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Video: George Osborne’s ‘pantomime dame’ jibe

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Reader comments

  1. Bryant unfortunately set himself up for a cheap but witty response, Osborne’s remark was clearly off the cuff and it was the perfect retort under the circumstances, it could not have been premeditated.

  2. Jock S. Trap 22 Dec 2010, 11:06am

    Chris Bryant is clearly a sensitive soul who wants to use the ‘homophobic’ card at anything thrown at him.

    I have to ask if the little darling really made the right career choice. He clearly wants one where only he can make jokes and nobody return them back. Don’t want to ‘offend’ the little bar-lamb now do we.

    Mr. Bryant… Grow a pair and stop acting like an Ugly Sister!

  3. Calling a openly Gay person a “Pantomime Dame” is not a “cheap but witty response” especially in the environment it was said.
    A off the cuff response is just what we needed to hear as we now know the true thoughts of our “Chancellor of the Exchequer.”

  4. Chutney Bear 22 Dec 2010, 11:48am

    Simon, thats bollocks, grow a set and have a sense of humour…

  5. It was homophobic but Bryant commands no respect since posing in his underpants. I will not defend him. Osbourne is cheap and nasty and also has no gravitas

  6. I’m assuming chutney bear is a play on chutney ferret. Charming

  7. de Villiers 22 Dec 2010, 12:16pm

    This is purely political. We are being used as no more than weapons for a larger argument and I, for one, am tired of homosexuality being thrown in to boost a line of attack.

  8. Chutney Bear 22 Dec 2010, 12:16pm

    It is indeed James, is that an issue for you?

  9. Mr “Chutney Bear/Chutney Ferret…..I do have a sense of humour but not at the expense of others !! The line was clearly crossed here and all our “Chancellor” has done is reilliterate the Tory’s position on LGB issues.

  10. I suppose Osborne’s comment was slightly homophobic in the sense that he would not have used it against a straight MP.

    Then again Chris Bryant is making a big deal out of it.

    Which is fair enough.

    But you’d think that with the Tory Party’s history of disgusting homophobic bigotry, that someone as senior as George Osborne would realise that playing up to the ‘Tories are homophobes’ image will not endear the Tory Party to gay voters.

  11. Simon wrote:
    “Calling a openly Gay person a “Pantomime Dame” is not a “cheap but witty response”

    Of course it is when it’s in response to Bryant’s comment that Osborne should be “Prince Charming”. I thought it was an excellent & bitchy comeback to Bryant.

    It’s a shame that Bryant didn’t have the wit to counter it more effectively or to see the funny side and defuse the whole situation by smiling and showing he could take a slightly dodgy joke amiably.

  12. Bryant is clearly not offended by Osbourne’s comment. If he is then he is an idiot.

    He is simply accusing Osbourne of homophobia to remind the gay population of the Tories reputation for homophobia.

    Osbourne walked right into it.

  13. I can’t stand it when people play different cards for their own gain. If there is a real issue of homophobia then by all means challange it but don’t scream and shout over what is ultimately a dodgy joke.

    Seriously, I’ve had worse thrown at me by straight and gay friends and it doesn’t bother me one bit – they’re jokes.

  14. Watch the video again Pavlos, do you see the chamber laughing when Chris said to the Chancellor ” And sometime he should play Prince Charming instead”

    Immediately the Chancellor stands up and fires ” Well at least i’m not the pantomime dame” then there is a pause and MP’s faces are laughing, then comes the boo’s and woo’s because the penny dropped that Osbourne is referring to Chris’s sexuallity……or am I watching a different video to you……

  15. Homophobia is too often associated with words rather than intentions. Chris Bryant needs to “get a life”.

    As a gay man I know far more homophobic jokes than most straight people & find them (mostly) funny.

    I’m sure that if Osbourne had called Chris Bryant “Baron Hardup”, it would equally have been twisted into an offensive gay slur!

    Let’s tackle real homophobia & stop looking to score cheap political points that hurt the cause more than help it!

  16. Labour up to their tricks of spinning any old crap, acting disgracefully, and making mountains out of molehills.

    Was it not a Labour MP who recently tried to blackmail a closet gay Tory MP?

    Had it been the other way round Labour would definitely have cried homophobia.
    They’re a disgrace with a cardboard leader and no decent policies.

  17. “Was it not a Labour MP who recently tried to blackmail a closet gay Tory MP?”

    Indeed – but the Tory deserved it for his homophobic voting record.

    There is no excuse for an MP to be in the closet.

