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Federal inquiry into US gay teenager’s suicide

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Reader comments

  1. Terrible. These spates of suicides have got to stop, schools MUST be more supportive and guide students towards organisations that can help them cope.

  2. when fox news and so called christian media conduct unrelenting demonization of us, we get killed, raped, stoned, abused and used. i know god will judge them. the blood of their victims in on their hands and no amount of washing will ever take those stains away.

  3. If staff are found to have been in any way complicit with bullying they must be sacked. A strong message needs to go out from the US Givernment that homophobic bullying is unacceptable and that they intend to eradicate it.

  4. Sad to say, this particular case took place in my state. While California has a reputation for being socially liberal and progressive, parts of it (the Central Valley – where I live) are rigidly puritanical and “conservative.”
    The Bakersfield/Tehachapi area (where Seth lived) has been the site of multiple scandals involving closeted gay men in positions of power, so the likelihood that school officials will take any accountability or forward action without goberment intervention is virtually nil.

  5. This is so sad.
    The bible bashers that are pushing prop8 and their warped opinions can now see the fruits of their labour.

    Their so-called standpoint is literally killing people.

  6. How many instances of suicide amongst young gay people have to happen before all this stops?
    Laws won’t curtail it,although a marked change in the attitude of society – starting with the church – could begin to address the problem.

  7. Dakotahgeo 23 Dec 2010, 6:53pm

    It seems to be the case that school districts and the states simply will not learn the lessons of tolerance unless it involves huge sums of money paid to the victims or their families. Such execises in futility! The day is soon coming when this will be a thing of the past or bullies will be sitting in prisons for a long time. Not sure I’d like that alternative. Blessings, Peace.
    Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

  8. The good news is that there are organizations that can help. Some, like PFLAG have been at work for years. Shining a bright light on this problem and all who are complicit will eventually turn the tide. To view a wonderful video featuring LeAnn Rimes & GMCLA;

  9. What really stands out for me (aside from the obvious tragedy of the story) is how, despite being only 13, he had been bullied ‘for years’. Before he even had a chance to find out for himself, he was branded and humiliated just because he had the slightest whiff of effeminacy about him.

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