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Parents of gay suicide student will sue university

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Reader comments

  1. Smells of opportunism to me. The university can hardly be held responsible for an ill-advised prank, however horrific the consequences, by one of its students.

  2. Not so. The Federal law states that they must take all necessary actions to protect gay students from bullying. If they don’t they will pay. It seems that only when these institutions and the people responsible are held to account for their conduct, or failure to protect, will something be done to end this horror. They have stood, deaf dumb and blind as the bullys’ did their deadly worst.

  3. And what should they have done? Had someone sitting in each of the dorm rooms watching the students making sure they weren’t bullying anyone?

    That they are going to sue is ridiculous. They obviously deserved for their kid to jump off of a bridge.

  4. The loss of their son must be an awful thing for the family. But i can not see what the Univerity could have done to stop this – firstly they are all adults and secondly, preventing such a thing is more or less impossible! I would like to know what policy exactally they claim they failed to implement

    As the first comment states, it does seem oppertunistic, but then, it is america where everone does try to sue every one.

  5. why won’t they just let their son rest in peace?…..poor kid’s private life is gonna be splashed all over the news….the case is weak against one student and non-existant against the other and Rutgers….sad all round.

  6. They didn’t need to do anything but pay attention and act upon the complaints in a sensitive and effective way. No parent deserves to see their child die in such circumstances. Robert your comment might suggest that you are an insensitive, and quite possibly a homophobic troll prick. As for GJP why not do some research and then think! I live in America and have never sued or been sued by anyone, nor has anyone I know.

  7. Sister Mary Clarance 22 Dec 2010, 5:49pm

    Suing is often used to ensure that policies are changed. Possibly the family may feel that the university hasn’t acted sufficiently to prevent anything similar in the future.

    Glad to see the two who killed the gay kid have fled campus.

  8. Robert…”They obviously deserved for their kid to jump off of a bridge.”

    That statement is a bit much, don’t you think? I hope you wrote and sent that thought before you could fully think it out.

  9. Robert: ”They obviously deserved for their kid to jump off of a bridge.”

    Did I read this correctly ???

    Ghastly thing to say…

  10. I had read roberts comments twice !!

    If the Parents do sue then it might just might stop another child ending his/her life from homophobic bullying.

    Anyone seen the current campaign “It gets better” by Stonewall and The Trevor Project in America, well it didnt get better for Tyler…….

  11. Johnny:”they must take all necessary actions to protect gay students from bullying.”

    That’s just bull. This wasn’t bullying, it was just a prank, and could have easily been the same thing as putting a camera in the girls changing rooms.

    Uni’s can’t be expected to watch every student 24/7 and this stuff goes aon all the time in campuses all over the world.

    I agree the result was very sad, and it was a joke that went way too far, but this is not the Uni’s responsibility. The students that did this should be pulled up for it, but I’m sure even they never saw this happening.

    Why is it everyone has to blame someone else and not accept that sometimes sh|t simply happens?

  12. This was no ‘prank’ it was a sustained homophobic attack on a defenseless individual by two people who had set out to torment and humiliate him in the most public way possible.

    In the American education system gays are all too easily seen as an easy target for individuals who think they can do anything to anyone regardless of the results.

    We will see if they can convince a Court of the humour of their conduct, or that their actions in this matter were well intentioned in due course.

    Meanwhile, don’t try to tell me that the terrible death of an innocent young man is ‘very sad’ it’s much more than that, in circumstances such as these it is unforgivable as well as being unlawful.

    The blame falls to the perpetrators of the actions that caused this to happen, and that includes the educational establishment too.

    ‘The students should be pulled up for it’. They should be jailed for it, a young man is dead because of it and that is entirely unacceptable.

    The Christian and other so called ‘faith’ based morons want to trivialise events such as these because in their twisted minds ‘the wages of sin is death’ and gays are deserving of punishment.

    They need to get it though their thick skulls the torment they inflict on others can be visited back upon them, in jail.

  13. Ok, if I’ve missed something then let me know.

    I agree with Spanner. I’m not sure if this was malicious? I think it was a course of action that was highly irresponsible but I doubt that these two are murderers. They’re guilty of being blind to the possible consequences of their actions adn this has led to a death of a fellow student.

    Johnny, please point me to any document report of evidence that this was sustained homophobic abuse?

    The poor kid is dead, his parents are angry and want to hurt who they think is responsible. Logically we know that’s not the university but then we’re not overcome with blind hurt and can think relatively clearly.

    Suing the uni won’t do anyone any good though – they can’t be held responsible for actions of two stupid individuals.

  14. Anything that can be done to bring attention to this widespread societal cancer will help in the long run. That said, the parents must do everything they can to avoid being seen as opportunists cashing in on their son’s tragedy.

    For an uplifting video on healing, please see:

  15. In the Rutgers case, New Jersey prosecutors initially charged the two students, Dharum Ravi and Molly W. Wei, with two counts each of invasion of privacy for using the camera on Sept. 19. Mr. Ravi faces two additional counts for a second, unsuccessful attempt to view and transmit another image of Mr. Clementi two days later.

    If Mr. Ravi’s actions constituted a bias crime, that could raise the charges from third-degree invasion of privacy to second degree, and double the possible punishment to 10 years.

    That is a sustained and determined intention to humiliate and intmidate a gay person by homophobic individuals.

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