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24 December 2010

  • 24th December 2010

    US vide-president Joe Biden says gay marriage is ‘inevitable’ 12

    Joe Biden said he believed gay marriage would eventually happen

    2:11 PM — Joe Biden, the US vice-president, says he thinks gay marriage is "inevitable". Speaking on Good Morning America today, he said he agreed with President Obama's statement that his views on the issue were "evolving".

  • Ricky Martin considering adoption 5

    Ricky Martin said he would consider adoption

    12:59 PM — Ricky Martin says he is considering adopting a child. The star, who came out this year, already is already a father to twin sons he had with a surrogate mother.

  • First Irish civil partnerships to take place in April 13

    Irish gay couples will soon be able to have civil partnerships

    12:01 PM — Irish justice minister Dermot Ahern has signed a commencement order to bring civil partnerships into law. The ceremonies become legal on January 1st but as couples have to give three months' notice, the first civil partnerships will not take place until April 1st.

  • Government ministers ‘discussing’ gay marriage equality 27

    Gay couples cannot currently marry in the UK

    10:51 AM — Coalition ministers are said to be considering legal reforms to allow gay couples to marry. According to the Daily Telegraph, a government source said that potential reforms to open up both marriage and civil partnerships to all couples were “being discussed”.

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