  18. Mr. Bryant is correct. Had he NOT been gay, I doubt if bigot Osborne would have used the term addressing a straight colleague and what would be the reason in such a context? To some its humorous, easy to say when you’re not on the receiving end. How many times do gay politicians deride heterosexuals for their orientation as a cheap shot? The fact of the matter is they don’t. Those who think its funny are nothing more than apologists for the Osborne ilk who think nothing of making derogatory remarks or allusions about gay people to win an argument for political expediency. I daresay Osborne wouldn’t have a problem with anti-gay bullies either which is what this kind of speech can often instigate. Words have consequences and Osborne’s choice demonstrates poor judgement and veiled homophobia, although bigots like him will deny it of course.

  19. Very well put Robert !!

    As for PaulDG comments “Let’s tackle real homophobia & stop looking to score cheap political points that hurt the cause more than help it!” It is this cheap osbourne “talk” which is worse than someone calling calling you a “fag” to your face !!

  20. And what is ParliOut’s opinion on this matter.

    ParliOut was opened in a blaze of publicity this week.

    Looks like they are an utterly worthless grojup.

    Then again – they are involved with Stonewall, thus it’s safe to assume that they will be useless.

  21. Lesson for Brynt – don’t dish it out unless you can take it back!

  22. Sister Mary Clarance 22 Dec 2010, 5:46pm

    Interesting comment there David, someone ‘deserved’ to be blackmailed for something they did.

    Could you maybe enlighten us to who else ‘deserves’ to be subjected to other despicable and cowardly crimes and on what basis?

    To the matter in hand though …. I think if Chris Bryant started the panto jibes he can hardly complain when one is thrown back at him. There aren’t a huge number of characters of note George had to choose from if he was going to hurl a panto related jibe back.

    “oooooh and you’re a beanstalk’, wouldn’t have really worked, nor would, “you’re more like Jack”

    Jack who?

    This guy will do anything for a bit of attention

  23. Rather surprised to read the other day that there are now more out tory MPs than there are in all the other parties combined.?

  24. What the ITN video misses out is the comments prior to his “Prince Charming” quote:

    “The Chancellor of the Exchequer takes a particular delight, it seems, in playing the role of Baron Hard-Up”

    “But can I just say to him in the nicest, Christmassy way possible, that all his austerity talk does provide real anxiety for many of my constituents who worry about their winter fuel allowance, who worry about VAT increasing in January, who worry about major losses in construction jobs in the New Year.
    So can I please just encourage him, just sometimes, to play Prince Charming instead?”

    I think that is a perfectly appropriate statement to make, Chris is concerned about his Constituents and did NOT warrant some snide comment of ones sexuality.

  25. Homophobia is not the only problem within this government. They’re ideologically driven to mess up with the most vulnerable in our society. They will never shake off their image. The Tories really are the nasty party. And the LibDems mistake to join them in a coalition, are now nearly dead.

  26. Simon, thank you.

  27. “There is no excuse for an MP to be in the closet.”
    David, you’re an idiot and that’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard.
    It’s none of your business whos in the closet and who isn’t.

  28. Isn’t Prince Charming usually played by a woman in Panto ?

  29. I have heard some homophobic comment in my time and that was just a clever little response. All Mr Byrant is doing is help fuel the sterotype that all gays are over sensative. He needs to grow up and face that he over reacted, like a pentomime dame!

  30. friday jones 22 Dec 2010, 10:35pm

    It wasn’t an homophobic comment, it was a transphobic comment.

  31. “David, you’re an idiot and that’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard.
    It’s none of your business whos in the closet and who isn’t.”

    Sorry, but you are wrong.

    If an MP is in the closet then s/he is in the wrong job.

    You simply cannot be an elected public representative and also lie about something so irrelevantly fundamental as your sexuality.

  32. Blimey who cares ….What a lot of fuss and nonsense over nothing, it must be coming close to xmas …it’s not a really serious nasty homophobic jibe is it?

    Chris – there must be something more important to do than create a load of publicity over this……I guess he’s made somekind of point, just hope it hasn’t made all gays look like a load of stuck up idiots !

  33. Why does Mandy remind me of Widow Twanky?

  34. The homophobic attitudes of the government neutralise anti-bullying campaigns, and will encourage homophobic bullying. Those who can’t see it are just part of the same problem.

