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First Irish civil partnerships to take place in April

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Reader comments

  1. martyn notman 24 Dec 2010, 2:58pm

    not quite marriage which is a shame but id LOVE an Irish husband!

  2. A stepping stone towards marriage equality, which will hopefully follow on its heels. It seems a shame not to just cut to the chase.

  3. Will Dublin 24 Dec 2010, 11:17pm

    Well, marriage or not, its a great leap forward for the Irish – bear in mind homosexuality was illegal in Ireland only 17 years ago. And I know there are some couples (including myself), and friends of mine, who will benefit enormously from the legal protection to their relationship that they need.

  4. PinkPolitico 25 Dec 2010, 1:23am

    It is an important step forward on the road to full equality. As usual however, politicians seem to lag far behind popular opinion when it comes to these issues. A recent poll in Ireland put support for gay marriage at 67% with just 25% opposed. 91% also said they would have no problem with someone they know being gay. The same survey found a complete rejection of catholic church positions on the likes of sex before marriage, cohabitation etc. For a country where catholic social values were placed front and centre for decades and where their social development was effectively held to ransom by these “values”, Ireland has now become a pretty liberal place on sexual/moral issues and the church is widely seen as damaged goods. But again, political opinion needs to play catch up.

  5. Noel Dolan 25 Dec 2010, 3:54am

    This is bigger than just ‘civil partnerships’ because the Justice minister also signed into law on the same day a de facto recognition of same-sex marriages from all other EU nations PLUS a new adoption law from November 2010 implicitly allows for same-sex couples to adopt!

  6. It’s good news that CPs and marriages from other EU states will be recognised in Ireland.
    A lot of people do not realise that their UK CP is not recognised abroad, well not always by any means.
    This is good but incomplete step that is being taken. I can see though that a couple of years down the line CP and Marriage equality in both Ireland and the UK.
    Then when both are available to couple of whichever sex we will finally have got somewhere.

  7. Noel, the Irish government is doing exactly what the British government is doing, downgrading same-sex marriages performed outside of Ireland to Irish civil partnerships. Those legal marriages are not recognised for what they are in either country. The reason why either country refuses to recognise them as such is that it would then open the door for same-sex marriage. Its an absolute disgrace and quite frankly disgusting to those who are legally married elsewhere. No other group of people are subject to such discrimination or segregation. We shouldn’t stand for it but demand full equality without exception. Why are we paying taxes for Pete’s sake when we aren’t even treated equally?

  8. Bill Wingarden 26 Dec 2010, 7:29am

    Imagine the headache in the Vatican. Ireland – the country I am told that evangelized cathocism in Europe gives gay people de facto marriage, with adoption rights etc.

    Could it be that Ireland is following so much of the western world in rejecting the hatred, and horrible horrible history of the church. Hitler still not EXcommunciated, Hitler elected on the hatred of the Jews from the church, perhaps a million women burned at the stake etc

    And the endless hidden molestation of children by the church.

    Just look at the popes first five letters of his name and you will understand his problem. Perhaps this guy will do us a favor as hitler did on April 29, 1945.

    And that might just begin to bring the church out of the dark ages, although I think it is beyond any possible redemption.

  9. Stan James 26 Dec 2010, 7:43am

    How lucky you are to not live in the HOmophobic hate states of America, where only 6 states recognize gay marriages, and about 8 have some version of CUs, some quite complete, others minimal. And the hate groups like the ratzinger church and the evangelicals of slavery and segregation fame still run rampart.

    As to the church, we are simply fighting the wrong war on terrorism. the catholic church has been repsonsible for hitler and his ascendandy to power, the hatred of the jews, the UNexcommuncation of Bishop williamson – a holocaust denier in 2009, etc. etc etc/

    If there was a god, Vesuivius II would have long ago arisen under the vatican, to free the western world from this monster where the words corrupt and evil hardly begin to describe the leadershsip of the church.

  10. Stan James 26 Dec 2010, 7:54am

    Don’t give up on “marriage” as a civil right. It appears to this American that england will replace CUs with marriage during the next few years, though I am not personally knowlegeable about the politics there.

    The only question remaining is whether Ireland can lead, or will follow.

    BTW, I think there are blasphemy laws in Ireland. These need to go. the horrors of the catholic church need to be exposed on the front page of every printed and online newspaper until it is nothing but a sad part of the history of mankind.

    You gay folks and all your friends there have my best wishes for a happy Xmas and this gift from your government and people. May prosperity return to your country, and to ours as well.

  11. “In August, up to 3,000 people protested in Dublin to call for gay marriage, instead of civil partnerships.”

  12. So why not …
    “Opposite-sex couples who are already married or are civil partners through these recognised foreign relationships will be deemed civil partners in Ireland from early January.” ?

  13. I think its a bit silly for Irish GLBT people to have to first book an appointment at the registry office and then be forced to wait three months before you recieve your certificate. I believe there should be a better system in place.

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