pink Politico 27 Dec 2010, 2:47am

    The right of Israel to (rightfully) defend itself against these extremists should not include the collective punishment of a whole race of people. Turning the Gaza Strip into the biggest open air prison in the world is not only an outrage on human rights grounds, it also entirely counterproductive from an Israeli point of view as it only increases support for these Iranian backed Islamic fundamentalist groups among the Palestinians, the vast majority of whom hold moderate views and believe in diplomacy. The collective punishment that Israel engages in, such as bulldozing the homes of innocent Palestinian people because a relative might be involved in terrorist activity or using Palestinian children as human shields, flies in the face of international human rights norms and should be condemned as such.

    I make these points not as someone who is naturally hostile to Israel. As I said, they are the only country in the region where gay people are not persecuted, let alone afforded any degree of recognition, and many gay Palestinians flee to Israel for this reason. But that does not mean they get a free pass when it comes to abusing the rights of other persecuted groups. Also, criticising certain Israeli actions does not equate to anti-Semitism as some of the more extreme supporters of Israel have been known to ridiculously claim.

  7. Drew:
    Palistinian kids throw rocks at Israeli troops.
    Israel returns fire with artillery, tanks and helicopter gunships. Do you really think this is a balanced conflict?

  8. So this terrorist sets off a bomb targetting gay people at a Pride parade and gets 6 months community service?

    I wonder what the punishment would have been if he had been a Palestinian targetting straight Israelis?

    And lest we forget the terrorist who murdered 2 people at a gay community centre in Israel some years ago has never been apprehended.

    And civil marriage for both straight and gay people is illegal as those lunatic religious bigots have banned it.

    Is the terrorist who got 6 months in this instance motivated by religion? I guess we can all predict the answer to this question.

  9. Israel recognizes gay marrriages performed abroad. of course the ultra-orthodox who control marriage won’t do gay marriages, some of them have called for the geneocide of gays.

    For the ultra-orthodox – give them to the palestinians as a peace offering.

  10. An Cat Dubh 28 Dec 2010, 10:51am

    @Spanner: Stop playing the maggot. Either you’re an idiot who believes everything he sees on the BBC, or you’re intentionally overlooking the unbelievable efforts the Palestinians are making in order to destroy Israel, including the rockets launched. Do you really think Israel uses all these tanks and artilleries at some kids throwing rocks?
    And Pink News: ‘Ha‘Eda Kharedit’ is not a ‘region’, it’s a sect in Judaism.

  11. Kenneth Elder 30 Dec 2010, 5:51am

    The dark side of Christianity and Islam comes from the dark side of Judaism. No wonder so many US Jews have gotten into Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Insight meditation helps one go beyond the theistic delusion of some eternal unchanging spiritual ego. It is a mental process that goes from life to life like a river until the Infinite ocean of Nirvana is attained. The monotheistic delusion is always associated with fanaticism and intolerance for other philosophies. We go through lives as male, female, straight, gay and different races. Homophobes will have to meet their bad karma in future lives.

  12. You may be surprised to know that Israel is now allowing non religious people to get married as a civil marriage ceremony.

    This also allows embassies to do marriages, including gay marriages.

    The orthodox are being cut out of the situation. Good for israel

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