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Texas softball coaches sued for ‘outing lesbian student to her parents’

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Reader comments

  1. Keith Lynwood 23 Dec 2010, 4:49pm

    These coaches should be arrested immediately and charged with false imprisonment.. If found guilty they will serve long prison terms. Oh no this is religious USA nothing will happen.

  2. Sounds like a lesbian porn script to me.

  3. >>Sounds like a lesbian porn script to me.<<
    That's your response? When a high-school student is held captive by two people in positions of authority over her and forced her into making admissions of –in their eyes– guilt over a topic that is none of their business. And this admission is circulated through the school and to her parents, causing the student to become a pariah. You see this simply as a porn script? I hope you don't have, nor through your work or social interactions, to deal with children on any level.
    And these coaches do need to be sued and fired for their criminal acts. Officials of our police departments could not question even adults about involvement in a crime without legal representation present. These two obviously repressed lesbians take out their self-homophobic hatred out on someone vulnerable. Out they need to go.

  4. Sir Andrew 23 Dec 2010, 7:48pm

    Well I say Hooray!! Someone needs to go after these “official” bullies. This was an unconscionable breach of trust and should be punished accordingly.

    Further, there is no legal responsibility to inform parents of the child’s sexuality. This is a lie homophobic and evil teachers use to justify outing a student. it is cruel and needs to be stopped.

    These particular teachers should be kept away from children from this point forward.

  5. What nasty, low-life bullies! They’ve acted in a totally unprofessional way by any stretch of the imagination and they should be sacked. People like that have no place working with children or young adults. Disgusting.

  6. The outcome of this should be that these poeple lose their jobs. What they have done is shocking.

  7. really bad…hope she gets a good sum of money…losing their jobs ain’t enough…2 years later and they still there….obviously this sort of school likes having this sort of teacher.

  8. Edwin in Colorado 24 Dec 2010, 12:15am

    Well thats Texans for you. Some more of the better then anybody else. I hope they sack those b***hesand take their teaching license away too, Now the Biggest Bullies are the teachers.

  9. This is completely and totally awful, and the parties involved should be fired, but am I the only one who finds it funny that it was on a softball team?

  10. “The outcome of this should be that these poeple lose their jobs. What they have done is shocking”

    You kind of don’t get the impression that’s going to happen from the school board guy’s response (unfortunately)

  11. “legally obligated to share this information with the parent”.

    Wow, how do these dedicated educators find time to do their jobs when they’re informing every parent about who their students are dating. That’s gotta be a 10 person job full time right there.

    Yeah, the actions of the coaches seem to be plainly indefensible. If nothing else you’ve got assault charges for the two of them. The school has apparently decided to stick by them despite the fact that they cannot possibly think that they were acting within the law. I can’t imagine they’ll be very happy about it in the long run.

    They’ll probably have to fire them anyway in the end since there aren’t many people who’d expect educators to be running an inquisition.

    Keith Lynwood had an interesting idea about false imprisonment – you can sue for that too. It could add about another $1000 to the total.

    Hit ’em where it hurts – in the case of administrators the wallet.

    Also kudos to the girl’s mother for being so supportive. I don’t know what reaction the coaches intended to provoke but I don’t think they were counting on this.

  12. I just gotta say hurray to her mom.
    Your kids school tells you she’s gay and you respond by suing them. Awesome.
    I hope they win

  13. RoughAcres 3 Mar 2011, 6:36pm

    Last I checked, 18 is legal age. Her parents had no “right” to know; the coaches should be fired for violating her right to privacy.

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