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Mystery remains over spy’s death

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Reader comments

  1. We all know the security services murdered Gareth Williams, now they are busy trying to discredit him.

  2. What hard evidence is there, Helen, for believing the security services murdered Gareth?

  3. Yep there here

  4. According to the BBC: “MI6 spy found dead in a padlocked holdall in his central London flat had accessed bondage websites several times, police have revealed.

    Gareth Williams, 31, from Holyhead on Anglesey, had also visited a drag show and owned £15,000 worth of women’s designer clothing, detectives said.”

    We all remember what happened to TV presenter Kristian Digby!!! Unfortunately…these fetish and sexual activities carry a high risk.

  5. Why did they release these details? Disgusting. I never jumped to the conspiracy conclusion before these details came out, but this makes me think that Helen is right.

  6. Thanks fopr sharing your compassionate nature Daniel

  7. James, was not my intention to be insensitive. I just think that awareness needs to be raised for these practices…and the risks involved.

  8. Mihangel apYrs 22 Dec 2010, 8:12pm

    life inevitably ends in death. There are few sexual practices that are inherently dangerous unless being careless; so while we do have tragedies we must analyse them properly.

    In this case a lot of unnecessary detail is coming out – character-blackening anyone? And perhaps a disclosure of some sort in the future….

    I sympathise with his family

  9. The bag was locked from the outside with Gareth (and the keys) inside it. No sign of a struggle or attempt to get out of the bag.
    When the pigs were checking CCTV, I wonder if they checked for a woman because he could have been dressed up.

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