  35. Oooh tattydog!…you’ll set the alarm bells off again!…look out!

  36. Pink Politico 23 Dec 2010, 9:43am

    This pathetic little jibe was clearly made with Bryant’s sexuality in mind. Is anyone seriously suggesting that the same comment would have been directed at a straight MP?! I’m sure such “jokes” go down a treat in the circles that this twit inhabits and it certainly didn’t take long for the mask to slip.
    Of course the usual “political correctness gone mad” brigade and the handful of Tory apologists on this site will try to tell everyone to lighten up but if we are serious about tackling homophobic bullying we need to adopt a zero tolerance approach to anti-gay slurs and name calling in all their ugly forms and we certainly should not be hearing them in Parliament. Leading by example and all that!
    You would think that a party with a history steeped in homophobic bigotry would tread more carefully around this issue and it is quite revealing that Bryant’s sexuality was the first thing that came into Osbourne’s small little mind when he sought to insult him. And there is absolutely nothing “witty” about that as the head of the Tory LGBT group has stupidly tried to claim.

    Not content with the offence they have already caused, it seems that some sections of the Tory Party are keen to take the anti-gay attacks even further. Over at the ConservativeHome website they saw fit to publish the picture Bryant posted on a gay dating site in a thread debating the controversy. When a poster rightfully asked how this was possibly relevant to the story, the response from ConHome was that the pic proved “the absurdity of his [Bryant’s] moral pomposity”.
    So according to the bigoted mentality of “ConservativeHome”, publishing a photograph on a perfectly legal and legitimate site means you forfeit your right to object to any slur made against you, homophobic or otherwise. Apparently posting a picture and profile on a gay dating site is so immoral that it precludes you from ever making a valid point again! A most revealing reply. Indeed a quick visit to that charming site and a look at the comments left in relation to any gay issue being discussed shows up in stark terms just how much the Tories have “changed”

  37. Pink Politico 23 Dec 2010, 10:08am

    As for politicians staying in the closet, I agree with David. There is absolutely no justification for a politician to lie about his/her sexuality in this day and age. They should use their positions of influence to help end anti-gay discrimination, not contribute to it by supporting the likes of Section 28 and an unequal age of consent and behaving as if being gay was some dirty little secret that should be hidden at all costs. That is deeply insulting to the gay population in general. Also, gay youth need more role models in the likes of politics, sport etc. to show that no profession is off limits when it comes to sexuality.

  38. Oh; seriously Mr Bryant. Grow up; you would claim any insult as homophobic and use your sexuality to your advantage simply to try and stab the tories! Face facts, they’re in power and rightly so.

  39. I think some of us are taking this a little too seriously. I know it’s subjective but we can’t just assume that George Osborne is a rampant homophobe – for all we know (apart from looking at voting records) is that he may be the perfect gay-friendly straight man.

    A joke was made, it may not have been pleasant for Mr Bryant but then either retort or shut up and take it up with Osborne in priavte – not go all ‘drama queen’ on his arse.

    Oh and as a Labour supporter and party member just because someone is a Tory doesn’t necessarily mean they’re homophobic. I know a few in the tory party who have NO issue at all.

  40. And I know many in Labour that stuggle with accepting and tolerating gay men and women.

  41. Pink Politico 23 Dec 2010, 11:48am

    @Ed Johnson

    Oh yes he’s playing the “gay card” because we are all know that being gay is a charmed and privileged existence and it’s those poor straights who are really oppressed! Seriously, I can’t believe any gay person who is even remotely aware of the existence of homophobia would make such a claim.

    As for the Tories “rightly” being in power, you are aware that this is a coalition government which came about because the election failed to produce a winner. The Tories serve at the pleasure of the Lib Dems and if they pull the plug, a new election, according to the polls, would see Labour returned with a majority. Makes sense really considering that there is a natural centre-left majority in the UK and the defection of many if not most previous Lib Dem voters to Labour.

  42. First we have that attention grabbing twit Nigel Evans embarrassingly and shamelessly name dropping a friend in Coronation Street (of all places) to justify his new found strength to ‘come out’ and now we have Chris Bryant tapping his thighs and pursing his lips while obviously bursting with excitement at an obvious opportunity to pull the ‘wronged gay card’! This is the type of behaviour that causes so many problems for the Gay community in the first place. I have to say, sadly, I am a little ashamed of the politicians representing our merry band of brothers and sisters.

  43. Barristers Lesbian & Gay Group 24 Dec 2010, 10:07am

    > Also, gay youth need more role models in the likes of politics, sport etc. to show that no profession is off limits when it comes to sexuality.

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